Getting About Town

To speak about your getting about town or city, revise the names of places in a town

Year 5 Level A1 / A1+

Word List Getting About Town

get about town – пересуватися містом

crossroads (used with a singular or plural verb) – перехрестя
A crossroads is a place where one road crosses another. Turn right at the crossroads. This crossroads is busy. We came back to a crossroads.

village – село
The village is not small. Her grandparents live in the village not far from our town.

traffic – вуличний рух
The traffic is not heavy in our town. There’s always a lot of traffic at this time of the day.

traffic lights – світлофор
Traffic lights (red, orange and green) control the traffic on a road. Turn left at the traffic lights. There are some crossings and the traffic lights opposite the train station.

train station – залізничний вокзал
There is no train station in our town.

modern – сучасний
There is a museum of modern art in this street.

opposite – навпроти
The police station is opposite the church. We live on the opposite side of the road. There is a shop with souvenirs opposite the crossroad.

one million (five million) – один мільйон (п’ять мільйонів)
Eight million people live in London.

by underground – на метро
We can go by underground, it’s faster. The fastest way of traveling about town is by underground.

by bus – автобусом
It’s better to get there by bus.

by car – на машині 
I like traveling by car.

on foot – пішки
Let’s go on foot. We can’t go there on foot, it’s too far.

science museum – науковий музей
Today they are visiting the science museum. Last week they went to a science museum.

straight – прямо
Go straight on.

guide – гід, екскурсовод
My aunt is a guide in a science museum. Our guide showed us the sights of London.

tourist guide – путівник
I’ve got a tourist guide of this museum.

cathedral – собор
There is Uspensky Cathedral in Kaniv. St. Paul’s Cathedral is one of the most beautiful buildings in London.

passer-by – перехожий
Let’s ask the passer-by. There are some passers-by in the street.

stranger – чужинець
I’m a stranger in this city.

look for – шукати
What are you looking for? We are looking for a flower shop.


My cousin’s name is Taras, he lives in Vinnytsia. It is a beautiful city.

Every summer my parents and I visit him. Usually, we go to Vinnytsia by car, but sometimes we can go there by train. The train station is big and modern there. Taras lives opposite the library.

The traffic is heavy in Vinnytsia, so we cross the roads only at the traffic lights.