Grammar Time: Gerunds Grammar Exercises

Exam in Mind Level B1

Exercise 1. Gerunds Grammar Exercises: Gerunds after prepositions. Complete the sentences with prepositions + gerunds (-ing forms). 

Example: My dad is used __________ up early. (get)  – My dad is used to getting up early.

  1. My brother is good _______________ . (dive)
  2. I’m not very keen _______________ computer games. (play)
  3. I have no objection _______________ the football match tonight. (watch)
  4. She is afraid _______________ her boyfriend. (lose)
  5. We are fed _______________ nothing all the weekend. (do)
  6. I’m tired _______________ in the queues at the airports. (wait)
  7. We had difficulty _______________ the way to the museum. (find)
  8. Are you interested _______________ your professional career? (build)
  9. There’s no point _______________ an old car. (buy)
  10. I disapprove _______________ in restaurants. (smoke)
  11. We are happy _______________ a new house. (have)
  12. My daughter dreams _______________ a film star. (become)
  13. John can’t cope _______________ unemployed. (be)
  14. Sarah is thinking _______________ to Greg’s place. (move)
  15. The children were accused _______________ the window. (smash)

Exercise 2. Gerunds Grammar Exercises: Gerunds after phrasal verbs. Use the words in brackets to respond to the following situations. 

Example: Do you mind queues? (not care for / stand) – I don’t care for standing in queues.

  1. Have you seen the film? (look forward / to see) – No, I haven’t. But I am ________________________ it tonight.
  2. How did you get rid of the dogs? (leave off / bark) – Fortunately, they ________________________ .
  3. Why didn’t Jack do his homework? (put off / do) – He ________________________ his homework till he fell asleep.
  4. Have you ever played darts? (take to / play) – Of course, I have. I ________________________ them a couple of years ago.
  5. Let’s go to the zoo on Sunday. (be against / keep) – I’m sorry. I ________________________ wild animals in cages.
  6. Are you going to take the driving test again? (give up / get) – Yes, I am. I would never ________________________ my driving licence.
  7. Why were you so angry with Matt? (keep on / shout) – I wanted to talk to him, but he just ________________________ at me.
  8. Are you going on holiday next week? What are you going to do with your cats? (see about / feed) – Our neighbour promised that she would ________________________ them.
  9. Did your daughter enjoy her birthday party? (end up / cry) – Not at all. Her best friend didn’t come and she_________________.
  10. I am told that Sarah split up with her boyfriend last week. (go on / pretend) – Yes, she did. She couldn’t ____________________ that everything was fine with all his affairs.

Exercise 3. Verbs followed by gerunds. Complete the sentences with the verbs + ing:

complain   become   sell   play   cheat   eat   lie   tell   work   get   leave   write   do   wake   have

  1. He admitted _______________ on the test.
  2. You should avoid _______________ so much meat.
  3. Please, consider _______________ your house if you need money.
  4. I detest _______________ up when it’s dark outside.
  5. She denied _______________ the taxi without paying.
  6. I enjoyed _______________ on the beach all day.
  7. My sister fancies _______________ a pop star.
  8. We finished _______________ our essays before noon.
  9. The job in the supermarket involved _______________ at night.
  10. I don’t mind _______________ homework. Ha, ha.
  11. My colleague kept _______________ all the time. It was annoying.
  12. I took my umbrella. I didn’t want to risk _______________ wet.
  13. She practised _______________ the piano all day.
  14. I really appreciate_______________ your advice.
  15. She couldn’t resist _______________ us what she’d found out.

Exercise 4. Gerunds Grammar Exercises. Use gerund or infinitive.

  1. It’s impossible __________________ on this pitch because the ball won’t bounce. (PLAY)
  2. They accused his youngest son of __________________ the fence. (BREAK)
  3. I blamed him for __________________ me with my homework. That’s why I got a bad mark. (NOT HELP)
  4. I would like to know why he insisted on __________________ this alone (DO).
  5. I suggest __________________ for a walk this afternoon. How about it? (GO)
  6. The doctor advised him __________________ swimming because of his cold. (NOT GO)
  7. I managed to balance my account without __________________ out a new loan. (TAKE)
  8. I can’t afford __________________ money on new clothes. (SPEND)
  9. She can’t tolerate __________________ the centre of attention. (NOT BE)
  10. I regret __________________ that the event must be cancelled due to the circumstances. (SAY)
  11. Dad demanded __________________ what I was doing up at this time of the night. (KNOW)
  12. For some people it’s difficult to get used __________________ up early in the morning. (WAKE)
  13. Why did you avoid __________________ your father the truth? (TELL)
  14. Do you fancy __________________ out with me tonight? (GO)
  15. In the old days you were allowed __________________ almost everywhere. (SMOKE)
  16. My teacher forbade us __________________ school during lessons. (LEAVE)
  17. I forgot __________________ at the store for some groceries. (STOP)
  18. This car needs __________________. Could you do for me? (WASH)
  19. We postponed __________________ to the cinema until next week. (GO)
  20. I didn’t expect her __________________ the award. (WIN)
  21. He spends all his spare time __________________ stamps and coins. (COLLECT)
  22. When I was in London, I managed __________________ almost all the important sights, despite the little time I had. (SEE)
  23. He denied __________________ contact with the suspect. (HAVE)
  24. I remember __________________ to my first concert when I was 18. (GO)
  25. We were anxious __________________ abroad for the first time. (GO)
  26. I saw him ________________ on the bus yesterday afternoon (GET).
  27. My sister had trouble ________________ her way around in the university halls. (FIND)
  28. Students can’t expect for things ________________ easy all the time. (BE)
  29. Bill refused ________________ the youth club because he didn’t like the young people there. (JOIN)
  30. They were in the process of ________________ their afternoon tea when the investigators arrived. (HAVE)
  31. Jake was wise enough _____________ back home after the weather had become worse. (GO)
  32. The coast guard vessel passed by and saved him from ________________. (DROWN)
  33. I didn’t have the courage ________________ her after such a long time. (FACE)
  34. The chairman claims ________________ an expert on the subject. (BE)
  35. Mom helped Susan ________________ her belongings. (FIND)
  36. He insisted on the maid ________________ to come in three days a week. (HAVE)
  37. He kept ________________ to kiss me about I knew how to defend myself. (TRY)
  38. I heard him ________________ the front door. (LOCK)
  39. Jill spent most of her life ________________ for her elderly parents. (CARE)
  40. I was very worried by ________________ what cigarettes might ________________ to me. (READ, DO)
  41. There isn’t anything ________________, so you should probably leave. (DISCUSS)
  42. In the darkness I heard footsteps ________________ towards me very quickly. (COME)
  43. The headmaster made it her business ________________ all the parents. (INFORM)
  44. It’s no use ________________ through everything again. The documents aren’t there. (GO)
  45. I told her it was a mistake ________________ to the meeting. (NOT GO)

Exercise 5. Gerunds Grammar Exercisesfill in the correct form: Gerund or Infinitive (with or without “TO”)

  1. I don’t think it’s a good idea ______________ _____________ him about his responsibilities. (KEEP, REMIND)
  2. Why not ________________ to my place and have a drink or two. (COME)
  3. Maria felt it was her duty ________________ the argument. (END)
  4. I won’t make David ________________ to the club if he doesn’t want to . (COME)
  5. There is not much sense in ______________ through all the aspects of the treaty again. (GO)
  6. My sister never misses a chance ________________ me how brave she is. (SHOW)
  7. You’re supposed ________________ your homework and not hang around in your room ________________ to music. (DO, LISTEN)
  8. I am getting into the habit of ________________ to myself when I’m anxious. (TALK)
  9. The President seemed ________________ carefully to what his advisors were telling him. (LISTEN)
  10. Maggie was not surprised ________________ that her uncle had lost all his money ________________. (HEAR, GAMBLE)
  11.  You may ________________ us if you want to. (JOIN)
  12. He would sooner ________________ than ________________ his friends. (DIE, BETRAY)
  13. There was always the possibility of ________________ into an old acquaintance, so I had to be careful. (RUN)
  14. I don’t remember ________________ you anything about his girlfriend. (TELL)
  15. The weather appears ____________ ___________ better today, so we’ll reschedule the game for this afternoon. (BE, GET)
  16. We plan ________________ to Europe by the end of the month. (RETURN)
  17. Dad let me ________________ my own room. (DECORATE)
  18. She ought ________________ asked my advice before ________________ such a complex journey. (HAVE, PLAN)
  19. He always enjoys the chance of ________________ off to his friends. (SHOW)
  20. It was thoughtful of him ________________ the tickets in advance. (BOOK)
  21. Do you expect me __________________ it to you a second time? (EXPLAIN)
  22. Everyone in the village came to see them __________________. (LEAVE)
  23. It doesn’t take that much time __________________ your room properly. (TIDY)
  24. We have never had such a famous person __________________ in this hotel. (STAY)
  25. I don’t recommend __________________ through the city centre during rush hour. There’s too much traffic. (DRIVE)
  26. I can imagine lots of people __________________ him very much. (NOT LIKE)
  27. The company promised __________________ the furniture by the end of March. (DELIVER)
  28. You must remember __________________ through your pockets before you put the jacket into the washing machine. (LOOK)
  29. He did not pretend __________________ his nervousness in front of the camera. (HIDE)
  30. When I saw that lovely hat, I couldn’t resist __________________ it. (BUY)
  31. Please stop __________________ and listen to me for a moment. (TALK)
  32. I caught him __________________ at me in a very strange way. (LOOK)
  33. He has a good chance of __________________ what he set out to __________________. (DO, DO)
  34. The sight of those two silly boys made us __________________. (LAUGH)
  35. The policeman denied __________________ questioned the suspect without his lawyer present. (HAVE)
  36. I made up my mind __________________ her. (TRUST)
  37. My parents used __________________ __________________ to the cinema on Saturday evenings. Now they prefer __________________ at home. (LIKE, GO , STAY)
  38. Don’t forget __________________ out where we can get tickets for tomorrow’s performance. (FIND)
  39. Bob deserves another chance __________________ he is the best defender in our team. (PROVE)
  40. I don’t recall ever __________________ you talk about her before. (HEAR)