Information and Communinication Technologies (ICT)

Information and communication technologies (ICT) include any tools used to create, store, transmit, or share information. Some examples of communication technology are computers, the Internet, television, radio, phones and podcasts.

Level B1/B2

The examples of communication technologies, which continue to advance at a rapid pace, include:

  • Social media platforms which allow people to create personal pages, post profile images and updates on their lives, and create a friend list of people who can see their updates; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are the most used social media platforms.
  • Blogs are personal websites where people can publish or ‘log’ information for others.
  • Vlogs are “video logs” that enable people to post video online.
  • Live video stream is an extension of vlogging and has the benefit of synchronicity in communication.The live vlogger can read live community comments appearing on-screen in real time and respond to their comments or questions mid-stream.
  • Conferencing technology helps workplaces communicate across long distances.
  • Live lecture technologies such as Blackboard collaborate, a teacher can be speaking to hundreds of students around the world at once.
  • Wikis allow collaborative crowdsourcing of information. This can help members of the wikis to amass a lot of information in a short period of time.
  • A group forum allows people to post questions and answers for others to respond to.
  • Podcasts are packets of audio information that can be uploaded and stored on cloud technology ready for anyone to download and listen to at-will.
  • A wearable technology is any information technology that is carried on the body (smart watches, smart glasses, exercise bracelets).
  • Smart speakers are computerized personal assistants placed around offices and homes in order to help people complete tasks hands-free. They are usually activated using a hot word, like ‘Hey Computer’ or ‘OK Google’. Then the user asks the device questions or provides voice commands such as ‘turn out the lights’, ‘add this to the shopping list’ or ‘play a song’.
  • Web chat an increasingly popular form of instant communication between friends.
  • Email messages are distributed by electronic means from one computer user to one or more recipients via a network

Word List Communication Technologies

a desktop computer – настільний комп’ютер
A desktop computer is a computer that fits on or under a desk.

vital – життєво важливий
Computers have become a vital part of everyday life. Good communication is vital in a large organization.

data – дані
Data are individual facts, statistics, or items of information. A computer is an electronic machine which can be used to store, process and display data.

Data can be either singular or plural, though it is now more often used as a singular word. The word data came into English as the plural of the Latin word datum, which means “a single piece of information.” Over time, data became synonymous with “information”: it then became a singular word:

  • Singular: The data is unreliable. Our data indicates that dogs like ice-cream.
  • Plural: The data are all from the same source. Our data indicate that cats like country music.

a personal computer (PC) – персональний комп’ютер
Even a small personal computer can store vast amounts of information. The abbreviation PC stands for “personal computer“.

a laptop – ноутбук
You can take your laptop on the plane as hand luggage. This kind of laptop doesn’t come cheap.

embedded computer – вбудований комп’ютер
Embedded computers are found inside other machines such as fridges and cars.

a tablet – планшет
Tablets are available in many sizes and styles. Most tablets are touch operated and are between the size of a smartphone and a laptop. Tablets can be used to browse the Internet, check email, download and read books, play games, watch videos, organize content, and much more.

a tower case – системний блок
A computer case, also known as a computer chassis, tower, system unit, or cabinet, is the enclosure that contains most of the components of a personal computer (usually excluding the display, keyboard, and mouse).

hardware – комп’ютерне обладнання
Hardware refers to the physical components of the computer system. These components are mechanical and electronic.

software – програмне забезпечення
Software refers to the programs and other operating information used by a computer. A computer system consists of two main elements: the machine and programmes, or hardware and software.

device – пристрій
A computer is a device for processing information. The television receiver is an electronic device.

input – введення; вводити дані
In computer science, the general meaning of input is to provide or give something to the computer, in other words, when a computer or device is receiving a command or signal from outer sources.

input device – пристрій введення
The input devices are: mouse, keyboard, touchscreen, touchpad, microphone, webcam, scanner.

output – вихід; виводити інформацію
The central idea of a computing system is that input is processed into output.

output device – вихідний пристрій
Output devices include monitors, printers, speakers, headphones, projectors, GPS devices.

screen – екран
Move your cursor to the top of the screen. Our television has a 19-inch screen. The movie helped boost her screen career.

access – доступ; мати доступ
This account gives you instant access to your money. The only access to the city is across the bridge. People use the Internet to access goods and services.

surf the Internet – шукати в iнтернеті
Many towns and cities have cybercafes where you can surf the Internet. I surf the Internet every day.

attachment – вкладення
You can send photos to family and friends through email attachments. I wasn’t able to open that attachment. I’ll email my report to you as an attachment.

update – оновлення; оновлювати
We need an update to the mailing list. They decided to update the computer systems. We do not have the resources to update our computer software.

podcast – подкаст
A podcast is a digital audio file made available on the internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device, typically available as a series, new installments of which can be received by subscribers automatically.

e-commerce – електронна комерція
E-commerce (business conducted on the Internet) is an important part of our lives. Many companies offer new technologies like online banking and e-commerce to their clients.

download – завантажити
It would be wise to download your program to another computer before testing it. The software makes it easier to download music from the net. When you download a file, you take it from another location, e.g. a web server, and save it on a computer.

upload – переслати, вивантажити
Upload videos from your web camera or camcorder. I want to upload data to the computer network storage from my office computer.  To upload means to transfer data from one computer to another, typically to one that is larger or remote from the user or functioning as a server.

post a message – опублікувати повідомлення
I posted a message about my graduation on my Fascebook page.

pay through the web / make online payment – оплатити через Інтернет
He paid for his train ticket through the Web. Do not shop or make online payments from public computers or any computer other than your own.

delete – видалити
The delete key doesn’t work. Delete the word ‘it’ and insert ‘them’. Delete her name from the list. Can I delete these old files?

cyberspace – кіберпростір
In cyberspace, newsgroups are the public bulletin-board areas where people talk about whatever interests them. You can find the answer to almost any question in cyberspace.

word processor – текстовий редактор
Word processor is software like Microsoft Word used to create texts. Which word processor do you have on your computer? Most reports are produced on a word processor.

What does it mean in computing?

  • A file is a collection of data, programs, etc. stored in a computer’s memory or on a storage device under a single identifying name. We can create, save, rename, open, close, copy, move and delete files. Files can be organized into folders. We can compress files, so that they use less space.
  • A folder is the virtual location for applications, documents, data or other sub-folders. Folders help in storing and organizing files and data in the computer.
  • Menu is a list of computer operations.
  • An icon is a small picture or symbol.
  • A cursor is a little arrow on the screen that moves when you move the mouse.
  • To click means to press and release the button on the mouse.

Communication Technologies: Computers and the Internet

Read and speak about communication technologies.

Computers have become a vital part of everyday life. You can find them in business, science, medicine, education, entertainment and at home.

A computer is an electronic machine which can be used to store, process and display data. There are many types of computers and among them are: a personal computer (PC) which can be a desktop with a tower case, a laptop, a netbook, a tablet, a smartphone. There are embedded computers which are found inside other machines such as fridges and cars.

A computer system consists of two main elements: the machine and programmes, or hardware and software. The central idea of a computing system is that input is processed into output. Input is data which is entered into the computer, and output is the result of processing done by the computer, usually printed out or displayed on the screen. The potential uses of computers are infinite. The most common current uses of computers in everyday life are personal, educational and commercial.

People use the Internet to

The Internet is an important educatonal tool and is used in distance learning. A Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is a software system designed to help teachers in the management of educational courses for their students by creating a virtual classroom. Teachers and students use electronic learning tools such as videoconferences, online classrooms, whiteboards, chat rooms and so on.

There are many career choices that cannot be available without computer skills. The growing use of computers increases the need for employees with computer knowledge and training. If you are a computer literate person the career opportunities are limitless for you.