Speaking: My Profile

Hello, I’m Liza. I’m a teenager from Ukraine. Do you know how to give a profile of yourself? If your answer is negative, I can help you with some tips to give a profile of yourself.

What is a profile? A profile is an introduction of yourself.

Here are my tips how to give a profile of yourself:

  • Introduce yourself (name, surname, age, date and place of birth)
  • Describe yourself (your appearance: height, build, hair, eyes, other; clothes style)
  • Tell about your family, pets, hobbies, interests, preferences, likes and dislikes)
  • Describe your character, giving examples to prove it (Are you hard-working, responsible, lazy, reliable, sporty, musical, ambitious, a couch potato, a computer wizard, a chatterbox, etc.? What qualities you like/dislike most in people?)
  • Say something about your friends (what you have in common, what real friends do/ never do; what friends you appreciate; what people you could never be friends with)
  • Say something about your school, favourite subjects and teachers (what subjects you are good/bad at; attitude to learning/reading)
  • Say what you would like to be when you grow up (set up high goals, become successful in life, be respected by people, do something worthwhile, become skillful at some job)
  • Say something else that you think is important to know about you.

Do You Know What Sort of Person You Are?

  • You are a reliable person if your friends can depend on you.
  • If you are usually calm and not worried by things, you are easy-going.
  • You are talkative if talk a lot.
  • If you think that it is important to you to succeed in your career, you are an ambitious person.
  • People who are usually happy and keep smiling are cheerful. Is it about you?
  • You are a sociable person if you are friendly and enjoy the company of other people.
  • If it is difficult for you to be in the company of other people, you are a shy person.
  • If you are ready to share and give presents, you are generous.
  • Confident people are self-assured and feel confidence.
  • If you are a diligent person and work hard, you are hard-working.
  • A selfish person thinks only about himself/herself, his/her own personal profit or pleasure.
  • You are moody if your mood changes very often suddenly for no reason.
  • A sensitive person notices other people’s feelings.
  • If you think that future will be good, you are optimistic.
  • You are impatient if you get annoyed when you need to wait for something or somebody.
  • If your room is often in a mess, you are untidy.
  • A lazy person puts off until tomorrow what they can do today.
  • You are reserved if you keep your feelings and ideas to yourself.
  • An organized person is efficient and good at making and carrying out plans.
  • You are brave if you aren’t afraid of frightening or dangerous situations.
  • An energetic person is always lively and isn’t get tired easily.
  • A creative person is original, artistic and imaginative.
  • You are patient if you are calm and don’t get annoyed or frustrated or accept difficulties without becoming angry.
  • If you are helpful and sympathetic to other people, you are caring.
  • If you never tell lies, you are honest.
  • Envious people feel angry about not having what others have.
  • A jealous person thinks that someone loves another person more than him/her.
  • You are mean if you hate spending money.
  • An imaginative person is able to think of new ideas.
  • You are loyal if you never betray friends.
  • Competitive people always want to win.
  • Aggressive people get angry very quickly and like fighting.
  • Charming people have an attractive personality that makes people love them.
  • Affectionate people show that they like people very much.
  • If you like giving orders, you are bossy.
  • You are trustworthy if people can trust you.
  • A responsible person has control and feels duty to take care of something or somebody.

Do you agree that we are different with different people?

Different people have different opinions about us. My teachers believe that I am a hard-working student. They praise my active owrk at the lessons. They tell me that I’m doing my best to prepare for tests and maintain my good grades. Sometimes they think I am lazy because I do not pass my work on time.

My parents think that I am helpful and always help them with household chores but sometimes they get really angry when I spend too much time in social networks or surfing the Internet.

My friends say that I am hard-working and helpful. Others say that I am nice and fun to be with.

I think of myself as an ambitious person because I set up high goals for my career and I try to be a success in school.

What do your teachers/parents/friends think of you? What do you think of yourself?

I hope my tips to give a profile of yourself are useful and it won’t be a problem for you to speak about yourself.