Speaking Time: My Family

They say that a family is a treasure. Do you agree with this statement?

Tell about your family using this plan:

Level A1/A2

Hi, I’m Artem and I’d like to say some words about my family. My family isn’t big. We are three in the family: mom, dad and me. My dad is 47. He is a tall, fair-haired and grey-eyed man. He is a security officer and he works in a supermarket. He likes fishing. My mum is a slim, chestnut-haired and green-eyed woman of 40. She is a police officer and she works at the police station. She is fond of sport and dancing.

We have some family traditions. We celebrate our birthdays, Christmas and New Year’s Day together and watch interesting films. We cook an Easter cake, colour Easter eggs and wear national clothes at Easter. We split the household chores and each member of our family has a house holding duty. We spend a lot of time together going fishing, going for walks and travelling.

I have many relatives: grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. I visit my grandparents twice of the week. I visit other relatives once of the month.

I think my family is friendly because we take care of each other. My parents love me and I love them. I can always ask my parents for advice. I’m sure that my family is my treasure. I agree for 100% (one hundred per cent) that a family is a treasure.