External Independent Testing

Do External Independent Testing Test 5 to get ready toEIT. External independent testing Test 5 will help you check your knowledge and develop reading skills.

External independent evaluation or External independent testing (EITexternal testingET) is the examination for admission to universities in Ukraine.

Level B1/B2

External Independent Testing Test 5

Task 1. Read the text below. Match choices (A-H) to (1-5).There are three choices you do not need to use. 

Coping with Writing Anxiety


Start writing at whatever point you like. If you want to begin in the middle, fine. Leave the introduction or first section until later. The reader will never know that you wrote the paper beginning with the main body. Besides, some writers routinely save the introduction until later when they have a clearer idea of what the main idea and purpose will be.


“Talk” the paper to someone — your teacher, a friend, a roommate, a tutor in the Writing Lab. Just pick someone who’s willing to give you fifteen to thirty minutes to talk about the topic and whose main aim is to help you start writing. Have the person take notes while you talk or record your conversation. Talking will be helpful because you’ll probably be more natural and spontaneous in speech than in writing. Your listener can ask questions and guide you as you speak, and you’! feel more as though you’re telling someone about something than completing an assignment.


Talk into a recorder, imagining your audience sitting in chairs or standing in a group. Then, transcribe the recorded material. You’ll at least have some ideas down on paper to work with and move around.


Pretend that you’re writing to a child, to a close friend, to a parent, to a person who sharply disagrees with you, to someone who’s new to the subject and needs to have you explain your paper’s topic slowly and clearly. Changing the audience can clarify your purpose. (Who am I writing to when I explain how to change the oil in a car? That guy down the hall who’s always asking everyone for help.) Changing the audience can also make you feel more comfortable and help you write more easily.


Pretend you are someone else writing the paper. For instance, assume you are the president of a strong feminist movement and are asked to write about sexist advertising. Or, pretend you are the president of a major oil company asked to defend the high price of oil. Consider being someone in another time period, perhaps Abraham Lincoln, or someone with a different perspective from your own on things, someone living in Hiroshima at the time the bomb was dropped. Pulling yourself out of your usual perspective can help you think more about the subject than writing about the subject.

A. Aim your writing at different addressees
B. Discuss your essay with someone else
C. Re-read your notes
D. Imagine yourself in different roles
E. Record your composition
F. Write a plan of your paper
G. Try writing “backwards”
H. Bear information in your mind

Task 2. Read the text and choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D)

My Greek Christmas

Family Bonding Takes on New Meaning in My Loud, Loving Family.

Every Christmas, my entire family overstuffs their suitcases and heads over to my grandparents’ house for a vacation filled with comfort, food and family bonding. But this is not just any family bonding, this is customary Greek family bonding. Driving up to the house is an experience in itself. On their street we pass about 13 cars all with cleverly titled Greek-themed license plates only to find my Grandpa in the yard, decorating a miniature replica of the Parthenon with blue and white lights. We step inside the door to an overwhelming greeting, and 643 kisses later. Every year, it never fails. I wander around their house in search of a majestic Christmas tree. And every year I find a tall basket of tomatoes standing in for it instead.

After my discovery (or re-discovery) of the glowing tomato “temple’’, I watch my baby cousins torture the Greek Gods — also known as the cats — Kosta, Aristotle and Athena. The dinner bell has been politely rung, otherwise known as my Grandma banging her spoon against a bowl, and in a matter of seconds there is utter chaos, and there is no other way of describing it. Looking into the kitchen I see four loaves of bread, 40 stuffed tomatoes, a platter of freshly sliced lamb, a massive Greek salad, an equally massive “peasant” salad, giant lemon shrimp, and of course, a beautiful block of feta cheese.

We all sit down to eat, and soon enough, all my great-uncles are screaming at each other about money or Greek politics. (News flash: They have all lived in America for the past 40 years). By the end of dinner Grandma takes out the CD player for a little tsifteleli and  kalamatiano. And then we dance in circles around the kitchen until we can’t see straight and return to the table, only to find more food being served for us — watermelon, grapes, cookies and coffee. It is almost three in the morning now and I figure when the Greek alphabet is racing through my mind that I am unable to think and must retire to my plastic-covered couch.

As I lie there, I suddenly realize how truly lucky I am. I was graced with such a vibrant, loving culture and wouldn’t change it for the world. Sure, my big Greek family can be overwhelming with their eating and kissing and dancing, but the love they have for each other is so obvious and so comforting. When I spend time with my Greek relatives I feel where I belong. Furthermore, growing up Greek has taught me to appreciate the different cultures that this world has to offer.

I wake up the next morning to find my whole family singing Greek Christmas songs with Santa … dressed in a toga. Merry Christmas, Kala Christouyenna, Feliz Navidad, however you want to say it, and I hope you cherish your family time as much as I do.

6. What is TRUE of the cars near the house of the author’s grandparents?

A. They had Greek registration numbers.
B. They had specially decorated number plates.
C. They belonged to the grandparents’ neighbours.
D. They blocked the driveway to the house.

7. What did the author say about the Christmas tree in her grandparents’ house?

A. It was tall and majestically decorated.
B. It was standing in the middle of the yard.
C. It was replaced by a container of vegetables.
D. It was illuminated with blue and white lights.

8. Why did the author’s grandmother hit her spoon against a bowl?

A. She wanted to attract the kids’ attention.
B. She invited everybody to have a meal.
C. She tried to handle the chaos in the kitchen.
D. She decided to tap traditional Greek music.

9. It can be inferred from the text that tsifteteliand kalamatianoare ________ .

A. national customs|
B. festive dishes
C. traditional dances
D. local fruit

10. Which of the following is NOTmentioned in the text?

A. Greeks traditionally have close family relationships.
B. Knowing one culture helps you respect others.
C. Greeks tend to be overweight because of eating too much.
D. Family gatherings are a good way to learn national customs.

Task 3. Read the texts below. Match choices (A – H) to 11 – 16. There are two choices you don’t need to use.


This is a prime example of what can be called a Quality Awful Film. This is one of those movies that have you wondering. Long before the actors signed up and the locations were chosen and the sets were built and the filming began, how did someone not say, “Um, we have a big problem with this story”?


While the complex special effects shots and stunt work keep you on the edge of your seat, you can’t shake that feeling that it’s all one Wile E. Coyote gag from a Looney Tunes cartoon. If this is the end, this is a good one… but, of course, another sequel has already been announced.


Directed by Tim Johnson, it has a bright, candy-coloured look, with a few fancy 3-D effects and some wonderfully detailed “sets.” Steve Martin voices Smek. Jennifer Lopez lends her voice to the role of Tip’s mother. The soundtrack features a number of Rihanna tunes. Anyone over 10 will see the plot twists a mile away. Kids will enjoy a goofy race of aliens called Boovs, the rainbows of colours and the music.


It’s a film about a scenarist worried about writing a romantic comedy script because he’s never been in love, even as he falls for someone. It’s a smart script, but it’s also completely overwritten, as every line feels like it’s been carefully crafted to be absolutely hilarious. Thankfully, the cast adds some charm to the screen, and the genuinely witty script keeps the audience laughing.


It’s long, loud, and overloaded with effects. What it doesn’t have is any sense of going above and beyond. Unlike some other entries in the Marvel universe, it doesn’t transcend its boundaries. Fans of the series will be pleased, but those looking in from the outside of comic-book culture will find themselves looking at their watches.


It’s a perfectly friendly comedy. It’s not as funny as the first film, but it is funny enough. But for some reason, it has become subject to some of the most sarcastic reviews in recent memory. Reading over a sampling of them, it is difficult to figure out why. At least audiences seem to like Blart’s latest adventure.

Which movie ________?

A. is based on a poor plot
B. is boring for part of the audience
C. will have a continuation
D. is appreciated by young viewers
E. is a story of a screenwriter
F. has been unfairly criticized
G. was shot on a location in space
H. boasts positive reviews

Task 4. Read the text below. Choose from A-H the one which best fits each space. There are two choices you don’t need to choose.

Cowboy Chocolatier

On the rare days when I happen to glimpse my distant and long-ago life as a child, I remember my love of chocolate. I also remember cowboys — mostly through the medium of television. Growing up on the wrong side of the pond, (17)_____ . They seemed a pretty strong breed, likely to be found out in the wilderness somewhere with a horse, a gun and not much else. Much later I was fortunate enough to move to where some real cowboys live — Cody, Wyoming.

Tim Kellogg, the Meeteetse Chocolatier, was named as one of “Wyoming’s 40 under 40” for 2009, proving beyond a doubt that (18)_____ and turn his knowledge and passion into a successful business operation. He runs both a Meeteetse store and an online business.

Tim can be found in his store — dressed in true cowboy style — with his signature black hat. Inside, the chocolates are displayed to good effect with Tim’s motto “Fear No Chocolate” inscribed on a blackboard by the door. Tim is proud of all his chocolates, some of which, he explains, are the traditional flavours — Baileys, Champagne — (19)_____ , while others are unique local treats, specific to their community and to their creator’s cowboy heritage.

Tim fell into chocolate-making by accident in the 1990s “to keep chocolate in the family” after his grandmother died. Thus, (20)_____ , Tim decided that he would be the backer and chocolate-maker for family occasions, and began to make confections for his friends and family.

He is the sole chocolatier in his business (21)_____ a few miles outside of Meeteetse. This combination of roles can be seen unusual, but Tim is happy to note that although his friends do find it funny, (22)_____.

A. found in fine chocolatiers all over the globe
B. cowboys were unknown and mystical to me
C. they are made with fresh, natural and organic products
D. this cowboy knows how to make delicious goodies
E. and still spends two to four days a week cowboying on a ranch
F. they have never been negative
G. in an almost certainly unusual move for a cowboy
H. this unexpected decision made him famous

Task 5. Read the text. For questions (23-32) choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D).

Paper Plane That Flew Higher Than a Jet

Many of us built paper planes to (23)_____ around the classroom, but a team of British enthusiasts had more (24)_____  plans — to send a paper plane towards the edge of space. Last year, the aircraft, built from paper and paper straws, and with a three-foot wingspan, was launched from a site in Spain. A helium balloon (25)_____ it to an altitude of 90,000 ft (17 miles) — not, admittedly, very (26)_____ to outer space (which is considered to begin around 50 miles above the Earth’s surface), but higher than a jumbo jet would normally fly (39,000 ft). The balloon then (27)_____ , allowing the plane to glide gently back to Earth. (28)_____ the way, it took pictures with a miniature camera before landing 100 miles from the launch site. On examining the aircraft, the experimentalists found it (29)_____ but for a tear in its wing. Strange as it may seem, the project (30)_____ a success.

The operation was masterminded by Steve Daniels, John Oates and Lester Haines, who said they (31)_____ with the idea after being inspired by a project last year to send a (32)______ of cheese into space. They had done it, they said, for a “laugh”.

23. A. drop  B. start  C. throw  D. release
24. A. long  B. ambitious  C. majestic  D. common
25. A. lifted  B. ascended  C. blew  D. pushed
26. A. nearby  B. similar  C. close  D. exact
27. A. destroyed  B. flew  C. disappeared  D. exploded
28. A. Through  B. Straight  C. Across  D. Along
29. A. total  B. whole  C. absolute  D. reliable
30. A. turned out  B. turned up  C. turned over  D. turned off
31. A. came up  B. came over  C. came out  D. came across
32. A. sheet  B. loaf  C. piece  D. pile

Task 6. Read the text. For questions (33-42) choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D).

The Joy of Freshly Baked Bread

When Elizabeth David published her magisterial English Bread and Yeast Cookery in 1977, the best book ever (33)_____ on the subject, sliced bread was still king. But thanks to a new generation of skilled bakers, it has become (34)_____ easier to buy a decent loaf. David’s insightful guide to the history of bread making has now been republished.

Homemade bread goes stale fast, so don’t make more than you need, says David. Soda bread is ideal as it is quick (35)_____ and delicious when fresh. Simply halve the recipe if you only want to make one loaf. Placing a cake tin over the loaf while cooking (36)_____ it to raise a little and prevents too hard a crust from (37)_____ .

33. A. write  B. writing  C. written  D. writes
34. A. more  B. much  C. most  D. many
35. A. make  B. making  C. to make  D. made
36. A. helps  B. is helping  C. help  D. helped
37. A. forms  B. formed  C. form  D. forming

Hobby to Business

Sarah Gold, a custom crystallization designer and president and founder of New York City Peach, (38)_____ her successful accessories design company in 2003. She took everyday objects like cell phones, cameras and business card holders, and made them expressions of personal style by painstakingly (39)_____ individual Swarovski lead crystals in a variety of unique designs and colours. Originally, Sarah’s idea of designing personal items with coloured crystals was just a hobby and a great gift idea for her friends, but soon A-list celebrities like Mischa Barton, Lindsay Lohan, Sarah Jessica Parker and J. Lo were seen sporting the (40)_____ designs on and off on the red carpet. “My business exploded faster than I could have ever imagined,” Sarah declares in disbelief. In order (41)_____ up with the demand, she found herself working really hard and staying up late, night after night, filling requests from new customers. Sarah also believes that taking action 1s the key (42)______ turning your hobby into a business.

38. A. was started  B. started  C. had started  D. have started
39. A. apply  B. applies  C. applying  D. applied|
40. A. trendy  B. trendiness  C. trendily  D. trendier
41. A. keep  B. keeping  C. to keep  D. keeps
42. A. like  B. of  C. as  D. to

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