Are You Into Scuba Diving?

Have practice in reading to improve your skills and get to know about scuba diving, an exciting water sport.

Level B1

Exercise 1. Read the text. Five sentences were moved from it. Choose from the sentences A – E the one which fits each gap (1 – 5).

A. underwater photography or videography
B. recreational, commercial and scientific
C. world of marine life, caves, and shipwrecks
D. They construct and maintain boats and bridges
E. oceans, seas, lakes, rivers and canals

Scuba diving is the greatest outdoor water sport. It’s an opportunity to discover a new exciting __1__ , to see thousands of iridescent fish. There are lots of great diving destinations around the globe offering unbelievable coral variety: Hawaii, the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Florida and California and many others.

Scuba divers dive wherever there is water: __2__. Anyone can become a diver. Diving is an exciting hobby which does not require special skills. It’s a sport open to men, women and children. Before getting involved, you should be in good physical health. And of course you do need to have a small number of essential skills. It’s also important to choose an instructor that you trust because scuba diving is a dangerous sport. You need proper training to be successful and safe.

People dive for their own personal reasons, for pleasure or to make diving a career option. Scuba diving can be divided into three groups: __3__. The largest group of divers is recreational. They dive for the fun of it. Recreational divers can practice night diving, fish identification, __4__. Commercial divers build underwater structures and oil platforms. __5__, or provide first-aid and diving emergency medical care. Scientific diving is carried out for research purposes, or in support of research activities that involve marine life.

Exercise 2. Fill in the correct word from the list: dive, skills, opportunity, underwater, hobby, coral, night

1. an _________________ to discover
2. offering unbelievable ____________________ variety
3. ________________ wherever there is water
4. an exciting ____________________
5. a small number of essential ____________________
6. practice _________________ diving
7. build _______________________ structures

Exercise 3. Choose the best answer.

1. Scuba diving is the greatest _________ sport.

a. outdoor air
b. indoor water
c. outdoor water

2. ___________ can become a diver.

a. Nobody
b. Anyone
c. Only an athlete

3. It’s important to choose an _______________ that you trust because scuba diving is a dangerous sport.

a. teacher
b. climber
c. instructor
4. _______________________________ can practice night diving and fish identification.

a. Recreational divers
b. Recreational drivers
c. Creational belayers