Unusual or Weird Houses of the World

Hello, I’m Vlad. I was impressed to know how many unusual houses there are in our world. I’d like to share my project with you. Read and watch my presentation about some of the world’s weird houses. I’ll be glad if you leave your comment.

The Pole House

Suspended 40 meters above Fairhaven Beach, the Pole House is one of Australia’s most iconic homes. The Pole House at Fairhaven was built by Frank Dixon and instantly became a landmark, a manmade natural attraction. Originally built by Frank Dixon back in 1978, The Pole House is one of the most photographed places on Australia’s Great Ocean Road.

The Pole House features long glass walls and an uncluttered ceiling to draw the eye through the studio space to the breathtaking coastal panorama beyond. The entire house is 8 meters by 8 meters in size and has been strategically engineered to ensure complete safety and comfort. It sits atop on a 700mm slab concrete platform supported by a 13m high pylon built into the steep hillside. The house is structured using steel. Accessible only by a narrow concrete bridge, the visitor is delivered to an entrance which is recessed into the metal clad walls that face the hillside.

The Steel House in Texas

20 minutes outside of Lubbock, drivers will find a giant, four-legged UFO standing just across the street from rows of ordinary two-story houses. Upon closer inspection, the strange formation appears to better resemble a massive cicada, or perhaps a multiple-story grand piano balancing on the hillside.

In reality, this bizarre structure is actually someone’s house—or, at least it used to be. The steel abode is the labor of love of Robert Bruno, an unconventional sculptor who handcrafted it from 1973 until his death in 2008. Located on a ridge overlooking Lake Ransom Canyon, Robert Bruno’s Steel House is made of 150 tons of blackened steel, each piece welded by hand, and was created with virtually no outside assistance. The interior is wooden, resembling the inside of a tree trunk, and many of the windows are made of beautiful stained glass.

The PAS House in California

Skateboarding star Pierre Andre Senizergues wanted to skate over every surface of his new house, inside and out, so he turned to Californian architect Francois Perrin plus designer and skater Gil Lebon Delapoint to make it a reality. The concrete and glass residence is named PAS House after the former world champion and will be split into three sections to accomodate living and dining areas at one end, a bedroom and bathroom in the middle, and a practice area at the far end.

The PAS House is a private residence in Malibu, California. In this house you will be able to skateboard any areas and surfaces, indoor and outdoor.

The Seashell House in Mexico City

Nautilus House, the Giant Seashell House, in Mexico City, built in 2006, is an amazing shell-shaped house designed by architect Javier Senosiain of Arquitectura Organica. He designed the house for a young family with two children who were tired of living in a conventional home and wanted to change to one integrated to nature.

The Seashell house is dominated by smooth surfaces, spiral stairs and natural plantings that makes it feel like you’re living inside a snail. The house design is very innovative, unusual and audacious. Javier Senosiain decided to bring the life aquatic into architecture.

The Flintstone House in California

Malibu Romantic Flintstones Retreat House owned by American television and radio legend, Dick Clark. This house sits on a 23 acres lot in Malibu giving one a 360 degree view of mountains, seas and cityscapes.

This home would make you say “Yabaa-Dabba-Doo” like the famous expression of Fred Flintstone. One would have the feeling of being a modern day Fred with the aura and design of this house. One look at it would make you think that it is a massive structure but it is actually built using light materials combined with concrete. The inner walls are made of wood while the ceilings used steel beams covered with concrete to get that rock-like appearance. It has one bedroom and two bathrooms that both made use of modern appliances despite retaining a pre-historic look. The interior design of the house used irregular shapes and stone colors. While the exterior really looked like real rock especially that real stones where integrated to the concrete and scrubbed to expose it.

The house came from the idea of Architect Phillip Jon Brown who suggested to create a house that looked like a rock formation since it is situated next to the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreational Area. The idea was then made real with this home. Aside from its impressive design, this home also offers a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean, Boney Mountains and Los Angeles.

Which house do you consider the be the most weird? Leave your comment, please.