Phrasal Verbs Related to Computers

Let’s learn some computing phrasal verbs. The digital age has created many new words and phrases in English. It’s necessary to know some vocabulary in English concerning computer technologies.

Level B1/B2

List of Computing Phrasal Verbs

log in/log on – регистрирувати
When you log in, you write your password in order to use your computer; you enter a computer system.

I can’t log in, have you changed your password? He typed in his password to log in. In order to log in you have to type in a special password. You need to log on to your home page. Can you tell me how to log on to the Internet?  Log in to enter your name and password into the computer or a website.

log out/log off – вийти
When you log out, you exit a computer, system. To log off means to stop a computer being connected to a computer system, usually when you want to stop working. He didn’t log off until midnight.

Don’t forget to log out when you’re done checking your email. Log out before switching the computer off. Save your work and log off the computer before leaving the room.

boot up – завантажити
‘Boot up’ means to start working on your computer; to load (an operating system) and start the initial processes.

It takes quite a while for this computer to boot up. When you boot up, a menu will appear on the screen. Just a minute, I’m waiting for my computer to boot up. 

reboot of a computer – перезавантаження комп’ютера
Reboot of a computer means to switch off and then start again immediately.

Just reboot the system and try again. If a program crashes you usually have to reboot the computer.

to switch on / turn on; switch off / turn off – ввімкнути / вимкнути
Switch on means to turn on, to start

Will you switch on the television? When you want to make a machine or piece of equipment stop or start working you press a swtich button. Mobiles must remain switched off through the flight.

 to power up – підвищити потужність
To power up means to switch on the power to a computer system to operate.

The computer takes a few seconds to power up after it’s been switched on. Simply power up your laptop and continue work. Press the red button to power up your tablet.

to go down – виходити з ладу
To go down in computing means to stop operating.

If a computer system goes down, it stops working. The battery should prevent the computing system from going down in the event of a powercut. I was about to finish the report when suddenly the computer went down. I cannot send any emails because the server went down.

 to plug in – підключати

Plug in means to insert the plug into the power socket.

 Where can I plug in my hairdrier? The girl let her mother plug in the TV set. Plug in the monitor, keyboard and power cables and switch on.

to key in/ key into / put in – вводити інформацію
To key in means to put information into a computer using buttons or a keyboard.

To access the web page you have to key in the code that you will be given by email. Key in the file name and press return. I keyed in the wrong amount at theATM. Have you keyed all the data into the spreadsheet. She put in the code into the computer.

to pull down – розкривати
To pull down means to open a list of options.

Pull down the Font menu and select the type of letter you like. Pull down to click on a word or function that open a list of options. The program has a pull down menu interface for ease of use. Pull down is a list of possible choices that appears on your computer screen when you press the right-hand button of the mouse.

to scroll up/scroll down – прокрутити вгору / прокрутити вниз
To scroll up and down means to move slowly up or down the page in order to read it.

Use the mouse wheel to scroll up and down the screen. To browse the groups, click inside the Newsgroups window and scroll up and down using your arrow keys or mouse wheel.

to back up – створити резервну копію
You back up when you want to make a copy of the information stored on a computer.

It is highly recommended to back up important files. Make sure you back up your files. We back up all the files every night. Back up another copy and store it in a safe place

Some More Computing Phrasal Verbs

to shut down – вимкнути, припинити роботу
To shut down means to stop operating.

Will something happen if I don’t shut down the computer properly? The computer system will be shut down over the weekend.

to wipe out – знищити
To wipe out means to remove the information stored on a computer.

A virus got into my computer and wiped out the hard disk. Their life savings were wiped out. Before you donate your computer, be sure you wipe out the hard drive.

to print out – надрукувати
To make a copy of a document you have on your computer using a printer.

I’ve finally finished the report! All I have to do is print it out. How many copies shall I print out? Could you print out a copy of that letter for me?

to pop up – раптом з’явитися
Pop up means to appear.

Pop-up is something that appears suddenly on the screen. This often relates to ads popping up on the screen. I hate it when ads keep popping up. If you do not want to see the ads, turn on your pop up blocker.

to sign in – увійти
To sign in means to register once you’ve got an account, that is to put your user name and password.

Every time I want to enter my email I have to sign in. Go to the home page and sign in.

to sign up – зареєструватися
When you sign up, you register for the first time, create an account.

If we want a free trial of the course we have to sign up. Did you sign up yet? The course starts in two weeks, you know. Click on the button below to sign up.

to set up –  налаштувати
To do all the necessary actions to make a piece of equipment ready for use.

The technician’s setting up our modem. Such a database would be extremely costly to set up. This application took a long time to set up.

to connect up – підключитися
To connect up means to join or link (a device, piece of equipment, etc.) to something

I’m having trouble connecting the speakers up to the TV. I’ll just connect up the printer to the computer and then we’ll be ready to go.

to hack into – зламати
to break into another computer, system or server.

A programmer had managed to hack into some top-secret government data. A teenage boy managed to hack into military computer networks.

to type in – ввести
When you type in , you write in by means of a keyboard with types.

Type in your password. Type in your PIN code, then press the ENTER key. In order to log in you have to type in a special password.

hook up – підключити
To hook up means to connect wires from machines to a power source or other machines

Would you please help me hook up the Internet cable? We learned how to hook up the printer and the disk drive.

run out of – закінчились
When you run out of, you exhaust a supply of something

You will run out of disk space if you save copies of all your emails. They’ve run out of ideas.

filter out – відфільтрувати
Filtering out you remove unwanted email messages.

Can we filter out all the spam on this account? You can filter out spam with special software. You can filter out unneeded information.

I hope now you remember many computing phrasal verbs and it’s not a problem to use them while speaking.

Communication Technologies

Read the text and pay attention to some more computing phrasal verbs.

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app (application) – додаток
zoom in – приближувати
zoom out – зменшити масштаб
charge up – заряджати

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