Welcome Back to School!

Back to school means that it’s time to work again. Good luck!

Year 6

Back to School Words to Remember

interactive whiteboard – інтерактивна дошка
There is an interactive whiteboard in our English classroom.

be fitted – бути встановленим, обладнаним
All rooms are fitted with projectors and computers, and three of the rooms are fitted with interactive whiteboards.

smart board – розумна дошка
An interactive whiteboard is a smart board.

be equipped – бути обладнаним
Their school is poorly equipped. Our classroom is equipped with laptops for every student.

sponge – губка
There is a whiteboard and two sponges in the new classroom.

pinboard – коркова дошка
Is there a pinboard in the new classroom? There are so many notes on the pinboard.

microscope – мікроскоп
There is a microscope on the teacher’s table. Students viewed the crystals through a microscope.

register – журнал
There’s a register on the teacher’s table.

chalk – крейда
There isn’t a piece of chalk in the new classroom. Bring a piece of chalk, please.

waste-paper basket – кошик для непотрібного паперу
There are three waste-paper baskets in the new classroom. You can use this waste-paper basket.

globe – глобус
There is a big globe in our Geography classroom.

tip – порада
A tip is a small but useful piece of practical advice. Here are some tips to help you in the new school year.

enough – достатньо
Get enough sleep.

lend – позичити
If you have an extra pen you’ll be able to lend it to your friend.

ahead of time – заздалегідь
Always study for tests ahead of time.

be on time – бути вчасно
Be always on time for school.

put something off – відкладати щось
Don’t put your homework off, do it on the same day.

Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today. – Ніколи не відкладайте на завтра те, що ви можете зробити сьогодні.

What should you do to study well at school?

  1. If you get enough sleep you will stay healthy and learn better.
  2. Don’t put your homework off. If you do your homework on the same day you get it, you will remember what learnt at school.
  3. If you study for tests ahead of time, you will do the test better.
  4. Prepare your school bag the night before, if will save time in the morning.
  5. Make sure you’ve got an extra pen and pencil in your pencil box. Maybe you will need them or lend them to your friend.
  6. If you prepare your clothes the night before, you will get dressed quickly in the morning.


Back to School

When the summer is over, children go to school. Everyone knows that the first of September is the Day of Knowledge.

Children start preparing their school uniforms and bags. There should be books, dictionaries, pencils, pens and copybooks in the pupil’s school bag. Soon they are going to use maps and globes in Geography lessons, computers in IT lessons and a blackboard in other lessons. Mornings will start at seven o’clock and evenings will be busy with homework.