Writing Time: Personal Introduction

Can you write a personal introduction to a webpage? Here you will find a sample of such written work.

Level A1+/A2

My name is Nastia and I’m eleven. I’m Ukrainian. I live with my parents and my two sisters Liza and Ania, in Kaniv, Cherkassy region, Ukraine. Liza is four years older than me and she is a brilliant student. Ania is nine years my junior and she’s very cute. I often look after her.

I’m in Year 6 at School #4. My favorite subjects are PE, Art, Biology and Music. But my most favorite subject is English because I like reading texts about England, talking to friends in English. I think learning English is important because it’s good for my future and it’s simply fun. I have only good and excellent marks in all subjects and I consider myself as a responsible student because I’m always ready for my classes. I have many friends among my classmates and I like communicating with them.

My hobbies are playing computer games, reading fantasy books, playing volleyball, rollerblading and playing outside with friends. I think it’s great being outside but I’don’t like working in our garden in the village. I love chatting with my friends on Instagram and sometimes I post my photos there.

My favorite band is On the Lips. They’re from Kyiv. I like listening to pop and hip-hop music but I’m not into dancing.

In my free time I enjoy helping mum in the kitchen. I adore cooking with mum. She’s good at cooking and she teaches me to bake cookies, cakes and pies. And of course, I like eating them, they are so delicious. If you need a recipe, I may share.

How about writing your personal introduction to a webpage?