Speaking time: School Subjects

Tell about school subjects you study and your attitude to them. Do you like learning?

Year 5

Hello! I’m Karina. My nickname is Kari. I’m in Year 5 and this is the first year of middle school in Ukraine. We study many subjects and different teachers teach us.

I am in school to learn. Some things we learn at school are interesting. Some things are fun. Some are difficult and some are easy.

When I go to school I study Ukrainian, Ukrainian Literature, World Literature, Science, History, Art, Geography, Music, IT, PE, English and French. In IT we learn how to use the computer. In Geography we read about countries all over the world. In Art we draw and paint. In History we discuss how people lived in the past. In English and French we learn words, phrases and grammar. In Maths we use numbers and calculations. In Nature Study we learn about animals, plants and human body. In PE we play different sports. In Music we learn about composers, styles of music and sing songs. In Craft we make different things out of beads. It’s really fun.

My favourite subjects are English and Maths. I think these lessons are interesting and important.

My favourite teacher is the teacher of French. She is our form teacher. She is nice.

I am sure learning is important because it is good for our future.

I don’t have problems at school because I’m always ready for my lessons. I try to do my best. I make mistakes so I can learn. I learn so I can succeed. I succeed so I can help others.

What about you? In your opinion, which subject is

  • interesting
  • difficult
  • easy
  • boring
  • important
  • popular?