Speaking: Family and Traits of Character

Level A1+/A2

Let’s speak about your family and traits of character of your relatives and friends.

Word List Family and Traits of Character

Here are the words which can help you to speak about your family or your friend’s family:

ordinary – звичайний
We are going to speak about an ordinary family. I’m just an ordinary person. He’s an ordinary guy.

plump – повненький
My dad is plump. She’s plump a bit. My little sister is a cute plump girl.

bald – лисий
He is a bit bald. His grandpa is bald.

loads of questions – купа питань
My brother is always around me with loads of questions. She’s curious and asks loads of questions.

makeup – макіяж, косметика
She always wears a lot of makeup. I always wear makeup when I go to a party. The best makeup is smile.

earrings – сережки
She likes wearing big earrings. My mum always wears earrings. Does your sister wear earrings?

relative – родич
He’s got a lot of relatives. I’ve got a few relatives. He’s got a lot of relatives on his mother’s side.

сuddly – схильний до обіймів, що любить пригорнутися, приємний
I have never known cats to be so cuddly. My friend has got a cuddly kitten. Tiffany squeezed the cute and cuddly teddy bear tightly as she got ready to go to sleep. I’ve got some cuddly animals.

similar – схожий
We are very similar. My friend and I have a similar sense of humour. Their sizes were similar.

be a pain in the neck – (=someone or something that is very annoying) бути набридливою, докучливою людиною
My brother is a real pain in the neck. My little sister is such a pain in the neckshe constantly goes in my bathroom and uses my expensive makeup.

Similar Friends

Meet Mike. He’s my friend. We are very similar. We are crazy about sport and we are members of the karate club ‘Kanku’. Also, we are bad at Literature, this subject is our pain in the neck. When we come back home from school we play computer games together. It’s our favourite free time activity. Sometimes I think that we are relatives.

bunk bed – двоярусне ліжко
My brother and I share a bunk bed. I’m on the top bed and he’s got the bottom bed.

piggy bank – скарбничка
My brother’s piggy bank is full. Have you got a piggy bank?

twice – двічі
We go to the cinema twice a month. I visit my grandparents twice a week.

go on dates – ходити на побачення
He doesn’t go on dates because he hasn’t got a girlfriend. My sister goes on dates but I don’t like her boyfriend.

amazing – дивовижний
My granny tells a lot of amazing stories. My dad likes films with amazing special effects.

ponytail – зачіска кінський хвіст
He’s got a ponytail. She wears her hair in a ponytail. Her hair was dark and in a ponytail. His hair was tied in a ponytail.

slim – стрункий
She is slim because she is always on a diet. Her mum is a pretty slim woman.

braid – косичка, заплітати
The girl with braids is my cousin. She braids her hair every morning.


I have a neighbour. His name is Mike. He’s got a big family and many relatives. They live opposite my house. He’s very shy, we never talk. He’s got a beautiful sister Ginger. She is slim and she’s got braids. Yesterday I saw a big brown dog near Ginger. She was afraid of it. Luckily, I saw them and helped her to get home. She asked me to have a cup of tea. Ginger, her brother and I were in the kitchen together. We talked about school and lessons, it was fun. I think now we are friends.

nosy – допитливий
My brother’s nosy, his hobby’s asking questions. Don’t be so nosy! It’s none of your business. She’s just a little nosy.

look like – виглядати; бути схожим
What does she look like? She is slim and beautiful. She looks like her dad.

What is she like? – Яка вона?
She’s kind and friendly. What is your friend like? She is cheerful and helpful.

moustache – вуса
My uncle has got a moustache. He’s trying to grow a moustache.

handsome – красивий (про чоловіка)
He is young, strong and handsome. I think my dad is a handsome man.

place of birth – місце народження
What’s your place of birth? Do your know your mum’s place of birth?

chatty – балакучий
She’s chatty. My friend is chatty. A very shy boy has gradually became chatty and lively.

naughty – неслухняний
My brother is naughty. My sister is sometimes naughty.

freckles – веснянки
There are freckles all over her face. He’s got freckles on his cheeks and nose.

skinny – худий
He’s a skinny boy. Her uncle is skinny.

luckily – на щастя
Luckily, we both love football. Luckily she escaped injury. Luckily, help arrived quickly.

allow – дозволити
His parents don’t allow him out on Sunday. Our teacher doesn’t allow us to use our mobile phones at the lessons. My sister doesn’t allow me to use her make-up.

hurt (hurt, hurt) – пошкодити, боліти
He cried because he had hurt his knee. He hurt his back playing volleyball. My brave dog didn’t allow the man to hurt me.

brave – хоробрий
Fortune favours the brave. He is a brave soldier.

shave – голитися
I can shave my moustache easily. My dad shaves every morning.

serious – серйозний
She is a serious girl and she seldom laughs. I wasn’t serious; I only did it for fun.

seriously – серйозно
He takes things too seriously. She was seriously ill.

hurry up – поспішати
We must hurry up, or we’ll be late. Hurry up and get dressed. Hurry up – it’s almost time for school.

darling – любий, дорогий, коханий
Come on, darling, you will easily find new friends in your new class! Oh darling, I do love you.

worry – хвилюватися
Don’t worry. We have plenty of time. Don’t worry, be happy!

rude – грубий
He can be rude sometimes. We mustn’t be rude.

behave – поводитися добре
Children, behave, please. The teacher asked us to behave.

A Person May Be …

  • kind – добрий
  • helpful – готовий допогти
  • kind-hearted – добрий, сердечний
  • lazy – ледачий
  • sociable – комунікабельний
  • friendly – дружній
  • angry – сердитий
  • strict – суворий
  • honest –  чесний
  • quiet – спокійний, тихий
  • boastful – хвалькуватий
  • hard-working – працьовитий
  • full of ideas – повний ідей
  • dull – нудний
  • polite – ввічливий
  • impolite – неввічливий
  • serious – серйозний
  • talented – талановитий
  • active – активний
  • strong – сильний
  • respectful – шанобливий
  • intelligent – кмітливий
  • trustful – довірливий
  • cruel – жорстокий
  • generous – щедрий, щирий
  • arrogant – пихатий
  • creative – творчий
  • cheerful – життєрадісний
  • responsible – відповідальний
  • stubborn – впертий
  • bossy – командир
  • reserved – стриманий
  • easy-going – товариський
  • clever – розумний, здібний
  • smart – розумний, тямущий
  • shy – сором‘язливий
  • noisy – крикливий
  • modest – скромний
  • nice – гарний, милий
  • happy – щасливий
  • lonely – самотній
  • lively – жвавий
  • cheerful – бадьорий, веселий
  • industrious – працьовитий
  • attentive – уважний
  • inattentive – неуважний
  • rude – грубий
  • brilliant – блискучий
  • energetic – енергійний
  • charming – чарівний
  • patient – терплячий
  • impatient – нетерплячий
  • brave – хоробрий
  • pleasant – приємний
  • gentle – лагідний
  • cunning – хитрий
  • careless – безтурботний
  • greedy – жадібний
  • proud – гордий
  • caring – турботливий
  • independent – незалежний
  • reliable – надійний
  • tolerant – толерантний
  • sensible – розсудливий

Speak about your family and traits of character of your mum, dad, sisters and brothers.