External Independent Testing

Do Test 2 to get ready to external independent testing. External independent testing Test 2 will help you check your knowledge and develop reading skills.

External independent evaluation or External independent testing (EITexternal testingET) is the examination for admission to universities in Ukraine.

Level B1/B2

External Independent Testing Test 2

Task 1. Read the text below. Match choices (A-H) to (1-5).There are three choices you do not need to use. 

You’re Amazing, So Make Sure People Know It

When it comes to telling the world how wonderful you are, there’s a fine line between having other people think, “Wow! She’s got so much more about her than I thought” and “Blimey! I wish she’d shut up about herself”. It’s easy enough to let everyone around you know you’re something special – the trick is doing it without trying too hard or looking like an attention seeker.

So here’s how to get the attention you deserve without screaming, “Look at me!”


Being loud isn’t a good way to get noticed. Quietness and a smile can be more interesting than someone who blurts everything out constantly. Be cool instead, and show people what you’re really about, rather than shouting it in their faces.


It may be tempting to try to bluff your way through a conversation. But if you don’t know much about the subject being discussed, you’ll get more kudos if you shut up and listen. You can’t lose – get your facts right and people will respect your wisdom, or stay quiet if you’re unsure and people will appreciate your honesty.


Toning down your gossip factor will show there’s much more to you than people may think. Your mates will trust you and your reputation will sky-rocket. Gossiping gives negative vibes to other people.


Choose things to do that you love doing and not because everyone else is doing them. If you are passionate about something, and enjoying it, you’ll have more energy and people will be attracted to you – and you might even be the person who starts a new trend.


We may not be superhuman beings, but remember, each and every one of us has something going on that’s worth shouting about. It’s a fact – everyone is an individual and that’s what makes you who you are. Be proud of why you’re different. If you love who you are, people are more likely to love you too.

A. We are talented!
*B. Learn to accept yourself.
*C. Don’t pretend you know everything.
D. Idle talk is a bad habit.
E. Try to act in good faith.
*F. Don’t talk behind people’s back.
*G. Keep your voice down.
*H. Pursue your interests.

Task 2. Read the text and choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D)

Rock Star

In the masculine universe of rock, singer-songwriter Amy Lee fits right in. She brings her goth girl self to the process of composing and to the recording studio, no questions asked. The co-founder and lead vocalist for Evanescence lets her unrelenting strength and sheer determination push through a downpour of adrenaline-amped guitar riffs with her soothing, classically trained piano stylings.

Evanescencebrings to the forefront heart-pounding musical compositions fronted by Lee’s supernatural yet reality-crashing vocals. With the debut of their album, The Open Door, Lee views the journey that led her to this point of self-realization. In the world of musical “geniuses”, Lee stands out, simply because she realizes that it’s worth going on your own. Her mantra: Trust yourself. Believe in yourself.

In keeping with their tradition of supreme independence, the Little Rock, Arkansas, band didn’t follow the tried and tired route to becoming a stadium pleaser. Ten years back then 14-year-old Lee and former co-founder Ben Moody paired up and focused their energies on creating a new sound. They decided to go on their own and build their band up slowly and fiercely.

Fate didn’t come knocking, but rather it practically blew the door off its hinges in the 20 spring of 2003 when Evanescence’s debut album, Fallen, hit the airwaves. Fallen sold more than 14 million albums globally, and was certified gold or platinum in over 35 countries. And in 2004, Evanescence was nominated for five Grammy Awards. They’ve got two, including the biggie, Best New Artist.

And the Grammy experience? “It feels like you are in high school collecting all of your awards at the end of the year,” Lee laughs. “I really appreciate those who took the time to understand our sound. I was stoked.” When she heard their name called, “I didn’t expect it,” Lee remembers. “I had my shoes off, so, of course, had to put them back on.”

Armed with their second album and its first single, with the title, “Call Me When You’re Sober,” Lee talks about her natural growth as a female artist and coming to terms with her artistic freedom. “I didn’t want to make the same album twice. Now I was allowed to grow and that gave me confidence as an artist.”

Now, with The Open Door, Lee, at the ripe age of 24, is a competent artist who knows exactly what she wants. And that is her advice for women trying to break into the biz, “You have to feel what is right in your heart. If someone is telling you to do something just because it’s good for business, it’s a lie. Just trust yourself; it may take longer, but not everybody knows what they are talking about.”

6. According to the first paragraph, which of the following is TRUEof Amy Lee?

A. She is equally keen on singing and song-writing.
B. She makes a lot of efforts to succeed in rock.
C. She can play both the guitar and classical piano.
D. She pushed hard to set up Evanescence.

7. According to the author, Amy Lee is outstanding because she _______ .

A. fronts an otherwise male rock group
B. has reached the point of self-realization
C. has unique vocal capabilities
D. stays independent in the world of rock

8. What does the author mean by saying that “the band didn’t follow the tried and tired route to becoming a stadium pleaser” (line 14)?

A. The band was tired of performing at the stadiums.
B. The band tried to pave their own way to popularity.
C. The band failed to please a majority of listeners.
D. The band tried to keep independent traditions of rock.

9. In stating “I was stoked” (line 27), Amy Lee means that she was _______.

A. hardly surprised
B. very amused
C. extremely pleased
D. well prepared

10. Which of the following best characterizes Amy Lee at present?

A. She has become an experienced performer.
B. She’s gained confidence in doing business.
C. She is not afraid of the stage any longer.
D. She is confident enough to perform alone.

Task 3. Read the texts below. Match choices (A – H) to 11 – 16. There are two choices you don’t need to use.

Eating Out in Malta


Excellent service in sophisticated surroundings is guaranteed at the Marquis Room at the Dragonara Palace, in St Julian’s, where one can also entertain oneself at the Casino.

Dinner is served from 8 pm. and last orders are taken at midnight. On Mondays the restaurant is closed. Jacket and tie are required in winter, smart casual in summer. Tel: 344550.


Mosta, situated practically in the centre of Malta, is famous for its magnificent dome, reputed to be the third largest in the world, and for Ta’ Marija Restaurant, the island’s only all Maltese restaurant. It features an exciting selection of traditional authentic Maltese food and caters for the individual diner as well as group parties. The pride and joy of Ta’ Marija Restaurant is the extensive and varied ’A La Carte’ menu – a unique masterpiece acclaimed by thousands of Maltese and international diners over the years.

Vegetarians are catered for and a nonsmoking area is available.

The international wine list features a choice of the best Maltese wines. Tel: 434444,4l5947 or Fax: 41818.


May is a busy month at McDonald’s.

As official sponsors of the World Cup, McDonald’s will be featuring special promotions as game fever begins to build toward the official kick- off next month in France. With the purchase of nine Extra Value meals, customers get a free cap sporting the World Cup logo. There are also delicious new menu items being tested at our Valletta and St Julian’s restaurant. Customers visiting either of the two restaurants can now choose from Seafood Salad, Garden Salad, Feta Salador Tuna Salad with five delicious dressings. More great tastes and high quality only at McDonald’s.


No holiday is complete without visiting the Coastline Hotel, which offers a wide variety of sumptuous buffet meals, a la carte dining, or even Italian style pizza and dishes. Dining at the Coastline is yet another of the many pleasures to be enjoyed while being looked after by the catering staff. Every effort is made to cater for the tastes of our international clientele. A well-stocked cocktail bar, as well as a varied programme of top calibre entertainers provides the finishing touches to a perfect evening. Summer nights are particularly special due to the open air entertainment programme held by the pool of the Coastline. Tel:573 782/1.

15. ________       

The Four Seasons Restaurant at the Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza in Sliema offers some of the finest international and local cuisine on the Islands. You can experience an excitingly varied a la carte menu complemented by an array of mouthwatering dishes from the buffet table. On Saturday nights the Restaurant goes American with the ’All American Night’. Diners can choose from a variety of prime cuts of meats and other American specialities. In addition, there is also a jazz band and a spectacular show by the YADA Dancers. For reservations Tel: 343400, ext. 161.

16. ________       

During the winter months Palio’s is open for dinner daily (except for Mondays and Tuesdays) and Sunday lunch. On Sundays you can enjoy a leisurely luncheon with family or friends surrounded by the latest glossy magazines and the Sunday papers for you to browse through.

Palio’s chef, Roger Debono’s menu is divided between pizzas, pastas and specialities consisting of pan fried Calamari with hot chillis, parsley, olive oil and black olives, sea bream, blue fin tuna confit with endives in a balsamic dressing, or try the couscous. There is also char grilled stead or fresh dot with a crisp salad. The choice of dessert changes on a daily basis. Tel: 381000.

Which of the places _______ ?

A. has a choice of fresh periodical
B. offers international cuisine and live music
C. has a varied selection of Spanish menu
D. serves the best national food and drinks
E. gives an opportunity to relax outdoors
F. boasts of the wonderful interior
G. expects its customers to stick to the dress code
H. may present you with free sports headwear

Task 4. Read the text below. Choose from A-H the one which best fits each space. There are two choices you don’t need to choose.

Choose a Small Pet

When choosing a small pet, consider how much time you have to dedicate to the upkeep of your new companion. Many small mammals are physically easy to care for (17)_______ .

A lower-maintenance small pet is the fancy rat, which lives about 3 years. Rodents are very social and it’s good to get a pair at a time; just make sure they are the same gender! Rats need grains and meat protein, which can be provided with dry dog food or mealworms. Domestic rats usually aren’t aggressive; however, make sure you choose a pet from a reputable store or breeder (18)______ .

Rabbits are also gentle and low-maintenance but they can live at least 10 years, (19)______ Rabbits generally eat pellets and plenty of green vegetables; they will also eat hay. They like to be held but shouldn’t be handled too much the first few days after purchasing, in order to adjust. Rabbits need plenty of out-of-cage exercise; many pet stores carry rabbit leashes, (20)______ .

Even small mammals need plenty of space. For any small mammal, choose a cage with a solid bottom rather than a wire one, to prevent injuries to the paws. A rabbit needs a cage or hutch of at least 1 1/2 feet wide by 2 1/2 feet long, by 2 feet deep. Rabbits can be kept outside but make sure their hutch is well-sheltered. Small mammals need bedding for their homes; shredded paper or paper towels work best. Wood shavings work as well, (21)_______ . Bedding needs to be changed about 3 times a week.

When choosing a small pet always be sure to look for alert, bright-eyed animals with smooth coats; (22)______ , that’s a good sign too.

A. if an animal also expresses interest in you
B. so they are a serious commitment
C. but avoid cedar or pine chips because of the oil they contain
D. if brushed with a baby’s hairbrush
E. so you can keep your pet close by when outside
F. so as social animals they do better in pairs
G. but require a lot of attention and affection
H. so as not to get bitten

Task 5. Read the text. For questions (23-32) choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D).

Don’t Be a Couch Potato: There Are Plenty of Things to Do

Summer. The one word on every student’s (23)_______ before finals even start. But now that it is here, what are you going to do? Many face the tough decision of finding a fun activity to do, especially in a state as hot as Arizona. If you’re staying in Arizona during the summer, don’t worry because there are (24)______ for you to do.

The beautiful scenery of Arizona makes the state an excellent one for outdoor fun. Lake Havasu is also an outstanding spot that accommodates you with swimming, jet-skiing, and even fishing. There are also a few theme parks here that are great fun and (25)______ your adrenaline up. But if you’re not an outdoor person and you’d rather stay nice and cool inside, there are plenty of activities for you too (and no, playing on the computer all day is not one). Arizona offers a (26)______ of malls all over the place. Malls are a great way to stay cool while getting some minimal exercise as well. So if you’re sitting at home with nothing to do, grab some friends and try at least one of these activities, you’ll be sure to (27)______ it.

For those of you who plan on leaving the state, but don’t know exactly where to go, I have a piece of advice. California is one of the biggest vacation spots, but that’s because it gives you so many choices of what to do. Disneyland is the main (28)______ you should visit if you’re visiting California and if you can’t then go catch some waves at Mission Bay beach. Colorado is another great vacationing spot. It gives you the opportunity to (29)______ hiking, take in a breath of fresh air and various other activities.

Let’s move over to the East Coast now. New York is full of never-ending activities. The city that never sleeps keeps you (30)______ twenty-four hours. Shopping, dancing, extraordinary hotels and great food, you won’t be bored a minute.

You’ve got a million ideas running through your head, I’m sure. Do your research on where you want to go, and make sure it happens so your summer vacation is one to remember. Don’t be a couch potato and do nothing all day: call your friends and get going! Or start talking to your parents about your (31)_______ gained knowledge and call the airlines, or get your car ready for a road-trip to your vacation destination! No (32)_______ what you decide to do this summer, keep in mind that lazy isn’t the way to go.

23. A. view B. thought C. mind  D. idea
24. A. hints  B. things  C. matters  D. offers
25. A. remain  B. stay  C. keep  D. wait
26. A. sum  B. variety  C. composition  D. row
27. A. enjoy  B. fascinate  C. amuse  D. delight
28. A. entertainment  B. facility  C. sightseeing  D. attraction
29. A. have  B. set   C. leave  D. go
30. A. booked  B. employed  C. hired  D. occupied
31. A. newly  B. lately  C. freely  D. simply
32. A. matter  B. difference  C. reason  D. cause

Task 6. Read the text. For questions (33-42) choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D).

The potentially massive mobile gaming market could receive a boost with the news that the Felix Group (33)______ the Max Box, a multimedia ATM machine. Consumers will be able (34)______ photos, download music and ringtones, top up their phone credit and download games. Max Box machine (35)______ in the spring, with petrol station forecourts, shopping centres, off-licences and convenience stores (36)_______ major targets for placement. This will make downloading games far more (37)______ to the public.

33. A. introduce B. was introducing C. is introducing  D. introduced
34. A. print B. to print C. prints  D. printed
35. A. will appear B. will have appeared C. appear  D. have appeared
36. A. being B. have been C. are being   D. been
37. A. access B. accessing C. accession   D. accessible

How Pigeons Really Get Home

Homing pigeons (38)______ for their uncanny internal compass, yet a new study reveals that sometimes the birds get home the same way we do: They follow the roads. Tim Guilford and Dora Biro at England’s Oxford University followed pigeons in Oxford over a (39)______ period, using tiny tracking devices equipped with global positioning system technology (40)______ by Swiss and Italian colleagues.

What they discovered was surprising. Within ten kilometers of home, the pigeons relied less on their well-known talents for decoding the sun’s position or deciphering the Earth’s magnetic field to help them navigate. Instead they opted for a habitual route that followed linear features in the landscape, such as roads, rivers, railways, and hedge lines – even when it wasn’t (41)______ direct way home. “It was almost comical,” says Guilford. “One pigeon followed a road to a roundabout, then exited onto a major road that led to a second roundabout. Others flew down the River Thames, only to make a (42)______ turn at a bridge.” Guilford suggests that sticking to a memorized, linear route may actually make homing more reliable – and easier. “It made me smile to see it,” says Guilford. “You can imagine yourself flying along a road doing the same thing.”

38. A. were known B. known C. are known  D. knowing
39. A. three-year B. three-years C. three years’  D. three-year’s
40. A. developing B. is developed C. developed   D. was developed
41. A. most B. the most C. the more  D. more
42. A. distinct B. distinction C. distinctly   D. distinctive

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