Halloween Party

Level A1 Elementary

Do you like parties? Have you ever been at a Halloween Party?

Read the text and do the tasks

I love Halloween. It’s on the 31st of October and this night witches fly through the air on their broomsticks. We always have a party.

My little brother, Michael, makes a funny face in a pumpkin. When it is dark, we put a candle inside a pumpkin. We always wear fancy dresses at our Halloween party. I love wearing my witch costume. I wear my mother’s long black dress and a tall pointed hat. I also have a broomstick. Michael usually wears a big white sheet and becomes a ghost. He runs around the house and shouts, “Oooooooooh!”

The party starts at seven o’clock. My friends all come in a fancy dress. This year we’ve got five witches, three ghosts and one vampire! We play Halloween games. For example, we try to eat the apples which are in a big bowl of water, and we can’t touch them with our hands. It’s very difficult! And of course we have lots of sausages and crisps to eat.

  • witch – відьма
  • broomstick – мітла
  • pumpkin – гарбуз
  • fancy dress – маскарадний костюм
  • ghost – привід
  • vampire – вампир
  • bowl – миска

Task 1. Give short answers to the questions.

  1. When is Halloween?
  2. Who flies through the air this night?
  3. What is a funny face made of?
  4. What costume do I usually wear?
  5. What does Michael look like on Halloween night?
  6. How many ghosts have we got this year?
  7. How many vampires have we got this year?
  8. What do witches fly on?
  9. What food do we have for the party?
  10. When does the party start?

Task 2. Match the words with their descriptions:

an apple, a sheet, October, a pumpkin, a candle, a witch, sausages, a bowl, a broomstick, Halloween, a pointed hat, a fancy dress, a funny face, a ghost, a party

  1. A witch flies on it.
  2. A big round yellow vegetable used as a lantern.
  3. A white figure that says, “Ooooooooh!”
  4. A costume that children wear.
  5. A holiday that we celebrate on the 31st of October.
  6. A fruit which we use to play games on Halloween.
  7. Michael makes it in a pumpkin.
  8. A woman who flies on a broomstick.
  9. We put it inside the pumpkin on Halloween.
  10. A witch wears it on the head.
  11. My brother uses it to make a costume of a ghost.
  12. We put apples there to play a game.
  13. The month when people celebrate Halloween.
  14. We eat them on Halloween.
  15. It starts at seven o’clock.

Task 3. Are these statements true or false?

  1. Halloween is on the 31st of October.
  2. I wear my mother’s short white dress.
  3. Michael comes to the party without a costume.
  4. There are no vampires at the party.
  5. The party starts at half past seven in the evening.
  6. It is hard to eat an aplle which is in a bowl of water.
  7. We enjoy Halloween games at the party.
  8. My father makes a funny face in a pumpkin.
  9. There are three ghosts at the party.

And what about you? Do you have a Halloween party?