Have You Got Any Pets?

Hi, I’m Irynka! I’d like to tell you about my pets.

I have got many pets: a cat, a dog, two parrots, a rat, two grey dwarf hamsters and some fish.

My rat’s name is Tim, he has been living with us since the summer. He is black and white in color. He eats almost everything: meat, fruits, vegetables and grain. But he cannot eat legume (plants of the pea family: beans, soybeans, peanuts, lentils, alfalfa, and clover), sweets and salty or sour foods.

Our dwarf hamsters are tiny and really adorable. They are very playful. Hamsters are active during early morning and late at night. They eat hamster mix which has all the essential nutrients in it.

My dog’s name is Zurik and he is almost two years old. He was presented to us on St. Valentine’s Day. His birthday is on October 15. Zurik is gray with a yellow tint. He cannot eat fish and fish bones. Chocolate is harmful for his health. I walk my dog sometimes.

There are two parrots in our family. My younger sister Anya plays with them most of the time. Their names are Sheila and Shurik. They eat special food and fruit. Sheila is a girl cockatiel. Her feathers are gray and yellow and she has got a beautiful crest on her head. She is very energetic and flies a lot in our flat. Shurik is a yellow budgie boy. Unlike Sheila, he flies very calmly and almost always sits in a cage.

Some Interesting Facts about Cockatiels

  • The cockatiel is one of the members of the cockatoo family native to Australia.
  • Cockatiels are easy to breed, cuddly, social, and extremely talented whistlers.
  • The cockatiel is the smallest bird to have a head crest and while it looks very pretty, the crest is used for more than just decoration. You can tell the mood of your bird by looking at the shape and movement of the crest. A happy cockatiel will bush its crest feathers out so that it looks like a badminton shuttlecock. When the crest is up but remains relaxed, so not straight, it could be excited. When the crest looks relaxed, the bird is sleepy.
  • Cockatiels love mirrors.
  • The cockatiel enters its nest hole backward (tail-first).
  • The male and female take turns incubating the eggs.
  • A cockatiel can learn to mimic sounds such as a car alarm, a ringing telephone, or calls of other birds.

My cat’s name is Simka. She is Scottish fold longhair Highland cat silver chinchilla.  Simka’s fur is white and so beautiful. She has a character. She likes herself, can be moody, loves being petted and brushed. And she loves sleeping, especially in plastic bags. Simka likes eating her special Kitty cat food.

Some Interesting Facts about the Scottish Fold Cats

  • The Scottish Fold is a breed of cat. Its distinctive ear fold is caused by a particular gene.
  • Scottish Folds can be either long-coated or short-coated.
  • The Scottish Fold Cats are found in a variety of coats and patterns: white, black, blue, red, cream, blue-silver, or blue-cream. The silver cats are chinchilla or shaded.
  • Folds are very popular pets because of their unique look, and their reputation as particularly loving companions.
  • Scottish Folds, whether with folded ears or with normal ears, are normally good-natured and calm.
  • They are also sociable and friendly and enjoy playing games.

I love my pets and it’s difficult to say who I love the most.

Have you got any pets? Tell about them in your comment.