Travelling Broadens Your Mind

Why do people travel? People travel to explore the world and fill their life with stories to tell. Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. Travelling opens our hearts and gives us experience.

Year 6 Level A2

Travel is never a matter of money but of courage.
Paulo Coelho

Word List Travel to Explore the World

advantage – перевага
What are the advantages of travelling by car?

disadvantage – недолік
All ways of traveling have their advantages and disadvantages.

vacation – відпустка
Are you here on vacation? She has gone to Canada on vacation.

discover – відкривати
It is always interesting to travel to explore the world and to discover new things.

arrange – влаштувати, упорядковувати
We still have to arrange how to get home. Could I arrange a meeting with the director?

go on a trip – їхати у подорож
You should arrange everything before you go on a trip.

travel agency – туристичне агентство
Travel agencies can help you plan your vacation.

means of transport – транспортні засоби
What means of transport can you travel by?

Means of Transport

You can travel by different means of transport, such as car, train, bus, plane or ship. If you want to take a train, bus, plane or ship, you have to book a ticket first or you can visit a travel agency and order a tour. However, you can arrange a journey by yourself. Prepare a suitcase, get into a car and travel for pleasure choosing places you’d like to visit by yourself.

Travelling by car might be enjoyable for some people, but it also can be tiring for others.

What form of transport would you choose?

Pay attention to these words:

  • order a tour – замовити тур
  • however – проте
  • by yourself – сам
  • might be – може бути

necessary – необхідний
It is necessary to take a camera when you travel.

sight – вид, визначне місце
I like to take photos of sights of a city.

view – вид, краєвид, пейзаж
What a beautiful view! The view from the hill is fantastic.

impression – враження
Travelling gives us unforgettable impressions.

experience – досвід
Experience is the mother of wisdom. Experience is sometimes dangerous.

sensible – розумний, розсудливий
I think that’s a very sensible idea. It was sensible of you to lock the door. Many of these problems can be minimised by sensible planning.

safely – безпечно
By falling we learn to go safely. Don’t worry, I’ll get there safely. All visitors have been safely taxied to the hotel.

enjoyable – приємний
Cycling is an enjoyable pastime for people of all ages. The whole holiday was really enjoyable, from start to finish.

enjoyably – приємно
Each year millions of visitors travel safely and enjoyably throughout the United States. The better you understand this, the more easily and enjoyably you’ll achieve your goals.

in advance – заздалегідь
The advantage of booking tickets in advance is that you get better seats. I’d advise buying your tickets in advance if you want to travel in August.

tiring – стомлюючий
I’ve had a very tiring day. Shopping can be very tiring. The journey was really tiring.

flight – політ, рейс
The flight was delayed as a result of fog. We took a nonstop flight to Los Angeles. We took flight CA925 to Tokyo.

cart – візок
The cart was loaded with fruit. He put his luggage on the cart.

troublesome – клопітний
This work is very troublesome. Their trip was tiring and troublesome.

return ticket – квиток в обидві сторони
Do you want a single or a return ticket? I would like a return ticket. A first-class child return ticket to Washington, please.

single ticket – квиток в один кінець
The price of a single ticket is thirty-nine pounds. Would you like a single ticket?

return – повернути
When did she return home from the trip? He returned his ticket.

recently – недавно
Have you seen any good films recently? The school has recently built a new gym.

unfortunately – на жаль
Unfortunately, my time is limited. I like cats but unfortunately I’m allergic to them.

air hostess – бортпровідниця
An air hostess announced that the plane had been hijacked. The air hostess asked everyone to fasten the belts.

seat – місце
Please fasten your seat belts. Don’t stand. Take a seat, please.

Travel to Explore the World

1. Many people are fond of travelling.
2. They can see and learn lots of things.
3. The best way to study geography is to travel.
4. The best way to get to know and understand people is to meet them in their own homes.
5. When people are on holiday or on vacation they like a change.
6. They travel to see other countries and continents, cities and towns.
7. It is always interesting to discover new things.
8. You should arrange everything before you go on a trip.
9. There are travel agencies where you can get help with the means of transport and planning your vacation.
10. You can travel by train, by plane, by ship or by car.
11. When you use any kind of transport you are called a passenger.
12. All ways of travelling have their advantages and disadvantages.
13. When you travel a camera is necessary to take photos of sights of a city or views of mountains, lakes, forests, rivers.
14. People take photos to remember the happy moments of their life.

Travel to Explore the World: Travelling by Air

  1. Travelling by air is the fastest way of travelling but the tickets are expensive.
  2. You can get to the airport by bus or by taxi.
  3. When you arrive there you put your suitcases on a cart and go into the airport.
  4. Then you show your passport and ticket to the customs officer, check in your luggage and receive a boarding pass.
  5. After the procedure of registration you board the plane.
  6. You must fasten the seat belt when the plane takes off and lands.
  7. An air hostess brings passengers some water, tea, coffee and sandwiches.
  8. The seats on board the planes are comfortable.
  9. You can sit in a cozy arm-chair and read a book, magazine or newspaper, watch TV, listen to music or look through the window to see the passing clouds.
  10. You may have a sleep until you arrive at your airport.
  11. Some people can’t stand flying and they get airsick.
  12. They have to take a pill for airsickness, and they will feel much better.
  13. Travelling by plane is very exciting.


customs officer – працівник митниці, митник
check in – зареєструватися
receive a boarding pass – отримати посадковий талон
procedure of registration – процедура реєстрації
board the plane – сісти в літак
fasten the seat belt – пристебнути ремінь безпеки
take off – злітати
land – приземлятися
book a ticket – забронювати квиток
comfortable – зручний
cozy – затишний
can’t stand flying – терпіти не може літати
get airsick – мати повітряну хворобу
take a pill for airsickness – прийняти таблетку від повітряної хвороби
arrival – прибуття
departure – відправлення
delayed – затримується
cancelled – скасовано

Complete the text with the words:
plane, customs officer, comfortable, passports, journey, enjoyed, boarding, expensive, airport, places, tickets

Last summer my family and I had a _____________ to Great Britain. We traveled there by _____________. We arrived at the _____________ two hours earlier, showed our _____________ and tickets to the _____________ and received a _____________ pass. After that we took our _____________ in the plane. The weather was good and we _____________ our flight. The _____________ for the plane were _____________, but our journey was very fast and _____________.

Travel to Explore the World: Travelling by Train

  1. Trains carry people in passenger trains and goods are carried in goods trains.
  2. Long distance trains are fast trains.
  3. Local trains make the stops, and you can get on or off a train at a very small station, even if it is only a platform.
  4. If you are going to a distant place, a sleeping compartment is very comfortable, but local trains have carriages with wooden seats as passengers make only short trips.
  5. It is better to book tickets in advance.
  6. On the eve of your departure you pack your luggage.
  7. When the day of your departure comes you call a taxi and go to the railway station.
  8. When the loudspeaker announces that your train is in, the passengers are asked to take their seats.
  9. The carriage and compartment are appointed in your ticket, and you find them easily.
  10. And now it is time for you to find your berth.
  11. It may be a lower berth, which is more convenient, or an upper one.
  12. Then you put your luggage into a special box under the lower berth.
  13. Soon the train starts off.
  14. Travelling by train is slower than by plane, but it has its advantages.
  15. Modern trains have very comfortable seats in all passenger carriages and there are sleeping cars and dining cars that  make even the longest journey enjoyable.

Word List

  • long distance trains – поїзди далекого прямування
  • local trains – місцеві поїзди
  • carriage – вагон
  • on the eve – напередодні
  • departure – відправлення
  • compartment – купе
  • loudspeaker announces – гучномовець повідомляє
  • are appointed in your ticket – вказано у вашому квитку
  • lower berth – нижня полиця
  • upper berth – верхня полиця

Have you ever travelled by train? Write about your last journey.

Write a paragraph about travelling. Use the following:

People like to travel

with friends
with parents
with a dog
with grandparents

When they travel they like to

go shopping
meet new people
make new friends
go sightseeing
learn traditions and customs

They usually travel

on business
for pleasure
to see the beauty of the world
for study


gives us experience
teaches us to understand other people
helps to study geography, history and languages

Travelling is

good for health

But sometimes it can be


Answer the questions

  1. When do you usually travel?
  2. Where do you go?
  3. Do you collect information about the places you’d like to visit?
  4. When do you start preparing for your trip?
  5. Do you like to take photos of different places?
  6. Do you think that travelling teaches you a lot of new things?
  7. What places would you like to visit?
  8. What do you like better: to travel alone or in a group? Why?
  9. Do you know anything about the travelers of the past?
  10. Have you ever been to a foreign country? What country have you been to?
  11. Do you like buying souvenirs?