Grammar Time: Passive Voice

Let’s revise active and passive voice.

Exam in Mind Level B1

Compare Active and Passive voice

Present Simple
We build the house. – The house is built.

Present Continuous 
We are building the house. – The house is being built.

Present Perfect
We have built the house. – The house has been built.

Past Simple
We built the house. – The house was built.

Past Continuous
We were building the house. – The house was being built.

Past Perfect 
We had built the house. – The house had been built.

Future Simple
We will build the house. – The house will be built.

Future Perfect
We will have built the house. – The house will have been built.

Be going to
We are going to build the house. – The house is going to be built.

Modal Verbs
We can build the house. – The house can be built.

Have practice doing these exercises. Compare Active and Passive Voice.

Task 1. Rewrite the sentences and make them passive.

  1. They are serving breakfast in the dining room.
  2. They play rugby in all the Commonwealth countries.
  3. You must clean your suit for the ceremony.
  4. The authorities are opening the town health centre next week.
  5. Nobody can beat Liverpool.
  6. After John had repaired the car, he sold it.
  7. Steven King wrote the book.
  8. You should send the email today.
  9. The doctor must examine you again.
  10. The company has produced cars since the beginning of the century.
  11. The Egyptians buried pharaohs in pyramids.
  12. They will meet you at the train station.
  13. Has everyone read the instructions?
  14. The nurse reads the newspaper to the old man every day.
  15. They must have left the documents behind.

Task 2. Make sentences in passive voice using the tenses in brackets. Add words where necessary.

  1. Great motorcycles – make – Japan (PRESENT SIMPLE)
  2. The lawn – not mow –last week (PRESENT PERFECT SIMPLE)
  3. The postman – not see – recently (PRESENT PERECT SIMPLE)
  4. The Gothic cathedral – build – 10th century. (PAST SIMPLE)
  5. Many languages – speak – in the EU (PRESENT SIMPLE)
  6. The schoolhouse – repair – today (PRESENT PROGRESSIVE)
  7. The prize – award – tomorrow (FUTURE SIMPLE)
  8. After the accident – Harry – take – to a doctor (PAST SIMPLE)
  9. When I came in – the fridge – repair (PAST PROGRESSIVE)
  10. The jewels – find – in the basement. (PAST SIMPLE)
  11. After the shop – close – it – sell (PAST PERFECT SIMPLE – PAST SIMPLE)
  12. Special technology – use (PRESENT PROGRESSIVE)
  13. The thief – not find – by the police (PRESENT PERFECT SIMPLE)
  14. The shop – close – next month (FUTURE SIMPLE)
  15. The cat – call – Sissy (PRESENT SIMPLE

Task 3. Fill in the correct passive form of the verb.

  1. Romeo and Juliet ___________________ by Shakespeare. (WRITE)
  2. The books _________________________ yet. (NOT PUBLISH)
  3. As soon as I got home, I realized that my wallet _________________________. (STEAL)
  4. Dinner _________________________ between 5 and 10 p.m. every day. (SERVE)
  5. No letters _________________________ since the start of the strike. (DELIVER)
  6. The building _________________________ torn down when we got there (BE).
  7. Progress in many fields of science _________________________ in the last decade. (MAKE)
  8. Since last week 5 of the 7 terrorists _________________________. (CATCH)
  9. Taxes _________________________ by the new government next month. (INCREASE)
  10. The classroom _________________________ next week. (REDECORATE)
  11. The church _________________________ by a famous architect in the 18th century. (DESIGN)
  12. The tunnel _________________________ at the moment, so it’s closed for all traffic. (REPAIR)
  13. My phone _________________________. I can’t find it anywhere. (TAKE)
  14. The application _________________________ by Friday. (MUST SEND)
  15. When we first met, I had _________________________ a job at the bank. (ALREADY OFFER)
  16. Olives _________________________ in Mediterranean countries. (GROW)
  17. He _________________________ French when he spent his childhood there. (TEACH)
  18. “A Hard Days Night” _________________________ by the Beatles. (WRITE)
  19. We _________________________ about the hurricane for the last few days. (WARN)
  20. Before the meeting was over all the food _________________________. (EAT)
  21. I _____________________________ extra pay this month. (ALREADY GIVE)
  22. I _________________________ by the music so I couldn’t concentrate. (DISTURB)
  23. Aluminium _________________________ out of bauxite. (MAKE)
  24. _________________________________________ yet? (THE PACKAGES , DELIVER)
  25. A UFO _________________________ by several witnesses yesterday evening. (SEE)

Task 4. Active and Passive voice. Rewrite the sentences in the passive voice.

  1. Someone has already paid the workers.
  2. Who wrote that book?
  3. They taught him Spanish and gave him a word list.
  4. People say that the strike will end soon.
  5. My friend offered me a job at the bank.
  6. The boss asked him to leave the meeting.
  7. Did the proposal interest you?
  8. They will show the paintings at the exhibition until Monday.
  9. They are repairing the church bells at the moment.
  10. They say that the man is living in London.
  11. You have never watered these plants.
  12. When I entered the room, the teacher was passing out the test instructions.
  13. They treat and cure people at hospitals.
  14. They haven’t seen him since last week.
  15. Everyone says he is a great footballer.
  16. The police told her that they had found her lost purse.

Task 5. Complete the sentences with the correct active or passive form of the verb in brackets.

  1. At last night’s ceremony, they _____________ the award to an unknown actress. (GIVE)
  2. The survivors __________________ by a cruise ship that __________________ to be near them. (RESCUE, HAPPEN)
  3. Two hours after the accident the doctor __________________ him dead. (DECLARE)
  4. I remember __________________ to the circus by my father. (BE TAKE)
  5. The weather _____________________ in the next few days. (NOT IMPROVE)
  6. Coffee _____________________ before you __________________ it. (MUST ROAST, SELL)
  7. The bridge _______________________ at the moment so it _____________________. (REPAIR, CANNOT USE)
  8. The police __________________ the victim a picture of the suspect. (SHOW)
  9. The new staff members _____________________ all the help they need. (GIVE)
  10. That door _________________________ for ages. (NOT OPEN)
  11. A few days ago, a judge __________________ him to appear before court next month. (ORDER)
  12. The Times __________________________ such a shocking letter before. (NEVER PUBLISH)
  13. They _________________________ on what to do when the headmaster __________________in. (INSTRUCT, COME)
  14. The vandals __________________ bottles into windows and __________________ a few cars. (THROW, DESTROY)
  15. The new teammates _______________________ more time to get accustomed to the practice sessions. (SHOULD GIVE)
  16. After dad __________________ me to the zoo, he __________________ me some new clothes at the department store. (TAKE, BUY)
  17. I __________________ to the party last Thursday because I ____________________. (NOT GO, NOT INVITE)
  18. I __________________ so surprised by such an outstanding performance before. (NEVER BE)
  19. When we __________________ out of the cinema, the bus __________________ to take us home. (COME, WAIT)
  20. All the papers _____________________ in by next Friday. (MUST HAND)

Task 6. Active and Passive voice.Rewrite the sentences in the passive voice.

  1.  The mechanic cannot repair mother’s car because they have not delivered the spare parts.
  2. Farmers have grown wheat in this part of the country for decades.
  3. All the newspapers are reporting the scandal.
  4. How did you make this delicious meal?
  5. The police didn’t find the missing girl, so they issued a statement.
  6. You should keep white wine at about 8°C.
  7. Shop security will report all shoplifters to the police.
  8. The doctors told Judy that she has six months to live.
  9. Pupils must not step on the freshly cut lawn.
  10. People speak English all over the world.
  11. Hotel management asks all guests to check out before noon.
  12. They were renovating the old museum when we walked by.
  13. You can buy tickets for the concert here.
  14. The brought him to the arena by helicopter.
  15. Someone will steal your new bike if you don’t put a lock on it.

Task 7. Active and Passive voice. Rewrite the sentences in the passive voice.

  1. They will read out the names of the winners in tomorrow’s show.
  2. The shop assistant offered a refund to the customer.
  3. Look! someone has broken the vase.
  4. The police are investigating the murder.
  5. Candidates must write their answers in ink.
  6. The judge shouldn’t have postponed the hearing.
  7. They said that he was innocent.
  8. They make all of the components in foreign factories.
  9. I don’t like people lying to me.
  10. Picasso painted Guernica in 1937.
  11. People have fought wars throughout history.
  12. They have often described New York as the busiest city in the world.
  13. Nobody has done the washing up.
  14. They are demolishing the stadium so the team can’t play any games there.
  15. The city authorities sold the land three years ago.

Task 8. Active and Passive voice. Rewrite the sentences in the passive voice.

  1. Someone might have stolen the valuable jewels.
  2. They are monitoring the whole area with TV cameras.
  3. Everyone must wear hard hats when working on the building site.
  4. Scientists have not tested the new product on humans.
  5. The company normally delivers cars within a month.
  6. They saw the suspect entering the building.
  7. The teacher ought to have sent her to the headmaster.
  8. The organizers will offer drinks during the break.
  9. The manager will report all shoplifters to the police.
  10. Border officials made me open my suitcase.
  11. You cannot trust politicians.
  12. My husband gave me a new cell phone for my birthday.
  13. They were opening the parcel when I came in.
  14. People say that the Copacabana is the most wonderful beach in the world.
  15. They will have told him the news by next week.
  16. Nobody has ever told him how to manage the club.

Task 9. Active and Passive voice. Rewrite the sentences in the passive voice.

  1. The lawyer is preparing some important documents for the trial.
  2. They are building a new amusement park in this neighbourhood.
  3. The politicians will have reached a decision by tomorrow.
  4. Millions of people all over the world watch this programme.
  5. They ought to pay the workers more.
  6. Somebody stole my car from the car park.
  7. She hasn’t watered these plants for over a week.
  8. Joe introduced me to his girlfriend last week.
  9. The audience is not listening to the speaker.
  10. They might invite us to the party, but I’m not sure.
  11. Candidates must return their applications by the end of next week.
  12. We will finish all the school projects by the end of the next term.
  13. Somebody took this picture a while ago.
  14. The authorities should raise more money for the new church.
  15. They gave us a guided tour of the museum.
  16. The workers were repairing the roof when the fire started.

Task 10. Active and Passive voice. Rewrite the sentences with subordinate clauses in the passive voice.

  1. I want someone to love me.
  2. It seems that someone cleaned the office on Tuesday.
  3. Amy thinks that someone is reading to her son.
  4. I don’t like people seeing me in my pyjamas.
  5. My little niece loves people chasing her.
  6. I understand that someone hit Greg.
  7. Is it the case that someone sent the report on time?
  8. We avoided people seeing us.
  9. I think that someone built the house in 1814.
  10. I understand that someone fired John.
  11. I like someone looking after me when I’m ill.
  12. She hates people laughing at her.
  13. It seems that someone lost the papers.
  14. He thinks that someone is teasing Lucy.
  15. I hope someone will examine me soon.
  16. John would like someone to promote him.
  17. The cat enjoys someone tickling him.
  18. They claim that someone stole the money.
  19. We imagined that the storm damaged the car.
  20. I believe that someone is preparing food.

Task 11. Rewrite the sentences from passive into active voice.

  1. The school was struck by lightning.​
  2. This morning the burglar was arrested by the police.​
  3. One type of air pollution is caused by hydrocarbons.​
  4. An elaborate supper for the miners was prepared by Mr. Patel and his children.​
  5. The cookies were stolen by the Mad Hatter.​
  6. New York City’s Central Park was designed in 1857 by F.L. Olmsted and Calbert Vaux.​
  7. It was decided by the court that the contract was invalid.​
  8. The first commercially successful portable vacuum cleaner was invented by a janitor who was allergic to dust.​
  9. After Leonardo da Vinci‘s death, the Mona Lisa was purchased by King Francis I of France.​
  10. The allegorical novel Animal Farm was written by British author George Orwell during World War II.
  11. The lamppost was hit by the car.
  12. The flyers were distributed by Dana.
  13. Experiments have been conducted by scientists to test the hypothesis.
  14. The entrance exam was failed by over one-third of the applicants to the school.
  15. Have you ever been bitten by a dog?
  16. The Rocky Mountains are known for their scenery.
  17. George was stopped by a policeman.
  18. Two black cars were stolen last Thursday.
  19. Her cat has just been found by her in the garden.
  20. A new iPhone will be bought by me the following day.