Is It Easy to Choose a Career?

It’s not a simple matter to choose a career. It’s one of the most important decisions in the life of any personality.

Level B1

Choose a Career Words to Remember

career – кар’єра, професія, заняття
The college prepares students for a career in business. He is not really suited for a teaching career. He had a distinguished career as a diplomat. She considers teaching a worthwhile career. He chose banking as a career.

to pursue a career – займатися кар’єрою
He plans to pursue a career in advertising. She wishes to pursue a medical career.

quality – якість
Quality matters more than quantity. He possesses the quality of inspiring confidence.

staff – персонал
The staff are all highly experienced. The teaching staff of this college is excellent. There is considerable anxiety among staff about job losses. The staff are doing a splendid job.

desirable – бажаний
It’s regarded as a highly desirable job. The ability to speak a foreign language is highly desirable. IT skills are desirable.

experience – досвід
Experience is the best teacher. Experience is the mother of wisdom. She’s a professional with broad work experience.

earn – заробляти
Many women earn less than their male colleagues. I earn $30 000 a year. Bob’s one aim in life is to earn a lot of money. Unskilled workers usually earn less money than skilled workers.

seek – шукати
Many people come to cities to seek opportunities. Nothing seek, nothing find. A leading tourist agency seeks experienced office staff.

requirement – вимога
A good degree is a minimum requirement for many jobs. Fluency in English is part of the admission requirement. Hard work is one of the requirements.

challenge – виклик
I’m ready to face any challenge. She likes her job to be a challenge. Challenge is needed for success. I was totally unprepared for the challenge which faced me.

shipping business – транспортний бізнес
If you work in the shipping business, driving license is essential. The machines were dismounted for shipping.

be satisfied with – бути задоволеним
We are not satisfied with these results. I don’t feel satisfied with my life. The teacher is satisfied with her students’ work. Are you satisfied with your new job? Are your parents satisfied with their present jobs?

an employment agency – агентство з працевлаштування
An employment agency is a company that finds jobs for people.

Master’s degree – диплом магістра
My brother has a master’s degree from Harvard. He successfully completed a Master’s degree. Instructors have a Master’s degree in business plus a lot of practical experience. He stayed on at college for an extra year to do a Master’s degree. She’s just completed a master’s degree in Law.

have a vacancy – мати вакансію
We have a vacancy for a computer programmer. I rang the firm just on the off chance that they might have a vacancy. An American financial company has a vacancy for a full-time accountant.

apply – подавати заяву
I want to apply for the job. She affirmed her intention to apply for the post. Students can apply for individual tuition.

be well-paid – бути добре оплаченим
Kate was well-paid and enjoyed her job. My job is well-paid although I sometimes have to work at weekends.

be responsible for – бути відповідальним за
Every person is responsible for his actions. He is responsible for the safety of all documents and files.

colleague – колега
All his colleagues respect him for his professionalism. He is a colleague of mine. He quit his job after an argument with a colleague.

salary – заробітна плата
My salary is chicken feed compared with hers. She earns a high salary. I can’t make ends meet on my small salary. Has your salary been paid yet?

Read the advertisement and write a letter of application.

Choose a Career!

Responsible and cooperative manager is required for a UK advertising agency. Five years’ experience in office work is essential.

Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in management.

Fluency in English is a must.

Applicants should have strong communication and interpersonal skills.

Good knowledge of computer programmes would be valuable.

Experience of doing business with international partners is preferred.

Duties will include office administration and analysis of financial reports.

We offer high salary and wonderful prospects for advancement for the right candidate.

No limits on nationality.

Apply in writing giving details of your qualifications.

Explain why you are suitable for this position.

Please send your CV in English to the following e-mail address

Word List

  • cooperative – співпрацюючий
  • require – вимагати, потребувати
  • advertising company – рекламна компанія
  • five years’ experience – п’ятирічний досвід
  • essential – істотний, важливий
  • qualification – кваліфікація
  • Bachelor’s degree – диплом бакалавра
  • Fluency in English is a must. – Володіння англійською мовою є обов’язковим.
  • applicant – кандидат, претендент
  • have strong communication skills – володіти міцними комунікативними навичками
  • interpersonal skills – навички міжособистісного спілкування
  • valuable – цінний
  • is preferred – бажано мати
  • include – включати
  • analysis (plural: analyses) – аналіз
  • offer high salary – пропонувати високу зарплату
  • prospects for advancement – перспективи просування
  • apply in writing – подати письмову заяву
  • be suitable for this posititon – підходити для цієї посади
  • CV (curriculum vitae) – резюме