Speaking: Internet in My Life

Let’s talk about the Internet in your life.

Hi, I’m Dima and I’d like to talk about the internet in my life.

How important is the internet to you?
Extremely important. I depend on it at work, research, study and entertainment, so without it I would be completely lost. Moreover, I’m an active user of social networking sites.

How often do you use the internet?
I use it constantly throughout the day, every day. My school is completely online and all my extra classes are online too so I spend a lot of time on the internet for studying. I also watch videos, read books or listen to music through it in the evening.

Do you use it more for work or in your free time?
I’d say both really. 50% of my time I study. I have an online school and extra lessons. I can also do my hobby. And I spend a large part of my time surfing the Internet. I often watch some YouTube videos or watch movies and series as well.

What are your favourite websites?
For my hobby, I often use Figma. Figma is a site where I draw logos or create site designs. For recreation, I often use YouTube to watch some interesting new videos or I watch movies or series on MEGOGO which is somehow similar to Netflix.

Do you use apps?
I’m a bit of an app addict. My favourite app at the moment is one called Castbox. It allows you to listen to podcasts and helps you discover new podcasts. You can download them and then listen to them whenever you have time.

Do you think you use the internet too much?
Personally, I think yes, because all my work is actually on the Internet so I have to spend a lot of time there. But when I’m free, I like hanging out with friends outside and do not browse the Internet.

How will the internet develop in the future?
I think it will be more on mobile phones than computers. Smartphones are becoming more powerful and more affordable all the time. So I think the web will be more like one big app than traditional websites.

Are there any negative things about the internet?
Being connected all the time is not a good thing. Before, you had to sit at your computer and log on, which took time, so you didn’t do it so much. Now what people have to do is to look at their phones. Therefore, I think we should be less dependent on our smartphones.