Let’s Speak about Seasons and Weather

A season is a period of the year that is distinguished by special climate conditions. The four seasons — spring, summer, fall, and winter —follow one another regularly. Each has its own light, temperature, and weather patterns that repeat yearly. To speak well about seasons and weather let’s do some activities.

Level B1/B2

Word List Seasons and Weather

  • blizzard – заметіль, завірюха
  • earthquake – землетрус
  • humidity – вологість
  • flood – повінь
  • drought – посуха
  • above zero – вище нуля
  • below zero – нижче нуля
  • dull/ gloomy – похмурий
  • fair weather – ясна погода
  • insular climate – острівний клімат
  • beastly weather – погана погода
  • wretched weather – жахлива погода
  • moderate – помірний
  • chilly – прохолодний
  • sultry – спекотний
  • drizzle – мряка, мрячити
  • the Fahrenheit scale of temperature – шкала температури Фаренгейта
  • Centigrade/ Celsius – Цельсій
  • a spell of fine weather – період хорошої погоди
  • equator – екватор
  • weed – полоти бур’ян
  • sledding – катання на санях
  • tobogganing – санний спорт
  • gradually – поступово
  • to awake (awoke, awoken) – прокидатися
  • nightingale – соловей
  • transparent – прозорий
  • look forward to – чекати
  • occasional – що трапляється часом, випадковий
  • relief – полегшення
  • snowdrop – підсніжник
  • breath – дихання
  • particularly – особливо
  • slush – талий сніг, сльота, грязюка
  • ritual – ритуал
  • garment – убрання, одяг
  • strawberries – полуниці
  • spotted – плямистий
  • dandelion – кульбаба
  • slippery – слизький

Activity 1. Match the English weather words with their Ukrainian equivalents.

  1.  dew
  2. forecast
  3. blizzard
  4. thunderstorm
  5. hurricane
  6. earthquake
  7. humidity
  8. breeze
  9. rainbow
  10. shower
  11. frost
  12. flood
  13. lightning
  14. mist
  15. drought
  • a. мороз
  • b. легкий вітерець
  • c. повінь
  • d. роса
  • e. засуха
  • f. блискавка
  • g. злива
  • h. імла, туман
  • i. гроза
  • j. прогноз погоди
  • k. вологість
  • l. заметіль, завірюха
  • m. ураган
  • n. землетрус
  • o. райдуга

Activity 2. Look at the list of common weather words. Note that most of them form adjectives by adding -y:

Sun – sunny; rain – rainy; cloud – cloudy; fog – foggy; chill – chilly; wind – windy; ice – icy; shower – showery.

But: heat – hot; cold – cold; warmth – warm.

Activity 3. Change the given statements so that they will mean the opposite.

Model: We are having rough weather. – We are having calm weather.

  1. The weather is really nasty today.
  2. It’s ten degrees below zero.
  3. The roads are dry today, it’s not dangerous to drive.
  4. The sky is clear.
  5. The weather will keep fine.
  6. It was a bright day.
  7. It’s 30 degrees in the shade.
  8. There’s a bad fog in the mountains.
  9. The weather is windless today.
  10. The frost is going to kill all the flowers in the garden.

Activity 4. Sort out the following adjectives into columns according to the nouns they can go with:

  • weather
  • climate
  • season
  • morning/day
  • night

Changeable, unfavourable, favourable, subtropical, unsettled, wretched, foggy, frosty, cloudy, sunny, windy, chilly, dry, fair, cool, bad, wet, beastly, bright, humid, misty, starry, good, fine, mild, high, dull, warm, dark, cold, hot, rainy, nasty, moderate, subtropical, gloomy, insular, tropical, unstable.

Activity 5. Supply one word from those given to fill in the gaps.

flood, sultry, drizzle, chilly, wet, hot, dew, icy, cloudy, shower, lightning, sunshine, to forecast, Fahrenheit, Centigrade/Celsius
  1. During a storm, __________________ is followed by a clap of thunder.
  2. The river overflowed and the town had to cope with a ________________.
  3. Because of the heavy ______________ the grass was wet.
  4. You can’t see the moon and the stars now because the sky is _________________.
  5. In summer a spell of very _____________ and ______________ weather usually ends with a thunderstorm.
  6. I can’t say that it is very cold outside but it’s rather _______________, you’d better put on your coat.
  7. You can’t sit on the grass it’s still _______________ after the rain.
  8. The temperature has fallen down and the roads are so _______________ that it’s dangerous to drive.
  9. When it rains hard but for a short period of time we call it a _________________.
  10. Water freezes at zero degrees ________________ but at 32 degrees ________________.
  11. There will be plenty of _________________ in the mountains and Dick will return with a fine tan.
  12. I can’t say that it was really raining, it was ________________ but we got wet all the same.
  13. Ancient people didn’t know any other way of __________________ the weather than watching the behaviour of animals and birds.

Activity 6. Fill in the gaps in the following text. Bear in mind that more than one variant is possible.

In many parts of the world there are four seasons every year – spring, summer, autumn and winter. Summer, of course, is the time of ________ weather and winter of cold weather. And autumn and spring are in-between seasons. Many parts of the _________ have these four seasons. Lands near the equator, however, have pretty much the same temperature all the ________ round. Those lands that do have four seasons do not all have them at the same time. When lands north of the equator are having winter, lands south of the __________ are having summer. The change of seasons is caused by the earth’s traveling around the _________.

Activity 7. Think and say what kinds of weather are good or bad for doing these things.

  1. Planting flowers in the garden.
  2. Having a garden party.
  3. Doing sightseeing in a big city.
  4. Camping out in a tent.
  5. Revising for an exam.
  6. Being ill with a high temperature.
  7. Skiing in the mountain.
  8. Fishing in the river.
  9. Weeding potatoes.
  10. Driving long distances.

Activity 8. Read the following sentences and put their numbers in the corresponding column.

All is good in its season.

  • spring _______________________________
  • summer _______________________________
  • winter _______________________________
  • autumn _______________________________
  1. It is a good time for sledding and tobogganing, making snowmen and playing snowballs.
  2. People enjoy picking mushrooms and berries in the woods and forests.
  3. Gradually it gets colder and colder and rains more often.
  4. It is the time for nature to awake from its sleep.
  5. The rivers and lakes are frozen over and you can see a lot of fishermen on the ice.
  6. The days become shorter and the nights become longer.
  7. The nightingales start to sing their beautiful melodies.
  8. It’s a wonderful time when the air is transparent and the trees stand red, brown, golden and yellow against the beautiful cloudless sky.
  9. After several chilly weeks people look forward to the wonderful warm days of Indian summer.
  10. There are occasional storms with thunder and lightning but people usually welcome them as they bring a relief from the heat.
  11. It is so pleasant to see snowdrops in the woods and to enjoy the fresh breath of the new season.
  12. The sun sets very early and rises very late, it’s still dark in the morning when you get up.
  13. In this season people particularly dislike the sleet and slush under the feet and the dull grey sky.
  14. Most nations usually celebrate the shortest night in the year with special rituals.
  15. The trees start blossoming and everything around looks festive in white and pink garments.
  16. Strawberries are the first fresh fruit that you eat in this season.
  17. The roads are icy and it is the most dangerous time for drivers.
  18. Most birds fly away to warm countries.
  19. New green grass covers the ground and all parks and gardens look pretty spotted with the yellow dandelions.
  20. The dry winds usually bring droughts which are bad for crops.

Activity 9. Seasons and Weather: Speak on the Following:

  1. What kind of weather do you like most of all/ least of all and why?
  2. What do you like/ dislike about the weather today? Does it suit your mood and the work you are doing/ going to do?
  3. Did you listen to the weather forecast for today and tomorrow before you left home? Why?
  4. Do you usually listen to weather forecasts? How often? What do you need it for? Which member of your family is it most important for?
  5. Does your mood depend on the weather? What do you do to change the situation if you are “under the weather”?
  6. Can you say that you have a favourite month or season? If yes, why do you prefer it to all other months or seasons?
  7. Can you say that you particularly dislike any month or season and explain why?
  8. Do you agree with the saying “Nature doesn’t have bad weather”. Why?
  9. Some astrologists believe that people’s favourite season is the one they were born in. Do you agree with them?
  10. Englishmen say “There is no bad weather, there are just bad clothes.” Do you think it’s true?
  11. Can you name at least 3 things you like and dislike in each season and explain why?
  12. Which do you think is the best season to tour Ukraine? Ground your opinion.
  13. Some people don’t like to have holidays in winter. Do you agree with them?

Activity 10. Speak about seasons and weather in your area.