Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs Part 1 will help you remember some phrasal verbs and use them in your own sentences.

Exam in Mind Level B1/B2

A phrasal verb is an idiomatic phrase consisting of a verb and another element, typically either an adverb, as in break down, or a preposition, for example see to, or a combination of both, such as look down on.

Phrasal Verbs to Remember

base on/upon –  to use something as the thing from which something else can be developed (базуватися на/на основі)
His first novel was loosely based on his own experiences as a doctor. The local economy is largely based on tourism. My love of science is based upon an interest in experimentation.

bring up – look after a child until it is an adult; to start discussing a subject (виховувати; піднімати, порушувати)
She was partly brought up by her maternal grandparents. She brought up three sons on her own. He was brought up by his grandmother. Brown said the issue would be brought up again at the next climate convention. I hate to bring this up but you still owe me $50.

count on – to depend on someone to do what you want or expect them to do for you (розраховувати на)
The whole team was counting on me, and I let them down. You can always count on him for good advice. I was counting on Jane driving me home.

deal with – to take action to do something, especially to solve a problem; to be about (something); to have (something) as a subject; to make business agreements with (someone) (мати справу з; займатися)
Her speech dealt with health care and the nation’s economy. The film deals with some serious issues. He deals fairly with all his customers. Their salespeople are very easy to deal with. The government must now deal with the problem of high unemployment. I spen the morning dealing with my emails.

go over – consider, examine, or check something (вивчати в деталях; перечитувати)
I want to go over these plans with you again. Could you go over this report and correct any mistakes?

leave out – to not include someone or something (не враховувати; пропускати)
She feels left out because the other children don’t play with her. It seemed unkind to leave Daisy out, so she was invited too.

make out –  see/hear/understand; manage with some difficulty to see or hear someone or something; create false opinion; pretend; continue; succeed (розглянути, зрозуміти; робити вигляд )
In the dim light it was difficult to make out the illustration. I’m not as bad as I’m made out to be. At first, I couldn’t make out what he was saying. I cannot make out the meaning of this sentence.

move in – to start living in a different house or flat; to occupy a dwelling or place of work; to make advances or aggressive movements toward (в’їхати; заселятися; входити)
We’re moving in next week. The troops moved in while the enemy was sleeping. She moved in the pop and art worlds.

move in together – to decide to live together without getting married (жити разом)
John and I are moving in together.

pull off – succeed in achieving or winning something difficult (справлятися із завданням)
Hanley pulled off a surprise victory in the semi-final. I’m sure you will pull off the competition.

put together – make something by assembling different parts or people (скласти докупи)
He can take a clock apart and put it back together again. Through interviews and old photos we put together a composite picture of life in the village a hundred years ago. She earns more than all the rest of us put together.

run into – collide with someone or something (зіткнутися)
He ran into a lamp post. We’ve run into difficulties with the new project. He has run into trouble in his job. If you run into the boss, put in a good word for me!

turn down – adjust a control on a device to reduce the volume or level; reject something offered or proposed (зменшувати; відхилити щось запропоноване)
She turned the sound down. His novel was turned down by publisher after publisher. I had to turn down a job offer from a theatre because the pay was too low.

Phrasal Verbs Part 1. Have practice.

Complete the sentences, using a phrasal verb from the list in its correct form: 
based upon – bring up – count on – deal with – go over – leave out – make out – move in – pull off – put together – run into – turn down 
  1. It was very interesting to see how the construction workers _________ the bridge _________ .
  2. If there’s anything I can do, ____________________ me.
  3. In today’s world it’s difficult to ____________________ children so that they can get something out of life.
  4. Can we ___________________ the arrangements once again to make sure that everything will work out fine.
  5. They have  ___________________ trouble while designing the new machine.
  6. My parents have bought a new house recently and we’re planning to ________________ soon.
  7. He’s got some funny ideas about how to ___________________ children.
  8. There was a lot of fog so I couldn’t __________________ the licence plate of the car.
  9. The manager offered her an excellent job, but she simply ____________ it __________ .
  10. The headmaster doesn’t want to ___________________ naughty students all the time.
  11.  The report has been  ___________________ inaccurate information.
  12. We’ve bought the house, but we can’t   ___________________ until next month.
  13. How do you intend to ____________________  this problem?
  14. He ___________________ some important information at the interview because he didn’t want his new boss to know everything about him.
  15. Why did she ___________________ your invitation?
  16. The generators are ___________________ in the machine shop .
  17. The film you’re about to see is _____________________ a true story.
  18. When he squinted his eyes, he could just _____________________ a house in the distance.
  19. You’re my best friend. I can always _____________________ you if something goes wrong.
  20. She finally succeeded in ____________________ the deal even though it was difficult to get all the parties to agree.
  21. We must ____________________ the accounts carefully before we settle them.
  22. We’d been seeing each other for a year when he suggested we should ____________________.
  23. I _____________________ an old friend a few days ago. We hadn’t seen each other since college.
  24. Would you  _____________________ your radio a little?
  25. We must decide what to ___________________ and what to leave in.