Student’s Project: Ukrainian Wedding

Hi, I’m Dasha. I got to know some American wedding traditions and decided to write about some modern Ukrainian wedding traditions.

A traditional Ukrainian wedding has always been distinguished by its splendor, solemnity and, of course, beautiful wedding traditions.


On the day of the matchmaking, the groom comes to the bride with his and godparents. The godparents have their upper clothes tied with a ribbon, they hold a kalach in their hands, with which they bow to the bride’s parents. Singles and widowers cannot be invited. At the festive table, the groom gives the bride a ring. Next, wedding events are discussed: what date will the wedding take place, and where will it be celebrated.

Bride Show

The bride has to show herself from the best side – what a housewife, needlewoman she is. The future mother-in-law plays a huge role here, because she evaluates her daughter-in-law. If the bride show ends well, the engagement begins.

Bachelorette Party and Bachelor Party

The bride and groom celebrate the last day of “free life” separately before the wedding. Today, hen parties and bachelor parties are fun parties, with greetings and entertainment. Mostly, the organization of this party is done by friends and bridesmaids, who try to turn this whole event into an unexpected surprise.

Paying the Ransom

In the past, a young man could buy his chosen one from her parents for money or any valuables, but now this tradition has a humorous character. During the ransom, the groom or his friends must complete various tasks from the bride’s relatives or “redeem” the bride for horilka.


Before going to the church, the bride and the groom, according to tradition, should ask their parents for their marriage blessing. At the bride’s house, they kneel on an embroidered towel. Parents bless their children and wish them a happy married life.


The little angels that scatter petals in front of the bride, who is going to the veil, not only look charming and cute, but also decorate the entire holiday and wedding photos. Little girls symbolize purity and innocence, reminding the bride that she was also little not long ago.

Exchange of Wedding Vows

This is a special moment to express your feelings, to say those words that you haven’t had time to say to each other yet. Today, wedding vows can be pronounced not only during the wedding ceremony, but also during the festive banquet, or when you are alone. It is important that your words are sincere, emotional and touch the heartstrings of your partner.

Exchange of Wedding Rings

A circle is a symbol of endless happiness and love between young people. It is believed that by putting wedding rings on the ring finger, lovers thus leave an imprint on each other’s hearts, which will always protect the love in their hearts.

Dance with Father/Mother

Dance with parents is one of the most touching and exciting moments of the entire wedding, which leaves no one indifferent. For the newlyweds, dancing with parents is a wonderful opportunity to express their gratitude and love.

The First Dance

The dance symbolizes the union of fate and the hearts of young people and means the creation of a new family. It is also a good opportunity for the couple to show their individuality and surprise guests with their creativity.

Throwing a Bouquet

It is believed that the girl who catches the bride’s bouquet will soon get married.

Cutting the Cake

Cutting the wedding cake symbolizes the first joint action of the newlyweds. The bride and groom take a knife together and cut the cake. They feed each other with the first morsels. Then parents, relatives and guests are treated with cake.

Removing the Veil

This tradition symbolizes the acceptance of a new person into the family. According to tradition, the mother-in-law must remove the veil. After the bride has tied a headscarf, she can dance with all her unmarried friends, trying on each of friend her veil, wishing them to meet and marry their husbands in the near future.

If you know some other Ukrainian wedding traditions, share in your comment.