Let’s Make Our World a Happy Home

Hi, I’m Karinka. I’m in Year 4 and I know how to make our world a happy home.

Year 4 Level A1

We live on the planet Earth. Our planet Earth is amazing! Seas and oceans, forests and mountains are home to around 8.7 million species of plants and animals.

People pollute water and kill animals. We must help keep the planet clean and healthy. Let’s pick up litter. We may help recycle water bottles, paper and glass. Let’s plant trees. We may water the plants in summer when the weather is hot. It’s a good idea to make bird houses and feed birds in winter.

We must save the planet and make our world a happy home! I want to become a planet hero! And you? Let’s protect our planet together.

Word List

  • keep clean – тримати в чистоті
  • recycle – переробляти
  • pollute water – забруднювати воду
  • save the planet – врятувати планету
  • pick up litter – зібрати сміття
  • become a planet hero – стати героєм планети
  • water the plants – поливати рослини
  • plant a tree –  посадити дерево
  • make a bird house – зробити будиночок для птахів
  • feed birds –  годувати птахів
  • protect our planet – захистити нашу планету