Are you Keen on Sport?

Many people are into sports and games. Let’s learn the words to speak about sports and games you and your friends go in for.

Level A2

Word List Sports and Games

Indoor Sports and Games

  • chess – шахи
  • draughts – шашки
  • darts – дартс
  • yoga – йога
  • treadmill workout – тренування на біговій доріжці
  • hula hooping / hula hoop fitness – хулахуп фітнес
  • table tennis – настільний теніс
  • trampolining – стрибки на батуті
  • dance / dancing – танці
  • aerobics – аеробіка
  • snooker / billiards – снукер / більярд
  • squash – сквош
  • fencing – фехтування
  • gymnastics – гімнастика
  • boxing – бокс
  • wrestling – боротьба
  • martial arts (kickboxing, Kung Fu, Jiu-Jitsu, Aikido, taekwondo, judo, karate) – бойові мистецтва

Outdoor Sports and Games

  • football / soccer – футбол / футбол
  • volleyball – волейбол
  • basketball – баскетбол
  • tennis – теніс
  • golf – гольф
  • cycling – велоспорт, їзда на велосипеді
  • horse riding – верхова їзда
  • skateboarding – катання на скейтборді
  • hockey – хокей
  • athletics – легка атлетика
  • long jump – стрибок у довжину
  • high jump – стрибок у висоту
  • running – біг
  • jogging – пробіжка
  • skating – катання на ковзанах
  • figure skating – фігурне катання
  • skiing – катання на лижах
  • rock climbing – скелелазіння, альпінізм
  • badminton – бадмінтон
  • baseball – бейсбол
  • cricket – крикет
  • archery – стрільба з лука
  • rugby – регбі
  • polo – поло
  • hiking – туризм, піші прогулянки

Water Sports

  • swimming – плавання
  • kayaking – каякинг
  • whitewater rafting – рафтинг
  • water polo – водне поло
  • surfing – серфінг
  • windsurfing – віндсерфінг
  • sailing – вітрильний спорт
  • diving – дайвінг, пірнання
  • scuba diving – підводне плавання
  • boat racing – перегони на човнах
  • fishing – риболовля
  • rowing – веслування
  • water skiing – катання на водних лижах
  • yachting – яхтинг, плавання на яхті
  • wakeboarding – вейкбординг
  • snorkeling – підводне плавання

Remember!Use the verbs:

GO – if you speak about spots ending in -ing: You go swimming. She goes running. They go skateboarding.

PLAY – if you speak about games: I can play chess. They play football. She plays draughts.

DO – if you speak about other sports: She does aerobics. He does karate. We do gymnastics.

Complete the sentences. Use the correct verb ‘play’, ‘go’, or ‘do’.

  1. My sister __________ fencing every weekend.
  2. My friends __________ basketball on Thursdays.
  3. I __________ swimming with my friends on Sundays.
  4. The boys __________ volleyball in summer.
  5. Mary __________ archery twice a week.
  6. John __________ judo at the school club.

Let’s speak about some sports and games.

Do you like playing volleyball and football? Speak about these games.


  1. Volleyball can be played inside or outside.
  2. There are six players in a volleyball team.
  3. You need to have a ball and a high net.
  4. You should hit the ball with your hand or arm.
  5. In volleyball you can’t catch or hold the ball.
  6. The volleyball winner is the first team to get 15 points.


  1. Football is an outdoor game.
  2. There are eleven players in a football team.
  3. The football player can only kick or roll the ball.
  4. The goalkeeper can touch the ball with his hands.
  5. In football the winner is the team with most goals at the end of the game.

What sports do you like?

There are individual and team sports, indoor and outdoor sports, water sports, winter sports and other kinds of sports. Which one would you choose?

If you are crazy about water sports, then you should try rowing, and if you like to work individually, you’d better choose cycling, tennis or skiing. But in case you are a team player, you should definitely play soccer, rugby or cricket.

And remember, it’s not the best players that win. It’s the best team that wins.

in case – на випадок, якщо
definitely – безумовно

Learn some more words Sports and Games

athletic events – спортивні заходи
Athletic events are sports like running or jumping. Athletic events are divided into two broad categories – track and field.

an event – змагання; подія
This was an event that changed the course of history. Olympic Games are a multisport event held every four years.

track-and-field – легка атлетика

  • What are field events? – The high jumps and long jumps are called field events. Field events are track-and-field contests such as throwing and jumping events.
  • What are track events? – Running races are called track events.

team – команда
I never miss a match played by my favourite team. We have formed a football team.  Let’s work together as a team.

player – гравець
The club were forced to sell their star player. He’s an amazing player to watch. It was a great achievement for such a young player.

win (won, won) – перемагати
Cheaters never win and winners never cheat. The man who has made up his mind to win will never say “impossible “. Our team won.

win a game – перемагати у грі
It’s always great to win. They won a tennis game. Who won the game?

winner – переможець
There’ll be a prize for the winner. Listeners have been invited to phone in to pick the winner.

inside – у приміщенні
There are many games that you can play inside. When the weather is rainy, we stay inside.

outside – на відкритому повітрі
I like outside activities. Spend much time outside because it’s good for your health.

hit (hit, hit) – вдаряти
hit the ball – вдаряти по м’ячу
You should hit the ball with your hand or arm. You need to hit the ball hard. He hit the ball with the bat.

catch (caught, caught) – спіймати, зловити
catch the ball – зловити м’яч
He caught the ball. You should catch the ball with both hands. She spun round to catch the ball.

hold (held, held) – тримати
hold the ball – тримати м’яч
His great skill is to be able to hold the ball.

goal – гол, ворота
That goal was a gift! He kicked the ball into an open goal. He scored the winning goal.

goalkeeper – голкіпер
What is the task of the goalkeeper? Their goalkeeper played brilliantly. He now plays as goalkeeper for Liverpool.

match – матч
I never miss a match played by my favourite team. He is crazy about watching football matches.

kick the ball – бити по м’ячу
Can football players kick the ball with their heads? Don’t kick the ball into the road.

roll – котити
The football player can only kick or roll the ball.

throw (threw, thrown) – кидати
Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. They throw rubbish into rivers. We had a competition in throwing.

lose (lost, lost) – програвати; губити
lose a match – програти матч
Our team lost a match yesterday. Have they ever lost a match?

beat (beat, beaten) – бити
I always beat my cousin in tennis playing.

beat a record – побити рекорд
He beat a record in running.

champion – чемпіон
I hope I’ll be a champion in future. He is the boxing champion of the world.

championship – чемпіонат
Holland won the European Championship. The sportsmen train hard to take part in the championship.

competition – змагання
My friend often takes part in sports competitions. Have you ever taken part in competitions?

A sound mind in a sound body – В здоровому тілі здоровий дух.

athlete – спортсмен
There are a lot of good athletes in Ukraine. The best athletes take part in the Olympic Games.

coach – тренер
Our football coach trains the team. I want to be like our coach.

football field – футбольне поле
What is the best football field in Ukraine? Is there a football field in your town?

stadium – стадіон
Is there a stadium in your town? I like watching football matches at the stadium.

training – тренування
My friend has training every day. Training helps me to keep fit.

Sport Equipment

  • net – сітка
  • racket – ракетка
  • skis – лижі
  • ski poles – лижні палиці
  • goggles – захисні окуляри
  • bat – битка
  • goal – ворота
  • boat – човен
  • oar – весло
  • stick (hockey) – ключка
  • puck – шайба
  • club (golf) – ключка
  • cue (billiards, snooker) – кий
  • helmet – шолом
  • skates – ковзани
  • stop watch – секундомір
  • boxer gloves – боксерські рукавички

Sports and Games in My Life

  1. What sports do you like?
  2. What sports do you do?
  3. What sports are you good at?
  4. Which sports do you watch on TV?
  5. What is your favourite sport programme on TV?
  6. Who is your favourite sports star?
  7. What is your favourite team?
  8. Have you got a dream to be a champion in future?
  9. What do you know about the Olympic Games?

It’s Interesting to Know

The Olympic Games are an international sports competition which are held every four years in a different city.

Thousands of athletes from all over the world compete in individual and team sports.

Over one billion people watch the games on TV.

The first Olympic Games were held in Greece in 776 B.C

Today, there are summer and winter games.

The Olympic Games begin with the opening ceremony.

The Olympic flame is a symbol of spirit , knowledge and life. The fire comes from Olympia , a small town in Greece and many runners transport the flame in a torch relay to the site of the games.

The five rings on the Olympic flag are the symbol of the unity of five continents.

  • spirit – дух
  • relay – естафета