Elementary School Speaking Time: My Favourite Toy

Do you like playing with toys? Have you got your favourite toy? My favourite toy is my brown teddy bear. Speak about your favourite toy, will you?

Level A1

My name is Karina. I like stuffed toys. I have got a new toy. This is a tik tok hit, a toy named Lalafanfan. This is a pink duck,with big plump cheeks and white hair. Her hobbies are shooting entertaining videos and changing clothes. She knows well what is in fashion. Her favorite clothes are T-shirts, shirts, skirts, sun glasses and pants. She likes wearing a necklace with a tiny bell. I also like wearing fashionable clothes and taking short videos for my YouTube and Instagram accounts.

The usual day of my duck starts late, because she likes to sleep, like me. She gets up, washes her face, combs her hair, has breakfast and goes for a walk in the street or in the park. My duck can swim, run, jump, dance and sing songs. My Duck can’t fly, climb trees, and ride a bike. My Duck is kind, cheerful and friendly. I think she is lovely and cool! I love my duck Lalafanfan and spend a lot of time with her.

Tell my what your favourite toy is. Leave your comment.