Have you ever visited Kyiv Water Museum?

Hi, I’m Sofia! Our teacher of English asked us to prepare a project about any museum in Ukraine. There are lots of museums in Ukraine. I found information about an unusual and interesting museum – Kyiv Water Museum. It is also called Water Information Center.

The Water Museum was opened in 2003. It is a joint project of two countries: Ukraine and Denmark. This is the first museum in Ukraine and Eastern Europe of such a kind. Its creator is a designer from Denmark – Kaston Muller. The museum is located in Khreshchatyi Park in the centre of Kyiv on one of the hills near the Dnipro River.

The museum is in the water tower, which is 140 years old. The main hero of this museum is water. Water Museum informs everything about water.  This museum is devoted to the history of water supply in Kyiv. The main exhibition of the museum is a former underground water tank. You get to know many interesting facts about water. There are some interesting things in this museum: a huge toilet, a transparent sewer pipe in which garbage is visible. You can also see some huge friendly Japanese fish which swim in the aquarium.

One of the key attractions in the museum is the soap bubble room where visitors can blow huge soap bubbles of different colors. For a moment you find yourself in a huge bubble as high as a man.

Kyiv Water Museum is very popular and I think it would be great to visit it with my classmates. Have you ever been to Kyiv Water Museum?

Some More Interesting Facts about Kyiv Water Museum

  • Kyiv Water Museum is educational and entertaining. It is dedicated to water. The museum highlights all the aspects of water application. You’ll get to know about the surface water and the underground, water pollution and Earth’s water resources; the phases through which water passes before it reaches end consumers and the  basic urban sewage system.
  • Visitors can learn about water resources and their value in people’s life. The journey through the museum represents a trip through Kyiv’s water-supply system demonstrating both water and wastewater treatment. There is also a playground with a sandbox, a pump and soap bubbles.
  • The museum has an equipped bathroom with filled to the very brim bath and sink and constantly running taps. The installation is designed to address the problem of irrational water use.
  • A real grotto is recreated in another hall. Once inside it one can watch various water transformations and states. It also gives an opportunity to ‘travel’ to every continent and to see how waterfalls form, geysers erupt, glaciers melt and thunderstorms arise.
  • Water Museum contains samples of ancient pipes, models of water towers and sewage systems, many visual aids that provide a lot of interesting details about the fresh water on Earth.