Informal E-mailing

Hi, I ‘m Liza. Here you will find a sample of an email written in an informal style. It’s an email about the Internet.

Level B1

Hi Kate

How are you doing? Sorry that I didn’t answer you earlier. I was busy taking exams. Now everything is okay because I’ve passed them with excellent results and I have some free time.

We are studying about the Internet and communication technologies at our English lessons this week.

Do you know about the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet? I consider myself an expert now and I may share with you.

Let’s start with some pros.

Firstly, the Internet is an unlimited source of information. There are millions of websites devoted to different topics.

Secondly, the Internet is one of the most powerful educational tools. Nowadays thousands of schools and universities use distance learning. Teachers and students use video conferences and virtual classrooms.

Thirdly, we learn how people are different in different places  and it helps us be more tolerant.

Moreover, people can learn more about the world thanks to the World Wide Web. We discover new things every day.

What is more, the Internet entertains us. Various movies, music videos, games, e-books are available on the world wide web.

On the other hand, there are some cons.

Primarily, there is a great amount of illegal and dangerous activity on the Internet.

One more negative side is that people, especially children, surf the internet and can’t concentrate on other things.

Furthermore, Internet addiction is a great problem and sometimes requires doctor’s or psychologist’s consultation.

Then, people don’t talk at home but surf the Internet instead of communicating with each other.

One of the biggest disadvantages of the Internet is that computer viruses are very common and are becoming more and more dangerous for our devices.

The last but not the least, hacker attacks threaten big companies and governments in many countries.

To sum up, I think that if people use the internet sensibly and only for useful purposes, it will do only good. As for me, I use the Internet intelligently and it helps me a lot in my education.

What do you think about the positive and negative sides of the Internet? Your point of view is very interesting to me.

All the best,


Have practice in informal emailing. Read the situations and write your emails.

  • An email about the Internet, its advantages and disadvantages.
  • You are travelling to London on a business trip net week. Your school friend lives there and you would like to meet him/her one evening while you are in London. Try to arrange a meeting.