Do Test 2 to Check Yourself!

Level A1+

Year 5 Test 2 is for the students of the fifth grade to check themselves and develop their reading and writing skills.


Task 1. Read the text and say whether the statements are true or false. 

Queen Elizabeth I of England

Queen Elizabeth I of England was born in Greenwich on September 7, 1533. She became the queen when she was 25. Elizabeth studied well and learned to speak Latin, French, Italian, Greek and English, of course! She was intelligent, energetic and brave. She was the first British monarch with an English mother and an English father. But she never married and never had children. Many men wanted to marry
her, but she said no to all of them.

Elizabeth was the Queen for 44 years. This period is called the Golden Age because England became a rich and powerful country for the first time. It was a Golden Age for literature, discoveries and heroes too. Elizabeth was the queen of William Shakespeare, the great writer, of Sir Walter Raleigh, who travelled to America and imported potatoes and coffee, and of Francis Drake, the pirate who destroyed the “Spanish Armada”.

  1. Her father was English and her mother was French.
  2. She did not have children.
  3. She was the Queen for fifty-four years.
  4. William Shakespeare lived in the times of Queen Elizabeth I.
  5. She spoke five languages.
  6. Francis Drake brought potatoes and coffee to England

Task 2. Choose the correct answer.

1.The Queen’s name is _____________.

A. Queen Ann I
B. Queen Elizabeth II
C. Queen Lora IV
D. Queen Ela I

2. J.K. Rowling wrote a story about _____________  .

A. Harry Potter
B. Winnie-the-Pooh
C. Robinson Crusoe
D. Charlie and chocolate factory

3. William Shakespeare wrote _____________ .

A. detective stories
B. novels
C. sonnets and plays
D. stories for children

4. Great Britain is in _____________ .

A Africa
B. America
C. Australia
D. Europe

5. In Britain ___________ brings children presents for Christmas.

A. Marry Poppins
B. Saint Nicholas
C. Santa Claus
D. Father Fros

6. The London Eye is a ___________.

A. a museum
B. a tower
C. a clock
D. a big observation wheel

Task 3. Choose the right option.

1. It ___________warm yesterday.

A. am
B. is
C. was
D. are

2. She is from Ukraine. She is ____________ .

A. Ukraine
B. Ukrainian
C. British
D. Ukrainish

3. This is our dog. – _____________

A. What’s their name?
B. What’s its name?
C. How’s his name?
D. Why’s his name

4. __________ some crisps in my lunch box.

A. There is
B. This is
C. There aren’t
D. There are

5. __________ to the United Kingdom already. It’s beautiful.

A. I was
B. I were
C. I have been
D. I has been

6. Ukraine __________ independent in 1991.

A. become
B. became
C. has become
D. have become

Task 4. Write some sentences describing the photo. 

  • Where is the girl?
  • Why did she come to the library?
  • Say some words about your school library.
  • How often do you go to your school library?
  • What books do you like reading?

Good job! You’ve done Year 5 Test 2. Leave your comment.