Grammar Time: Reported Speech. Exercises

When we want to report what someone said, we use indirect or reported speech. Revise the rule and have practice doing these exercises.

Exam in Mind Level B1

Task 1. Change the direct speech into reported speech. Choose the past simple of ‘ask’, ‘say’ or ‘tell’:

  1. “Don’t do it!” – She asked not to do it. 
  2. “I’m leaving tomorrow.”
  3. “Please get me a cup of tea.”
  4. “She got married last year”.
  5. “Be quick!”
  6. “Could you explain number four, please?”
  7. “Where do you live?”
  8. “We went to the cinema and then to a Chinese restaurant.”
  9. “I’ll come and help you at twelve.”
  10. “What are you doing tomorrow?”
  11. “Don’t go!”
  12. “Do you work in London?”
  13. “Could you tell me where the post office is?”
  14. “Come here!”
  15. “I’ve never been to Wales.”
  16. “Have you ever seen ‘Lord of the Rings’?”
  17. “I don’t like mushrooms.”
  18. “Don’t be silly!”
  19. “Would you mind waiting a moment please?”
  20. “How often do you play sport?”
  21. Sarah complained, “My head is aching.”
  22. I wanted to know, “Where are you going?”
  23. Uncle David said, “Please take off your shoes when you come in.”
  24. Mom asked me, “Are you feeling well?”
  25. The teacher said, “Turn the music down!”
  26. Jasper said, “You can borrow the book for a few days.”
  27. Johnny admitted, “I haven’t brushed my teeth yet.”
  28. The policeman ordered, “Move your car out of the way!” – The policeman ordered us …
  29. Mary said, “I have just got back from New York.”
  30. John explained, “I am starting work for a new company next week.
  31. The teacher said, “Sardinia is an island that belongs to Italy.”
  32. He asked me, “Can you come to the meeting tomorrow?”
  33. The manager said to Cathy, “Please stand up!”
  34. Jerry asked me,”Did you see that car over there?”
  35. Mr Jackson said, “I wouldn’t go there if I were you.”

Task 2. Change the sentences to reported speech.

  1. He said, ” I found the money in the garden yesterday.”
  2. The policeman asked me , “What were you wearing last Sunday”?
  3. The teacher explained to us, “The moon takes 28 days to go around the earth.”
  4. Dad warned us , “Don’t touch the fresh paint!”
  5. He wanted to know, “Will you go to the concert next week?”
  6. Mary begged the teacher, “Please, give me another chance!”
  7. Mother asked me, “Did he lend you the money?”
  8. I was wondering, “Why does the earth move around the sun?”
  9. She said, “I’m sorry but I have to go now.”
  10. My mum complained, “I have been trying to phone you all day!”
  11. My friend told me , “I’ll have to go to the party without you.”
  12. Dad asked me , “Where have you been so long ?”
  13. Jane said , “I want to tell you about my trip to New York.”
  14. He asked us ,” Don’t make so much noise!”
  15. Robert said, ” You can stay at my place over the weekend.”
  16. Keith told the immigration officer, “This is my first visit to the United States.”
  17. My friend said, “I’m going to visit my parents next month.”
  18. The tourist guide warned us, “Don’t drink tap water in this city.”
  19. He asked me, “Are you starting work on Monday?”
  20. Elisabeth to her brother: “Don’t read my emails!”
  21. Jimmy complained, “I have already written this invitation twice.”
  22. The policeman wondered, “Why didn’t you stop at the traffic lights?”
  23. My sister told me, “I saw you at the supermarket yesterday.”
  24. The teacher said, “If I knew the answer, I would tell you.”
  25. My dad said, “You have to study harder for the next test.”
  26. The girl asked the shop assistant, “Can you shorten this dress for me?”
  27. He asked, “Do you live near the city, James?”
  28. The reporter asked, “Did you see the accident?”
  29. I advised Mike, “You should see a doctor”.
  30. The teacher told the students, “Speak up if you want to say something!”

Task 3. Change the sentences to reported speech.

  1. Mary said, “I will play a card game tomorrow.” – Mary informed me that …
  2. Sophie said, “I went to bed early last night.”
  3. The teacher said to Jenny, “You have to learn your grammar.”
  4. Jessica told the immigration officer,”This is my first trip to England.”
  5. He told me, “You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.”
  6. Marty said, “I’m going to visit my uncle next month.”
  7. Lara said, “I get on with my parents really fine.”
  8. Gloria explained, “I can’t come to the party because I’m going away for the weekend.”
  9. Mark said, “My friend found a new job in the music business.”
  10. Judy complained, “I have already written this essay four times.”
  11. Peter announced, “I will not give up until this factory is shut down.”
  12. Her boyfriend told her,” You have bought a wonderful dress.”
  13. Paul said, “I don’t like my new flat.”
  14. My father told Ben, “I am sure I saw you here last week.
  15. Betty said, “If I knew the answer, I would tell you the answer.”
  16. The landlady said to the student, “You must keep your room clean!”
  17. Mr Simmons told Harry, “Don’t smoke in my car!”
  18. He asked me, “Do you want to be famous?”
  19. My dad said, “Our aunt will stay for breakfast.”
  20. Sally said, “I can’t believe he is leaving me like this.”
  21. He wondered, “Where did Maud work?”
  22. Mom said, “I need to be at work early this morning.”
  23. Maria said, “Angela had worked at this company before I came here.”
  24. The woman complained,” The clock I bought yesterday doesn’t work.”
  25. He asked, “Were you followed by the police?”
  26. The chef advised us, “Cook the meat carefully.”
  27. He promised, “I’ll return the book tomorrow.”
  28. The teacher reminded us, “Don’t forget your homework”.
  29. Patricia said, “My mother will celebrate her birthday next week.”
  30. He warned me, “Don’t shout at me like that!”

Task 4. Change the sentences to reported speech.

  1. He said, “I will be there by noon.”
  2. The twins said, “We are five years old.”
  3. Mum said, “You will have to get up early for the trip tomorrow.”
  4. The teacher told her, “You speak English very well.”
  5. The doctor said, “Your mother will recover quickly.”
  6. My aunt said, “I am leaving early on Friday morning.”
  7. The boy said, “I have been to Australia before.”
  8. Herbert said, “We are going to live in Manchester.”
  9. Jennifer said, “I have already read that book.”
  10. Jim said, “I hope it won’t rain tomorrow.”
  11. My mum said,” You can go shopping later.”
  12. He said to me, “Where have you been?”
  13. My dad said, “Go to your room at once.” – My dad ordered me …
  14. Jimmy said, “I own a brand-new sports car.”
  15. John said, “I am writing a new novel”.
  16. My mother said, “Close you eye and open your hands.”
  17. I said to the host, “Can I have another piece of cake?”
  18. The teacher wondered, “Will she be safe if she goes alone?”
  19. She told me, “He has never written to me before.” –  She explained that …
  20. The shop assistant asked me, “What size are your shoes?” – The shop assistant wanted to know …
  21.  The administrator warned us, “Don’t walk on the grass”.
  22. My friend said to me, “Go to the doctor.” – My friend advised me …

Task 5. Change the sentences to reported speech.

  1. The hotel manager said, “Dinner is served between 7 and 9.
  2. My little brother said, “I didn’t steal the money.”
  3. Martha said, “Let’s go to the movies.” – Martha suggested …
  4. The headmaster said, “All students are taking part in the project.”
  5. Jamie said, “I’ll never forget your birthday again.”
  6. He asked me, “Can I take a photo?” – He wondered if …
  7. Joanne asked me, “Where did you buy that dress?”
  8. I wanted to know, “Where is the IT department?”
  9. Denny asked me, “When are you leaving?”
  10. Linda asked her teacher, “When will you give us the results?”
  11. Mom asked her, “How often do you look at your phone?” – Mom wanted to know …
  12. Ashley asked me, “Who are you going to the ball with?”
  13. He asked me, “How many people have you invited to the party?” – He wanted to know …
  14. John asked him, “Where should we put the new equipment?”
  15. I asked Dad, “Are you going to the U.S.?” – I wanted to know …
  16. Mom wanted to know, “When will you start behaving?”
  17. The stranger asked me, “Do you speak Chinese?”
  18. Mary wanted to know, ” What have you done with your hair?”
  19. I asked the teacher, “Can I go to the restroom?”
  20. Andy wanted to know, “Did your mom make the wedding dress?”
  21.  Tessa asked me, “Have you ever driven a motor scooter?”