Check Yourself!

Do Year 5 Test 7

Level A1/A1+

Year 5 Test 7 is for the students of the fifth grade to check themselves and develop their reading and writing skills.

Task 1. Read the text and say whether the statements are true or false. 

Richard Smith

Richard Smith was a farmer and a school teacher. But when he was 60 he decided to write books for children. Now, he is 67 years old. Every day he goes into his study and writes. In the evening he asks his wife to read his works. She tells him what she likes and what she doesn’t like. Richard says: “I have seven grandchildren. They don’t live with us, they all live in the city, but they also read my stories and say if they are good or bad”. So Richard knows what young children like to read.

He likes to write about animals especially dogs, because they are very clever and learn quickly. His favourite book is “The Sheepdog”. It is about a farmer and the dog that helps him. Last year this book was made into a film. Richard was very pleased with the film. “Sometimes filmmakers change books, but they didn’t change mine and I love the film”.

  1. Now Richard is sixty years old and he is a school teacher.
  2. His wife reads his books.
  3. His grandchildren live with him in the city.
  4. His book “The Sheepdog” is about a dog and a sheep.
  5. Filmmakers made “The Sheepdog” into a film.
  6. Richard liked the film.

Task 2. Choose the correct answer.

1. People in Britain love their homes and say, __________.

A. “My home is everywhere”
B. “I like to sit near the fireplace”
C. “East or West, home is best”
D. “A house is not a home”

2. Why do the British say ‘Great Britain‘ instead of ‘the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland‘?

A. because it is the capital of the country
B. because it is the biggest island
C. because it is situated in Europe
D. because they like it.

3. Ukrainians have a holiday on the 24th of August. What holiday do they celebrate on this day

A. the birthday of Taras Shevchenko
B. the Constitution Day
C. the birthday of our country
D. Victory Day

4. What holiday do Americans celebrate in autumn?

A. Christmas
B. Thanksgiving Day
C. Independence Day
D. Easter

5. Guess which answer names the people who speak English:

A. Englishmen, Americans, Australians, Canadians, Italians
B. Englishmen, New Zealanders, Australians, Finns, Americans
C. Englishmen, Americans, New Zealanders, Australians, Canadians
D. Englishmen, Americans, Australians, Canadians, Frenchmen

6. People buy meat at the _______.

A. the grocer’s
B. the fishmonger’s
C. the chemist’s
D. the butcher’s

Task 3. Choose the right option.

1. Max is a shop assistant. He __________ in a department store.

A. work
B. is working
C. has worked
D. works

2. Many people think that Chinese is the world’s __________ language.

A. difficulter
B. difficultest
C. more difficult
D. most difficult

3. Please, put this pencil in the box. – I’m putting __________ in the box.

A. it
B. its
C. them
D. the

4. There are three __________ in the cage.

A. mice
B. mouses
C. mouse
D. mices

5. His cousin rarely __________ his car.

A. wash
B. washes
C. has washed
D. have washed

6. My friends often go skiing __________ January.

A. on
B. at
C. in
D. into

Task 4. Write some sentences about the picture. 

  • Who do you see in this picture?
  • What are the people doing?
  • Has your family got a car?
  • Do members of your family like travelling? Where do you spend your holiday? What means of transport do you travel by?

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