My Memories of the Place I Visited

Writing: Share your memories of a place you once visited.

Hi! I’m Dasha. I’m sure, that our brain remembers places and environment where we had a pleasure time and experienced feelings of happiness, calmness and relief. Personally, I remember every trip of mine. There are a lot of good memories, as they are full of bright emotions and excitement. I’ll share my memories that take me back to trip to Georgia.

Not long ago, I visited the capital of Georgia – Tbilisi. The city lies on the banks of the Kura River with a population around 1.5 million people. Tbilisi has a long and complicated history. It has been destroyed and rebuilt 29 times, making it a destination for history and architecture enthusiastic.

Georgians are really proud of their nation; they appreciate their history and traditions. What’s more known about Georgian people is their kindness and hospitality. Georgians always welcome tourists and foreigners warmly. They can treat you with delicious home-made wine and Khachapuri. As they say, ‘Every guest is a gift from God’.

The thing, that I can praise Tbilisi for is its architecture. There are some buildings which look so unique and impressive! For example, the House of Justice has a roof made of curved shapes and resembles mushrooms. Rhike Park consists of two different soft shaped elements that are connected as a unique body at the retaining hall. Walking through Old Tbilisi was absolutely unforgettable. It is a district where you can see traditional Tbilisi houses and restaurants. Such places can tell you about the history of a country you are visiting.

As a big lover of bakery, I fell in love with Georgian food, as there are many dishes made of dough. I really liked Khinkali, Adjarian Khachapuri, Imeretian Khachapuri, and Puri. What is more, Georgians love meat and it is the main ingredient of almost all national dishes.
To sum up, I’d like to recommend you to visit this charming city. It will definitely worth your time and money!

Have you ever visited Georgia? Leave you comment and share your impressions of the trip to Georgia.

Some Interesting Facts about Georgia

  • The Republic of Georgia is located in the Causcusus, between Russia, Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan. It has a western coastline on the Black Sea and benefits from a Mediterranean style mild climate.
  • Although Georgia is located on the Asian continent, but the country considers themselves as part of Europe.
  • The Georgians call their country Sakartvelo and call themselves Kartveli. Nobody knows for sure to where the name Georgia comes from. Is it from St George, the patron saint of this country; or Georgi, the Greek name for agricultural tribes; or the Persian-Arabic word Gurg, meaning land of wolves?
  • Tbilisi is the capital, and the largest city in Georgia. It was founded in the 5th century by the Georgian king, Vakhtang Gorgasali. According to legend, when he was hunting, he killed a pheasant which dropped into hot water. Gorgasali discovered there were a lot of hot springs in this place, which he called Tbilisi as tbili means hot in Georgian.
  • The capital city presents a wonderful mix of old and new. Some of the government buildings in the city centre look futuristic space ships. The modern pedestrian Bridge of Peace is a well known landmark for the city; the curvy bridge links the old city centre with the new parts of the city.
  • The National flag of Georgia, commonly known as the ‘Five Cross Flag’, was adopted in January 2004. The flag consists of a red cross on top of a white field. In all four corners there are smaller red crosses known as ‘Bolnur-Katskhuri’. The flag originates from the United National Movement, widely used during the ‘Rose Revolution’ of 2003.
  • Legend states that Jason and the Argonuts visited Ancient Georgia in search of the Golden Fleece.
  • Georgia is the world’s oldest wine producing country. Wine, named after the local word ‘gvino’, has been made here for 8000 years. Unesco have recognised the unique way of making wine in clay jars called ‘kveri’.
  • The ancient cave city of Vardizia contains thirteen levels of cave carved into the stone.
  • At 2,300 metres, Ushguli village is the highest settlement in Europe.
  • Famous for hospitality, Georgia attracts tourists to its combination of high mountain ski resorts and beaches such as Batumi.
  • Georgia has its own unique alphabet, one of around 14 in the world, and a distinctive language. The Georgian alphabet has 33 symbols for the 28 consonants and five vowels.
  • The longest river is Mtkvari River with 1,364 km/ 847 miles. The largest lake is called Lake Paravani.
  • Georgia produces energy mainly in form of hydroelectric power and Zhinvali Dam is one of the biggest dams in the country.
  • Orthodox Christianity is the state religion in Georgia since the 4th century. Religion plays a big part in the country’s culture.
  • With climates ranging from subtropical to semi-desert and even alpine, Georgia is one of the most ecologically diverse countries on the planet.