Adolescents Love Adventures

Level B1

Adolescents are people between ages 10 and 19. Adolescence is the period of life when a child develops into an adult.

Adolescence is the most significant period of human life. It begins in biology and ends in culture. It is a period of growth which is characterized by rapid physical, emotional, social, moral and intellectual developments.

For many teenagers the time between childhood and adulthood is difficult. Adolescents explore the world and test their own abilities. They love adventures and they often look for attention. One minute they are tired – then suddenly they are lively and energetic. Sometimes it can be hard for others to understand them. The teens often feel shy and forget things.

Adolescents often have emotional stresses and face various problems in their everyday life. These problems effect their behaviour and study.

Some teens belong to gangs. They don’t always behave well. They can be noisy and aggressive. They come home late and do dangerous things. They sometimes fight. They take risks and ignore their parents’ advice. Teens need risk and adventure to learn about the dangers of the world. In other words, impulsive or even crazy behaviour is an important part of their education. It’s often the key to success as adults.

Words to Remember

adolescent – підліток; підлітковий
The adolescent period is one’s best time. John changed from a friendly and cheerful young boy into a confused adolescent.

adolescence – підлітковий вік
I spent my childhood and adolescence in Florida. Once he reached adolescence, his parents couldn’t control him.

adult – дорослий
Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult. Children quickly get bored by adult conversation. He is adult in behaviour.

significant – багатозначний, знаменний
Today is a significant day for me. There are no significant differences between the education systems of the two countries.

characterize – охарактеризувати
Bright colours characterize his early paintings. How can you characterize this period?

rapid – швидкий
He made such rapid progress. Lee looked at the bill and made some rapid calculations. Technological progress has been so rapid over the last few years.

childhood – дитинство
Childhood and adolescence is a period of rapid growth.  From earliest childhood she’d had a love of dancing.

adulthood – дорослість
People in Britain legally reach adulthood at 18. Responsibility is what defines adulthood.

explore the world – досліджувати світ
A baby can explore the world and learn through its movements.

test own abilities – перевірити власні здібності
Adolescents explore the world and test their own abilities. She would like to test her own abilities.

adventure – пригода
When you’re a child, life is one big adventure.  He’s always had a thirst for adventure. I like reading adventure stories.

adventurous – який любить пригоди
John is an adventurous man, unafraid of risks. I’d happily take this camera on my adventurous travels.

adventurer – шукач пригод
He’s a romantic at heart, a born adventurer. He was something of an adventurer, living most of his life abroad. I am kind of an adventurer.

look for attention – шукати уваги
I think, he’s just looking for attention. They’re looking for attention and affection from their own peer group.

face various problems – стикаються з різними проблемами
The Earth will face various problems in the future. Adolescents face various problems.

behaviour – поведінкa
I must apologise for my bad behaviour. Her selfish behaviour completely spoiled the evening. Her behaviour really made me angry.

belong to gangs – належать до банд, груп
A lot of the lads belong to gangs. She belonged to a gang in Los Angeles.

behave well – поводитись добре
Parents should teach their children to behave well. Some students don’t behave well.

come home late – приходити додому пізно
Her mom doesn’t like when she comes home late. Adolescents often come home late.

do dangerous things – робити небезпечні речі
You do dangerous things. Teens like doing dangerous things.

take risks – ризикувати
You have no right to take risks with other people’s lives. They can be impulsive and take risks. Some people are afraid to take risks.

ignore advice – ігнорувати поради
You must not ignore such advice. She ignored her mom’s advice.

learn about the dangers of the world – дізнатися про небезпеку світу
Adolescents must learn about the dangers of the world.

education – освіта
The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet. Education is the chief defence of nations. Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire. Education is the ticket to success. (Jaime Escalante)

key to success – ключ до успіху
Hard work is the key to success. Motivation is the key to success. Mastering English interactive skills will be the key to success in the twenty-first century.