Have practice in writing and write an argumentative essay about using mobile phones at school.

Exam in Mind

Level B1 / B2

Write a for-and-against article about using mobile phones at school. In your text:

  • state the problem
  • write about the advantages and disadvantages of using mobile/smartphones
  • express your own opinion on the topic.

Hi, I’m Dasha and here is my argumentative essay about pros and cons of using mobile phones at school.

Most schools allow students to have cell phones, but require them to be turned off during classes because they can be disruptive and distracting. Carrying mobile phones in school is both beneficial and arguable at the same time.

On the one hand, mobile phones can be a great additional tool at the lessons. Why not to involve them? There are so many things to do with a device: audio and video, QR codes, educational apps, online dictionaries, and etc. Thus, smartphones can help students to keep being engaged in learning and provide them with instant access to information.

What is more, all modern children get on well with new technologies, so it would be even more comfortable and beneficial to use mobile phones as an educational tool.

In addition it should be mentioned that the safety of students is above all. It is important for parents to keep in touch with their offspring when they are out of home. Also, students must be able to reach police, ambulance and other government agencies in case of emergency.

On the other hand, cell phones can distract students from schoolwork. Instead of listening to the teacher and making notes, children play online games, check social media, and chat with friends. This addiction affects students’ marks and quality of subjects in a negative way.

Sometimes the problem is not only in students, but in teachers as well. Boring material and the way of presenting it can take away interest of the subject and prevent students’ being involved in the process of learning.

One more negative side of using mobile phones at school is cheating. Cheating or looking up answers online is what students do when they are unsure of themselves. This may help students get better grades, but degrade their capability to learn.

Finally, the issue is in health as well. Sitting in front of the screen for a long time will definitely have an impact on the eyesight, especially for students with bad one.

In conclusion I must say that in my opinion, mobile phones should be allowed in school, as they have become a vital part of everyday life but for sure, should be used sensibly.