Writing a review of a TV programme

Here you will find a sample of a TV programme review.

Exam in Mind Level B1/B2

Using the plan below, write a review (at least 150 words) for a TV programme you have recently seen.

Write about:

  • the title of the programme
  • the type of the programme and the place it was set
  • who the presenter was
  • who the mai characters were
  • the main points of the plot
  • your recommendations about presenting the programme

I’m Diana and this is my TV programme review.

Some days ago I watched a very interesting TV program “World Inside Out”, a fascinating Ukrainian travel program. This TV program quickly became one of my favorite. The presenter of the “World Inside Out” is Dmitry Komarov. The idea to shoot the program “Inside Out”  appeared during Komarov’s independent travels in exotic countries.
The first episode was launched in 2010. This program is a gripping and amusing travelling adventure. Each episode is set in a new country and the main characters are ordinary people from these countries. “The World Inside Out” shows non-touristy and little-studied regions of the planet. The presenter and the shooting group always risk their lives to show people the unusual, interesting and breathtaking parts of each country. Sometimes it is even hard to believe that such places and traditions really exist. The program is very interesting because it shows how countries’ traditions and customs can differ from ours.

The programme I watched was about Japan. It was of special interest for me because I’m crazy about Japanese culture. The main points of the plot were about rare moments of rest which hard-working Japanese enjoy so much.

I like this program because it’s educational. You can see different countries and find out something new for yourself. It’s a useful program because it broadens your outlook. I can’t but mention how professional the presenter of “World inside out” is. Dmitry is a very brave person who seems to have tried everything and he presents the information in a thrilling way.

The “World Inside Out” has 12 seasons and I hope this amazing program will have many sequels. I strongly recommend it because it’s really worth watching.

Will you please write your TV programme review.