Learning with Technology

Digital learning is revolutionary and is constantly changing in step with new advances in technology.

Read and speak about digital learning which is changing the system of education.

Level B1

We must admit that times are changing. Teachers and students say this more than anyone. Day by day, digital learning is changing the system of education. In addition to textbooks and paper-based texts, students have access to electronic books and Internet quizzes. Learning with technology is growing in popularity around the world. Why? Digital methods of learning are often flexible and interactive. You can even get a university degree online at home or join a study group on Facebook.

Today, the Internet is the world’s encyclopedia. At the moment, students can use smartphones and computers with Wi-Fi access to study and share knowledge. We are really experiencing an educational revolution.

digital learning – цифрове навчання
must admit – повинен визнати
have access to – мати доступ до
learning with technology – навчання за допомогою технологій
is growing in popularity – набирає популярність
flexible – гнучкий
get a university degree – отримати вищу освіту
join a study group – приєднатися до навчальної групи
share knowledge – ділитися знаннями
experience – досвід, переживати

Today’s technology allows us to personalize the learning experience to suit our individual learning needs and time schedules. Digital learning allows us to control how, where and when we want to learn. Digital learning allows us to learn anywhere and at any time; it’s a new-age freedom that puts us in control of our learning process.

All the schools and colleges decided to start conducting classes through online platforms.

Digital learning platforms offer students the freedom to learn at their convenient pace.The digital platforms provide the students with videos and audio for communication with peers and teachers. This helps the students to revisit the content at their convenience.

Gamification is learning through play has become very popular. This method is mainly used in preschool and elementary education allowing young students to learn something without even realizing it. It also helps to keep students motivated by making the learning content more attractive and giving immediate satisfaction during each lesson.

Video-based learning is getting more and more popular because video instructions suit learners with any learning style preferences and include audio material (listening), text (reading), images (watching), and even kinaesthetic elements (practical exercises and video pause/repeat).

Time is priceless as never before. That is why mobile technologies have effortlessly made their way into every aspect of our life. Learners want quick and easy access to information and mobile learning allows them to shorten lessons and focus on the most significant points in the learning process. Microlearning modules can include 5-10 minute videos, small documents, or even just a couple of phrases that introduce or remind some essential data without burdening the learner with too much reading.

Obviously, the world of education will continue to transform with the use of new technologies, making the learning process even easier, quicker, and more personal than it has already become.