Year 5 Test 1

Year 5 Test 1

Do Test 1 to Check Yourself!

Level A1+

Year 5 Test 1 is for the students of the fifth grade to check themselves and develop their reading and writing skills.


Task 1. Read the text and say whether the statements are true or false. 


The summer of 1666 was very hot and there was not any rain. One night in September a strong wind started to blow. The fire started in a baker’s shop, where a baker made bread on a fire in a big oven.

Soon the fire was very big. In those days the streets of London were very narrow. The houses were wooden and, because of the hot weather, they were very dry. The fire went quickly from house to house and from street to street.

Many people ran away from the city. But some of them stayed in London. They took water from the river to fight the fire. The fire burned for three days and three nights. Many houses and buildings burned down.

After the fire many people lived in tents in the fields near London. It was a terrible fire.

How many people died, do you think? A hundred? A thousand? No. The answer is: six.

  1. The Great Fire of London was in summer.
  2. The fire started in a bakery.
  3. Many buildings in London were wooden.
  4. All the people of London ran away from the city.
  5. After the fire many people did not have their houses.
  6. More than a hundred people died in the fire.

Task 2. Choose the correct answer.

1.The Tower of London is a ________ now.

A. museum
B. gallery
C. church
D. Queen’s residence

2. In England the weather is ________.

A. very hot
B. very cold
C. rather warm
D. warm and rainy

3. The longest metro is in London. It is called ________ and is 4,000 kilometers long.

A. the Traffic
B. the Tube
C. the Drive
D. the Rail Way

4. British people like to drink ________.

A. tea
B. coffee
C. coca-cola
D. lemonade

5. London is the capital of ________.

A. Scotland
B. Ireland
C. Wales
D. England

6. The symbol of Scotland is a ________.

A. shamrock
B. red rose
C. thistle
D. daffodil

Task 3. Choose the right option.

1.Why didn’t you come to the theatre with us yesterday? – …

A. I was very tiring.
B. It was very tiring.
C. I was very tired.
D. He was very tired.

2. What colour are ________?

A. your eye
B. your eyes
C. your hair
D. your cat

3. Nina ________ from Ukraine.

A am
B is
C has
D are

4. We ________ teachers, we are pupils.

A. is not
B. are not
C. was not
D. were not

5. My mother cooks delicious turkey ________ Thanksgiving Day.

A. at
B. on
C. in
D. to

6. Alice ________ in London two months ago.

A. has been
B. were
C. have been
D. was

Task 4. Write some sentences describing the photo. Will you tell:

  • where the children are
  • what they are doing
  • whether you like swimming
  • where you can go swimming in your hometown in summer.

Congratulations! You’ve done Year 5 Test 1. Leave your comment.

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  1. vlad steblyna 11.11.2021 at 19:26 - Reply

    The test is very interesting. I really liked the text about the Great Fire of London and I was surprised to know that only six people died. Questions were also very interesting. I didn’t know before that the tube is 4,000 kilometers long.

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