Check Yourself!

Do Year 5 Test 6

Level A1/A1+

Year 5 Test 6 is for the students of the fifth grade to check themselves and develop their reading and writing skills.

Task 1. Read the text and say whether the statements are true or false. 


Hello, my dear friend!

I am writing to you from Wales. Now I am on holiday with my family. We are visiting my cousin Simon. He lives in a lovely town called Tenby. The town is very old. It has a fortress and a wall around it.

Tenby is one of the nicest seaside towns in West Wales. It is famous for sandy beaches. We come here every year. Sometimes it rains here in September but this time the weather is beautiful and the sun is shining. Tenby is a very quiet place and it is nice to go for walks on the beach or have picnics in the countryside.

This week we are very busy, because there is a special celebration on Saturday. The town is going to have a street party. Everyone is working very hard to decorate the streets and to build a stage for dancing and playing music. All the women cook delicious food and make cakes.

I am having a really good time.

See you soon.

Love, Sandra

  1. This letter is from Simon.
  2. Now it is raining in the town.
  3. The town is near the sea.
  4. Usually the town is very noisy.
  5. Next Saturday there will be a street party.
  6. Now people of the town are decorating the streets.

Task 2. Choose the correct answer.

1. A typical British meal is __________.

A. fish and chips
B. frog legs
C. spaghetti
D. pasta

2. You can buy books __________.

A. in the cinema
B. at home
C. at school
D. at the book shop

3. For Thanksgiving American people eat __________.

A. a cake
B. an apple pie
C. a pumpkin pie
D. a pudding

4. Westminster Abbey is a famous __________ .

A. museum
B. royal church
C. circus
D. fortress

5. The Queen’s name is __________ .

A. Queen Ann I
B. Queen Lora IV
C. Queen Elizabeth II
D. Queen Ela III

6. __________ wrote “The Prince and the Pauper”.

A. William Shakespeare
B. Oscar Wilde
C. Mark Twain
D. Daniel Defoe

Task 3. Choose the right option.

1. I sometimes __________ with my dog in the garden.

A. is walking
B. walk
C. are walking
D. were walking

3. I __________ at the moment.

A. wash up
B. washes up
C. am washing up
D. was washing up

4. Jessica’s books are on the floor. Please, put __________ on the table.

A. they
B. their
C. theirs
D. them

5. He __________ to visit his grandparents on Sunday.

A. will go
B. is going
C. has gone
D. are going

6. Tom __________ to his hometown in 2018.

A. moves
B. have moved
C. has moved
D. moved

Task 4. Write some sentences about the picture. 

  • What party are children having?
  • When do you celebrate your birthday?
  • Do you invite friends to your birthday party?
  • What presents do you like to get?

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