A Place in My Country I liked

Write an Informal Letter 

Imagine you visited a place in your country which you really liked. Write a letter to your friend using a plan below:

  • write some words about where the place is situated and why you went there;
  • give some details about the place and the weather conditions during your stay;
  • what you saw and what you did there;
  • how you feel about the place and whether you recommend to visit it or not.

Exam in Mind Level B1/B2

Hi, I’m Dima and this is my informal letter about my stay in Lviv. I recommend you to visit Lviv and bring pleasant memories.

Hello Steven!

How are you? I hope you are doing well. It’s great that you are interested in Ukraine. You asked me to write about a place in my country which I realy liked, so I will do it with pleasure.

Actually, I haven’t been to many places in Ukraine, but I decided to visit Lviv last summer. The city is situated in the western part of Ukraine and may be considered the western capital and the centre of industrial, trade, scientific, spiritual and artistic life. Honestly speaking, it’s the best place in Ukraine that I have ever seen. This old city was part of many countries and as a result it has an interesting cultural vibe and unusual architecture. Lviv’s history is as colourful and amazing as the city itself. It was filled with interesting events and outstanding figures. Lviv is a city with special atmosphere that’s why you can always see lots of tourists who arrive for sightseeing.

I went to Lviv for a holiday and spent several unforgettable days there. Lviv met me with sunny weather and it was warm and dry during the whole stay.  I found out that Lviv has the largest number of historical and architectural monuments in Ukraine, counting 2,500 of them. I started my sightseeing tour with Rynok Square that is the heart of the city. I was impressed by a huge City hall tower and enjoyed a splendid view over the whole city from the observation deck. I was charmed by the beauty of Lviv old town architecture and a strange Lviv dialect of the Ukrainian language.

One of the many things I loved in Lviv is a great variety of cafes and restaurants. I had dinner in Kryivka, the most famous of Lviv’s unique restaurants. Kryivka is the Ukrainian word for bunker, and this name suits the design. In this restaurant I got not only food but an entire World War II Insurgence Army (UPA) experience. I spent some time in room which looked like prison and had to persuade the waiter that I was Ukrainian. I had borshch, one of the most popular dishes of Ukrainian cuisine there, and it was delicious. I was amazed by the unusual interior and good service.

For sure Lviv is worth visiting. You will spend great time in this big and interesting city!

Keep in touch,