Do you prefer drinking coffee?

Do you know that the type of coffee you drink can tell a lot about your personality?

Coffee drinking and personality are connected. The study helped to find strong trends between the type of coffee you drink and your personality. It can also tell a lot about your mood and self-esteem. A person’s gender also influences the type of coffee he or she orders. In general, women drink white coffee while men prefer black one.

  • Espresso drinkers are natural leaders and they are hard-working people.
  • Black coffee drinkers are patient and prefer simplicity. They can be moody and quiet.
  • Those who love Americano are conscientious, calm and efficient people who prefer the simpler things in life.
  • Latte lovers are comfort seekers and people pleasers but they don’t always take care of themselves.
  • Cappuccino drinkers are perfectionists who like being in control. They have high-demand personalities and can be obsessive and overly-sensitive.
  • Iced coffee drinkers are social people. They are trendsetters, spontaneous and creative but can make unhealthy choices and behave recklessly.
  • Decaf drinkers like to be in control. They are overly-sensitive and tend to worry a lot. Health-conscious, decaf drinkers focus heavily on rules, order and control.
  • Sweet, frozen drinks, like Frappuccino, are drunk by trendsetters with childish traits. Adventurous and spontaneous, Frappuccino drinkers love to try new things and live in the moment.
  • Instant coffee drinkers are laid-back people; however, they can be poor at planning tasks.
  • Those who have very specific drink orders (a triple shot, half-caf, non-fat, extra hot, sugar-free, vanilla latte with soy milk) can be obsessive and selfish, have perfectionist traits, with a focus on rules.
  • Fun, creative and open, mocha lovers are comfort seekers who like being around people.

What kind of coffee do you prefer? Do you believe that coffee drinking and personality are connected? Do your coffee preferences say right about your personality?


Word List

conscientious – сумлінний, добросовісний
efficient – ефективний
obsessive – одержимий
overly-sensitive – надмірно чутливі
trendsetters – законодавці моди
behave recklessly – поводяться необачно
laid-back people – невимушені люди
health-conscious – піклується про здоров’я

Every morning in Great Britain, coffee lovers drink seventy million cups of coffee. Coffee gives you energy in the early morning. The type of coffee that you like can also tell a lot about your personality.

According to a new study, people who like black coffee prefer the simple life. They also do not like changes and can be ruder than the other groups. In contrast, latte drinkers usually want to make other people happy, but they can also be more sensitive. Instant coffee drinkers seem to be much more relaxed than the other groups. Finally, people who prefer their coffee cold and sweet are rather talkative and can sometimes be fussy.