Writing Time: My Personal Introduction

How to write My Personal Introduction to a webpage? Here you will find a sample of such written work.

Level A1+/A2

My name is Liliya and I’m eleven. I’m Ukrainian. I live with my parents in Kaniv, Ukraine. I’m the only child so I haven’t got brothers and sisters.

I’m in Year 6. I’m good at all subjects but I have got some favourite ones. I like Math, English, History, Literature, PE, IT, German and Craft. I have one least favourite subject,and this is Ukrainian because I don’t like learning grammar rules and writing compositions. I believe school is important but some lessons are really boring.

My computer games are my world! I think playing computer games is my passion. When I come home I quickly do my homework and get to my laptop. I’ve got a lot of friends online and we often play or chat on the Internet. My favourite computer game is Brawl Stars and the character I like the most is Rosa. When I play computer games, I don’t hear what my mum says to me and she gets angry.

I’ve got personal pages on Facebook, Viber and sometimes chat with my friends but I don’t do it very often. I also have a personal page on the English site where I post some of my projects. I’d like to be an IT specialist in the future.

I think every day is different and brings something new and exciting. It’s good to go out with friends and play outside. We like talking on different topics. Some days I prefer to stay at home.

I’m into dancing. Three days a week I attend dancing classes. I think that our teacher is a wonderful dancer. My friends and I often take part in dancing concerts and contests in Ukraine and Poland. I’ve got twelve medals!

I love music and I can play two musical instruments: the guitar and the piano. I attend music school twice a week. I play well but I don’t think that I’m a great musician. I’m fond of  listening to music in the evening. Rock and techno are my favourite types of music.

I like learning English and German. I do not like reading but sometimes I read fantasy and myths of ancient Greece. I also like painting and drawing very much.

My typical working day is very busy and I almost have no free time.

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