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Steve Backshall is a British TV presenter who is best known for his work in nature documentaries. He has worked for the BBC as well as National Geographic and the Discovery Channel. Let’s write his biography.

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Hi, I’m Vlad. I can write a biography of a person who is greatly interested in nature.

Steve Backshall is a famous naturalist, writer and TV presenter.

He was born in on 21st April 1973, in Surrey. He was raised by his parents on a smallholding in Bagshot village, where the family took care of a number of rescue animals. A smallholding is a small farm where people grow crops that they primarily use to feed their own families. His parents both worked for British Airways and so they didn’t work on the smallholding full time. The family spent many holidays in exotic countries. That’s why Steve got interested in nature and he got real passion for wildlife and conservation.

After he left college he went backpacking around Asia, India and Africa. It was on this trip that he gained his love for adventure. He returned to the UK to study at the University of Exeter, where he gained a BA (Bachelor of Arts) in English and Theater. After he had finished his studies at the university he went to live for a year in Japan where he learnt judo and karate.

Steve Backshall was employed by National Geographic Channel as adventurer in residence in 1998. He filmed his trip in the Colombian jungle for TV. As part of his job he produced and presented wildlife and natural history shows that were aired on the channel. This allowed him to continue with his love of travelling and conservation work. He worked as a presenter on National Geographic channel for 5 years (from 1998 to 2003).

After that he had accepted a job at the BBC. He was one of the main presenters on the children’s program The Really Wild Show. The show was one of the longest running children’s programs that the BBC produced and it ran for twenty years. After this show ended he stayed with the BBC as the host of another children’s show Deadly 60, which is probably the show for which he is best known. In this show he spent six months traveling the globe to find the sixty of the deadliest animals in the world. His adventures were shown in a 26 part series.

Reading books was a big part of Steve’s life when he was young. He wanted to share this love of reading with others and so wrote a series of books aimed at children. The books feature children who battle against adults to try to protect the environment and wildlife and are known as The Falcon Chronicles. He has also written several non-fiction books which recall some of the experiences he has had on his expeditions. Steve Backshall published his novel “Tiger Wars” in 2012.

He danced in TV competition “Strictly Come Dancing” in 2014 together with Ola Jordan. The two finished eighth in the show..

He married to the Olympic rower Helen Glover in 2016. They have three children.

Steve was part of the scouts when he was young and it taught him some of the skills that he uses today in his expeditions. He is an ambassador for the Scout Association.

Steve Backshall was awarded an MBE in 2020.

An MBE is a British honour that is awarded to a person by the King or Queen for a particular achievement. MBE is an abbreviation for ‘Member of the Order of the British Empire’.

In 2020, Steve completed his MSc (Master of Science) in Bioscience from Canterbury Christ Church University.

Steve Backshall is still popular today.



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