Grammar Time: Gerund or Infinitive

What to use: Gerund or Infinitive? Revise and have practice.

Exam in Mind Level B1

Task 1. Fill in the correct form : Gerund or Infinitive (with or without to)

  1. My dad used _____________________ after dinner but he doesn’t do that anymore (SMOKE).
  2. She advised us _____________________ there alone. It could be very dangerous (NOT GO).
  3. Jenny is good at _____________________ children _____________________ down properly at the table. (PERSUADE, SIT).
  4. My boss warned me _____________________ finishing the project (NOT DELAY).
  5. Have you ever let your friend _____________________ your new tablet ? (USE)
  6. He risked _____________________ the match by _____________________ his racket. (LOSE, CHANGE)
  7. I am looking forward _____________________ you at the dinner party. (MEET)
  8. My mum remembers _____________________ the Millers, so I don’t know why they’re not here yet (INVITE).
  9. My parents allowed me _____________________ to the cinema with a few friends. (GO)
  10. The teacher insisted on my parents _____________________ over to school for a chat (COME).
  11. I don’t feel like _____________________ in the park today. Let’s go tomorrow . (WALK)
  12. Venice is always worth _____________________ . (VISIT)
  13. I can’t help _____________________ . That joke was so funny. (LAUGH)
  14. The travel agent advised us _____________________ around after dark. (NOT WALK)
  15. Did you have any trouble _____________________ the house ? (FIND)
  16. After a few miles he stopped on the motorway _____________________ some cigarettes (GET).
  17. It’s no use _____________________ with him. He won’t listen to you. (ARGUE)
  18. My mum made me _____________________ up my room. (CLEAN)
  19. Women were given the right _____________________ in the first part of the 20th century. (VOTE).
  20. I happened _____________________ in the neighbourhood, so I thought I’d pay you a visit (BE)
  21. Margaret enjoys __________________ to music (LISTEN).
  22. The doctor encouraged his patients __________________ healthy food. (EAT)
  23. When she was a teenager, she was keen on __________________ a doctor. (BECOME)
  24. She is saving her money __________________ a new car. (BUY)
  25. My apartment is quite easy __________________. (FIND)
  26. I don’t mind __________________ the washing up, as long as you help me. (DO)
  27. Irregular verbs are not easy __________________ (REMEMBER).
  28. He advised me __________________ a doctor as soon as possible. (SEE)
  29. My dad is really good at __________________. (COOK)
  30. She waited for two hours __________________ a cinema ticket (BUY)
  31. __________________ some kind of sport every day is good for your health. (DO)
  32. When I saw her the first time I couldn’t help __________________. She was so lovely to look at (CRY).
  33. My father helped me __________________ my homework. (DO)
  34. She stopped __________________ some cigarettes on her way to work. (BUY)
  35. Stop __________________ now! You’re such a big girl! (CRY)
  36. I don’t feel like __________________ maths today. (STUDY)
  37. I’m so sick of __________________ pasta all the time. I would like something else for a change. (EAT)
  38. It is important __________________ the net for more information. (SURF)
  39. Mira got Mike __________________ the car for her. (WASH)
  40. They finally decided __________________ their apartment. (RENT)
  41. It’s no use __________________ over spilt milk. (COMPLAIN)
  42. The questions won’t be difficult __________________. (ANSWER)
  43. He told us where __________________ the necessary material (FIND).
  44. Would you mind __________________ the letter for me. It’s very important. (POST)
  45. I remember __________________ you my necklace to wear. Where is it now? (GIVE)

Task 2. Gerund or Infinitive? Fill in the correct form.

  1. They suggested __________________ by bus instead of by plane. (TRAVEL)
  2. It seems difficult __________________ everything about this topic. (KNOW)
  3. We were all looking forward __________________ the New Year in New York. (CELEBRATE)
  4. We are planning __________________ to Europe this summer. (GO)
  5. It was very difficult for him to quit __________________. (SMOKE)
  6. She tried to avoid __________________ unnecessary mistakes. (MAKE)
  7. I let him __________________ to his friend’s house after he had done his homework. (GO)
  8. Can you imagine ________________ the painting before the Christmas holidays? (FINISH)
  9. We are used __________________ up early in the morning. (GET)
  10. The suspect denied __________________ said that in public. (HAVE)
  11. She enjoys __________________ the weekend with her family. (SPEND)
  12. I forgot __________________ the door when I left. (LOCK)
  13. I have decided __________________ more often. (EXERCISE)
  14. Mary keeps __________________ about her problems all the time. (TALK)
  15. Most European countries don’t allow _______________ in bars and restaurants. (SMOKE)
  16. She seemed __________________ fed up with all the problems she’s facing. (BE)
  17. She couldn’t bear __________________ on so much responsibility. That’s why she quit her job. (TAKE)
  18. She promised __________________ biting nails. (STOP)
  19. The government urged their citizens __________________ more waste. (RECYCLE)
  20. Hermann is thinking about __________________ abroad for a few years. (STUDY)
  21. She considered __________________ to New York, but then dropped the idea. (MOVE)
  22. My mother made me __________________ the medicine, even though I hated the taste. (TAKE)
  23. The aquarium needs __________________. (CLEAN)
  24. Morris agreed __________________ me with the project. (HELP)
  25. She warned him not __________________ late for the performance. (BE)
  26. Mike remained ____________________ when the old woman entered the room. (SIT)
  27. Do you mind my ____________________ in your presence? (SMOKE)
  28. It is important for young people ____________________ as many foreign languages as possible. (LEARN)
  29. We suggested ____________________ in hotel rooms, but our children were anxious  ____________________. (SLEEP, CAMP)
  30. After ____________________ two pints of beer he fell asleep. (DRINK)
  31. Can you tell them how ____________________ the problem? (SOLVE)
  32. I got used ____________________ to work because the office was only a few minutes from home. (WALK)
  33. Do you feel like ____________________ out or would you rather ____________________ at home? (DINE, STAY)
  34. Your hair needs ____________________. It is so long and messy. (CUT)
  35. I’m thinking of ____________________ to Oxford tomorrow. (GO)
  36. The police have put up a barrier ____________________ travellers from ___________________ out of the station. (PREVENT, RUSH)
  37. The old man was afraid of ____________________ robbed. (BE)
  38. I used ____________________ up at night and walk around in my sleep. (GET)
  39. It’s no use ____________________ with him. He has already decided ____________________ on the project alone. (ARGUE, WORK)
  40. He succeeded in ____________________ himself and ____________________ out of the window. (UNTIE, CRAWL)
  41. Neill Armstrong was the first man ____________________ his foot on the moon’s surface. (SET)
  42. We are all looking forward ____________________ you next Saturday. (SEE)
  43. I had a lot of trouble ____________________ into the house. Nobody seemed ____________________ where the key was. (GET, KNOW)
  44. I wanted my son ____________________ up in a peaceful neighbourhood. (GROW)
  45. Tom advised me _________________ the house because it wasn’t of any use to me. (SELL)

Task 3. Fill in the correct form: Gerund or Infinitive (with or without to)

  1. We don’t mind ____________________ to the cinema alone. (GO)
  2. Feel free ____________________ whenever you want to. (COME)
  3. It’s no use ____________________ for Patrick. He’s not coming. (WAIT)
  4. We expected him ____________________ better at the tournament, but he ended up in third place. (DO)
  5. I am absolutely against ____________________ the house without any money in our savings account. (BUY)
  6. I enjoyed ____________________ with you for the holidays. It was marvellous. (STAY)
  7. She was the first woman ____________________ across the English Channel. (SWIM)
  8. She came into my room without ____________________. (KNOCK)
  9. You’d better not ____________________ those mushrooms. (EAT)
  10. They decided ____________________ a plane to Berlin instead of ____________________ there. (TAKE, FLY)
  11. We are so proud of ____________________ in such a wonderful country. (LIVE)
  12. My parents allowed me ____________________ the late-night movie. (WATCH)
  13. I don’t mind ____________________ next to Thomas. (SIT)
  14. Dad made me ____________________ my homework before going over to my friend’s place. (DO)
  15. We can’t risk ____________________ him angrier. He’s in a bad mood anyway. (MAKE)
  16. I’m fed up ____________________ at home all the time. (STAY)
  17. My grandfather gave up ____________________ a few years ago. He’s too old ____________________ behind a steering wheel. (DRIVE, SIT)
  18. The teacher let the children ____________________ off their boots. (TAKE)
  19. She accused me of ____________________ her credit card. (TAKE)
  20. She was far from ____________________ a word he said. (BELIEVE)
  21. I begged her not ____________________ the teacher. (TELL)
  22. I’m looking forward ____________________ you next week. (SEE)
  23. What about ____________________ me out to dinner this evening? (TAKE)
  24. Are you interested in ____________________ the whole story? (HEAR)
  25. Could you two girls please stop ____________________? (CHAT)
  26. Do you mind my _________________ the window? (CLOSE)
  27. It is very important for me _________________ Spanish before I go to Spain. (LEARN)
  28. After _________________ a bottle of wine, he fell asleep quickly. (DRINK)
  29. Isabella enjoys _________________ meals for her guests. (PREPARE)
  30. Do you feel like _________________ out or would you rather _________________ at home? (EAT, DINE)
  31. I told him how _________________ the problem. (SOLVE)
  32. I simply can’t decide. I keep _________________ my mind. (CHANGE)
  33. We try to avoid _________________ him too angry. (MAKE)
  34. I didn’t expect _________________ the exam because I wasn’t that well prepared. (PASS)
  35. You’d better not _________________ those apples. They’re not ripe yet. (EAT)
  36. Your hair needs _________________. It’s too long and messy. (CUT)
  37. Mary can’t imagine _________________ to the party alone (GO)
  38. I’m sick of always _________________ at home. (STAY)
  39. He already made his decision and refused _________________ his mind. (CHANGE)
  40. How old were you when you learned how _________________? (DRIVE)
  41. Steve is used _________________ up early in the morning. He starts work at 6. (GET)
  42. I looked out of the window _________________ what the weather was like. (SEE)
  43. How do you make this machine _________________? (WORK)
  44. He entered the room without _________________ a word (SAY).
  45. I’ve given up _________________ newspapers. There’s nothing to read in them anyway. (READ)
  46. He has difficulty _________________ his left arm because of his accident. (RAISE)
  47. The boy was accused of _________________. (CHEAT)
  48. What will the lawyer advise him _________________ in such a situation? (DO)
  49. I regret _________________ disappointed you. I’m so sorry. (HAVE)
  50. Dad won’t let me _________________ his car. (USE)

Task 4. Fill in the correct form: Gerund or Infinitive (with or without to)

  1. I heard the clock ________________ six. (STRIKE)
  2. They saved a lot of money by ________________ the tickets in advance. (BOOK)
  3. It was very nice of you ________________ for us. (WAIT)
  4. They agreed ___________________ the meeting after the lunch break. (CONTINUE)
  5. I don’t plan on ________________ the whole night with you. (SPEND)
  6. The teacher accused the students of ________________. (CHEAT)
  7. What do you advise me ________________? (DO)
  8. He refused ___________________ his mind. (CHANGE)
  9. I avoided ________________ the early train because of the rush hour. (TAKE)
  10. I’d rather ________________ for you (NOT WAIT)
  11. He always keeps ________________ around in the hallway. (RUN)
  12. I have given up ________________ newspapers. There’s nothing in them anymore. (READ)
  13. I let him ________________ out early because he had a few things to do. (GO)
  14. They decided ________________ hiking in such bad weather. (NOT GO)
  15. Do you know anything about ________________ stamps? (COLLECT)
  16. He suggested ________________ the car here instead of ________________ home. (LEAVE, DRIVE)
  17. How do you make this machine ________________? (WORK)
  18. John used ________________ a footballer. He stopped ________________ because of several injuries. (BE, PLAY)
  19. He always thinks carefully about things before ________________ a decision. (MAKE)
  20. I have a friend who claims ________________ able to speak 5 languages. (BE)
  21. How old were you when you learned how ________________? (DRIVE)
  22. I don’t mind ________________, but it would be better to get a taxi. (WALK)
  23. I was far from ________________ a word he said. (BELIEVE)
  24. The teacher had them ________________ off their boots before ________________ the room.(TAKE, ENTER)
  25. You’d better ________________ those apples. They’re still green. (NOT EAT)
  26. After she had decided ________________ in India, she got used ________________ Indian food. (STAY, EAT)
  27. He promised his boss ________________ late again. (NOT BE)
  28. Would you mind ________________ me how ________________ the software. (SHOW, INSTALL)
  29. I warned him ________________ the freshly painted walls. (NOT TOUCH)
  30. His doctor advised him ________________ up ________________. (GIVE, SMOKE)
  31. I can’t afford ________________ a new car. I haven’t got enough money. (BUY)
  32. My dad never admits ________________ any mistakes. He thinks he’s perfect. (MAKE)
  33. When you finish ________________ up the garage you can start ________________ the car. (CLEAN, WASH)
  34. He decided ________________ to school on Saturday. (NOT GO)
  35.  She apologized for ________________ enough time with her two daughters. (NOT SPEND)
  36. I think we’d better ________________ for a walk in the park (GO).
  37. He somehow managed ________________ his exams. Nobody thought he would ________________ in ________________ so. (PASS, SUCCEED, DO)
  38. Remember ________________ some milk home from the grocery store. (BRING)
  39. I’m sorry for ________________ late for class. (BE)
  40. I’m looking forward ________________ on a cruise to South America this spring. (GO)
  41. We’re thinking of ________________ to Berlin by train. It’s much cheaper and more comfortable than ________________ by car. (TRAVEL, GO)
  42.  It’s not her job ________________ the dog for a walk (TAKE).
  43. The boss reminded me ________________ the report by next Saturday. (FINISH)
  44. I couldn’t persuade her ________________ with me. (COME)
  45. We stopped ________________ to the bathroom and have a snack before ________________ our trip. (GO, CONTINUE)

Task 5. Fill in the correct form: Gerund or Infinitive (with or without to)

  1. It’s easy _______________ why many people like food from other countries. (UNDERSTAND)
  2. Dad must give up _______________ unhealthy food. He is getting a bit overweight. (EAT)
  3. The teacher made us _______________ in class after school because we misbehaved. (STAY)
  4. We couldn’t avoid _______________ into him on our way to town. (BUMP)
  5. My sister won’t let me _______________ her new dress. (WEAR)
  6. I’m fed up with _______________ my little brother to school every day. He is old enough _______________ alone. (TAKE, GO)
  7. I stopped _______________ lunch in the school cafeteria because it didn’t taste good anymore. (HAVE)
  8. Mom, I’m tired of _______________ the same things all the time. Can’t you make something different for a change? (EAT)
  9. Students are not allowed _______________ on the lawn. (WALK)
  10. The new coach made us _______________ harder and, as a result, we won the next game. (PRACTICE)
  11. I was surprised _______________ such a good performance because all the actors were amateurs. (SEE)
  12. I’d enjoy _______________ part of my gap year abroad. (SPEND)
  13. I remember _______________ a new USB stick, but I don’t know where I put it. (BUY)
  14. We convinced her _______________ with us to the movies. (COME)
  15. Don’t go on _______________ such an arrogant guy. Try to be more friendly. (BE)
  16. I agreed _______________ load the dishwasher this week. (HELP)
  17. We are looking forward _______________ to India next summer. It’s said _______________ a wonderful country. (TRAVEL, BE)
  18. We need to be at the train station in half an hour, so I suggest ______________ now. (LEAVE)
  19. The doctor advised us _______________ some proper medicine with us when we go to Africa. (TAKE)
  20. I’m so bad at _______________ people’s names. I always seem _______________ them up. (REMEMBER, MIX)
  21. I can’t afford __________________ a job at the moment. I really need the money. (NOT HAVE)
  22. The new job will involve you __________________ some time in Europe. (SPEND)
  23. I don’t remember __________________ for help. I wonder why he’s here. (CALL)
  24. We’ll get everything finished, even if it means __________________ up late at night. (STAY)
  25. She stopped __________________ a newspaper on her way home. (BUY)
  26. The members of the council have delayed __________________ a decision. (MAKE)
  27. We chose __________________ to Mark’s engagement party. (NOT GO)
  28. I hate it when the phone keeps __________________ all the time. It’s disgusting! (RING)
  29. I reminded him __________________ a few things on his way home from work. (BUY)
  30. Have you considered __________________ the house? (SELL)
  31. My dad insisted on __________________ me the money for the tickets. (GIVE)
  32. Our boss convinced everyone __________________ longer hours. (WORK)
  33. They couldn’t help __________________ when she tripped over the carpet. (LAUGH)
  34. Remember __________________ Harriet as soon as you get home. (CALL)
  35. Anna denied __________________ the vase. (BREAK)
  36. The teacher demanded __________________ why we hadn’t cleaned the blackboard. (KNOW)
  37. The shop assistant warned us __________________ the flowers. (NOT TOUCH)
  38. We are looking forward __________________ you next week. (SEE)
  39. I suggested __________________ him there and __________________ back home. (LEAVE, GET)
  40. The kidnappers threatened __________________ their hostages. (SHOOT)
  41. The thief admitted __________________ the money from the old woman. (STEAL)
  42. English is a lot easier __________________ than French or other languages. (LEARN)
  43. Mom told her to stop __________________ such strange noises. (MAKE)
  44. We are very anxious __________________ a plane for the first time. (BOARD)
  45. My husband blamed me for ____________________ have a second child. (NOT WANT)

Gerund or Infinitive? If you still have problems, have more practice.