Conditional I

First Conditional Exercises are for students who prepare for exams.

Exam in Mind Level B1/B2

Before doing the exercises revise the First Conditional

Task 1. First Conditional Exercises. Fill in with Present Simple or Future Simple.

  1. I (accompany)_______________ you as soon as I (finish)_______________ my report.
  2. The performance (be)_______________ a great success if he (play)_______________ the leading part.
  3. If this time (be)_______________ convenient for you, we (meet)_______________ tomorrow.
  4. We (not/complete)_______________ the work this week in case you (get)_______________ ill.
  5. We (not/start)_______________ the game until he (arrive)_______________.
  6. Provided he (leave)_______________ now, he (miss)_______________ the rush hour.
  7. We (not/be able)_______________ to carry out the experiment unless he (help)_______________ us.
  8. You may take my dictionary as long as you (give)_______________ it back on Friday.
  9. As soon as he (return)_______________ from the beach, we (have)_______________ dinner.
  10. Providing that he (work)_______________ hard, he (finish)_______________ his work on Thursday.
  11. She has two keys in her bag in case she (lose)_______________ one.
  12. As soon as the lake (get frozen)________________, she (go skating)_______________.
  13. It may be many years before the situation (improve)_______________.
  14. Unless you (look at)_______________ the picture at some distance, you (not/see)_________________ the details.
  15. Providing that nothing (happen)________________, I (return)_______________ in two weeks.
  16. If you (get)_______________ there before me, wait till I (come)_______________.
  17. I don’t want to make an accusation until I (have)_______________ some proof.
  18. We (interrupt)_______________ the program the moment we (hear)_______________ any further news.
  19. He (remind)_______________ you of the promise in case you (forget)_______________.
  20. Would you look after the children while I (do)_______________ the shopping?
  21. I (take)_______________ the job unless the pay (be)_______________ too low.
  22. Put that money somewhere safe before it (get)_______________ stolen.
  23. I (buy)_______________ a chicken in case you mother (stay)_______________ for lunch.
  24. He (come)_______________ on the 15th if there (be)_______________ no changes of plans.
  25. I (stay)_______________ with the baby until he (stop)________________ crying.
  26. What you (do)_______________ if the police (find)_______________ out about the accident?
  27. There (be)_______________ a serious shortage of water unless we (get)_______________ rain soon.
  28. We (support)_______________ them until they (find)_______________ work.
  29. I (give)_______________ you some medicine before you (go)_______________ to bed.
  30. I only (forgive)_______________ you after you (apologize)_______________.
  31. If you (miss)_______________ your bus, I (take)________________ you home by car.
  32. As soon as Bob and Mary (get married)_______________, they (move)_______________ to California.
  33. The burglar alarm (go)________________ off in case somebody (try)_______________ to break in.
  34. I (do)_______________ my homework as soon this programme (finish)_______________.
  35. I don’t think life (be)_______________ worth living if there (be)_______________ a third world war.
  36. Please let me watch the film. I promise I (do)_______________ my homework after it (end)_______________.
  37. When the boss (arrive)_______________, we (ask)_______________ him his opinion. We (not/take)_____________ any decision until he (arrive)_______________.
  38. They (give)_______________ us the money on one condition that we (pay)_______________ it back within six months.
  39. She (take)_______________ a pack of cards in case she (meet)_______________ some people who play bridge.
  40. If you (not/send)__________ this parcel before December, it (not get)__________ there for Christmas.

Task 2. First Conditional Exercises. Fill in with Present Simple or Future Simple paying attention to the meaning of when and if.

  1. We (go)__________ swimming if it (be)__________ a nice day tomorrow.
  2. I wonder if it (rain)__________ tomorrow.
  3. You (get)__________ wet if you (not take)__________ an umbrella.
  4. I don’t know when he (come)__________ back.
  5. I doubt if he (join)__________ us. He is very busy.
  6. I (be)__________ grateful to you if you (lend)__________ me this sum of money.
  7. I am not sure if he (follow)__________ my advice.
  8. I definitely (come)__________ even if it (snow)__________.
  9. I wonder if I (solve)__________ this problem without anybody’s help.
  10. He supposes that they (buy)__________ the house if it (be)__________ in good condition.
  11. I am sure that when he (come)__________ he (apologize)__________ for his rudeness.
  12. I wonder if you (invite)__________ the Browns if they (be)__________ here on Friday?
  13. It’s hard to say if she (find out)__________ everything.
  14. I don’t know when she (go)__________ to see them.
  15. We (discuss)__________ the terms of the contract when he (come)__________.
  16. I (not/deal)__________ with him if he (be)__________ so stubborn.
  17. There (come)__________ a day when we (meet)__________ again.
  18. I’m not sure whether he (be able)__________ to continue the job.
  19. I don’t know if I (be)__________ there when you (phone)__________ tomorrow morning.
  20. I (wonder)__________ when I (get)_______________ my typewriter back.

Task 3.  First Conditional Exercises. Fill in the correct present or future forms.

  1.  When you (take)_______________ a holiday with Activity Wales, you (have)_______________ the time of your life. As soon as you (arrive)_______________, you (feel)_______________ as if you (be)_______________ in a different world. While you (stay)_______________ with us, we (do)_______________ our best to ensure that your holiday (run)_______________ smoothly and you (not/get) bored. Activity Wales (have)_______________ something to offer for all ages and tastes. If you (want)_______________ to play golf, sail or fish, our staff (be)_______________ happy to make the necessary arrangements, or if you simply (want)_______________ to relax and enjoy the breathtaking scenery we (be)_______________ delighted to organize some guided walks. Before your holidays (be)_______________ over, you already (plan)_______________ your next visit.
  2. If you (want)_______________ to travel long distances on your bike, you must learn to mend a puncture. As soon as your tyre (become)_______________ flat, get off the bike or you (damage)_______________ the wheel. Then turn the bike upside down. Once it (be)______________ in position, remove the tyre using tyre-levels or, if you (have)_______________ nothing else, use spoons. When the tyre (be)_______________ off, pump up the inner-tube. Put it in some water and turn it until you (see)_______________ bubbles coming from it. This is the puncture. Before you (apply)_______________ the patch you must clean and dry the area around the hole. After you (do)_______________ this you (put)_______________ glue around the hole and wait until it (dry)_______________ a little. Then select a suitably sized patch. Stick the patch over the hole and don’t forget to put some chalk over it. Unless you (do)_______________ this, the inner-tube (stick)________________ to the inside of the tyre. Replace the tube, pump up the tyre and ride away. I don’t know if you (remember)_______________ all this, but it’s worth trying because you never know when it (be)_______________ useful to you.
  3. Welcome to Nutfield Valley Health Farm! After you (settle in)_______________, a member of staff (come)_______________ and (interview)_______________ you about your specific dietary requirements. Once you (reach)_____ your target weight, you (start)_______________ a maintenance diet to make sure you stay slim. Before you (begin)_______________ the fitness programme, the resident doctor (check)_______________ your heart-rate and blood pressure. There is also a fully-equipped medical room in case you (have)_______________ any problems – though we don’t expect you ever (do)_______________. At Nutfield Valley you pay only on condition that you (lose)_______________ at least 5% of your body weight in two weeks. If not, we (give)_______________ you a refund. By the time you (leave)_______________, you (feel)_______________ like a new person. Of course, we doubt that you (have)_______________ any complaints, but our helpful staff are always on hand in case there (be)_______________ anything you need. Remember, our motto is: “As long as you (be)_______________ happy, we (be)_______________ happy too!”