What Outdoor Activities Do You Like?

Let’s learn how to speak about your favourite outdoor activities. You will learn how to say what outdoor and indoor activities you can do in each season.

Year 5 Level A1+

Word List Outdoor Activities

activity – діяльність
What outdoor activities do you like? My favourite outdoor activity is fishing.

sand castle – замок з піску
In summer we can make sand castles on the beach.

go boating – кататися на човні
I like boating in summer.

canoeing – кататися на байдарках
My friend is fond of going canoeing.

go sailing – ходити під вітрилом
They are crazy about going sailing in summer.

camping – кемпінг, життя в таборі
Do you like going camping in summer? Have you ever been camping? We go camping every summer.

thermos flask – термос
When we go camping we take our thermos flask. We sometimes take tea in a thermos flask when we go to the forest.

tent – намет
I can put up a tent. They are going to camp for one night in a tent.

sleeping bag – спальний мішок
Have you got a sleeping bag? Have you ever slept in a sleeping bag?

torch – ліхтарик
A torch helps you in the dark. I’ve already packed my torch.

compass – компас
Don’t forget to take your compass. Do you know how to use a compass?

gas cooker – туристична газова горілка
They made tea on a gas cooker. They took a gas cooker to make coffee and boil eggs.

rope – мотузка, канат
You need a rope when you go camping. He’s packed a rope in  his rucksack.

cabin – будиночок
We stayed in comfortable cabins. We shared a cabin with some girls.

cosy / cozy – затишний
Our cabin was cosy and very comfortable. We had a cozy dinner with the family.

first-aid course – курс першої допомоги
Our first activity was the first-aid course. It is very important to do a first-aid course to be able to help yourself and other people in time of need. I go mountain climbing and I’ve done some first-aid course.

countryside – сільська місцевість
When you are in the countryside it is important to know how to help people. They like to spend their holiday in the countryside.

shelter – укриття
The second activity was shelter building. The teacher organized a cosy shelter for the class in the countryside.

skilful – майстерний, вмілий, вправний
We weren’t as skilful as the boys.

instructor – інструктор
The children were with an instructor of forest plants in the woods.

plant – pослина
There are so many plants you can eat in the forest. Do you know the names of the plants?

gather mushrooms – збирати гриби
In autumn I like gathering mushrooms in the forest with my grandparents.

poisonous – отруйний
There are many poisonous mushrooms.

sleepy – сонний
In the evening I was tired and sleepy.

waterproof boots – водонепроникні черевики
I am wearing my waterproof boots and a warm sweater.

camp fire – табірний вогонь
I like making camp fire. We enjoyed sitting by the camp fire, telling stories and singing songs.

rock climbing – скелелазіння
He is fond of rock climbing.

be a piece of cake for – любити щось, дуже легко зробити
Rock climbing activity is a piece of cake for Cathy.

glorious – чудовий
The weather was glorious the whole week.

cautious – обережний, обачний
The instructors were strict and cautious. He’s a cautious driver.

flip-flops – в’єтнамки
When I go to the beach, I wear flip-flops, shorts and a top.


When you go camping, you should take a compass, camera, toothbrush, thermos flask, gas cooker, mobile phone. Also, you should think about the shelter, so you need to take a tent and a sleeping bag. The waterproof boots are going to help you to feel cosy and comfortable in the mountains.

You must be careful in the woods. There are so many plants you can eat in the forest, but be careful with mushrooms, some of them are poisonous.

Do the Tasks

Task 1. Say what you can do each season. Use the phrases below.

Example: In summer I can swim in the river, lake or sea.

  • stay indoors and listen to the rain
  • sunbathe
  • gather fruit and vegetables
  • sleigh
  • toboggan
  • gather strawberries in the forest
  • play snowballs
  • gather yellow and red leaves in the parks
  • skate and ski
  • gather mushrooms
  • stay at home near the fire
  • build sand castles
  • go camping
  • go fishing
  • go skateboarding
  • go rollerblading

Task 2. Read Cathy’s letter and say which outdoor activities she mentions.

Dear Mum and Dad,

Here I am in the outdoor school camp. It’s my second day here and I don’t have much time to write because we have a lot of activities planned for today.

Yesterday was one of the best days of my life. We were on the bus at exactly 7 am. Imagine this: I wasn’t sick on the bus. I was excited. Linda was a bit sad because this is her first time away from home. Two hours later we were already in our cabins. They were a real surprise – cosy and very comfortable. We share a cabin with some girls from Mike’s class.

Our first activity, at 9.30, was the first-aid course. You know, when you are in the countryside, it is important to know how to help people. The second activity was shelter building. We weren’t as skilful as the boys, but it was still great. Our lunch was at 1 pm. It was delicious. Or maybe it was because I was so hungry.

In the afternoon our teachers weren’t with us. We were with a forest plants instructor in the woods for hours. There are so many plants you can eat in the forest, but there are also many poisonous mushrooms.

At 6 pm we were back, and thirty minutes later we were at the table. What was for supper? Mushrooms, of course. But the ones you can eat.

In the evening I was so tired, but I wasn’t really sleepy. Anyway, we were all in beds at 8 pm because lights were out 45 minutes later. 

Don’t worry, mum. I’m careful and I am wearing my waterproof boots and a warm sweater.

Love from brave and clever daughter,


Task 3. Choose to make true sentences about Cathy.

  1. Cathy is in the countryside / a small town.
  2. Cathy was sick / excited.
  3. Cabins were uncomfortable / cosy.
  4. Boys were more skilful / braver than girls.
  5. Lunch was poisonous / delicious.
  6. There were many plants / animals in the forest.
  7. Cathy was sleepy / tired in the evening.
  8. Cathy’s wearing trainers / waterproof boots.

Task 4. Imagine that you are in an outdoor camp. Write a letter to your parents / grandparents / a friend and tell about the outdoor activities.

Task 5. Read Linda’s postcard and answer the questions:

  • Where’s Linda staying?
  • What’s the weather like?
  • What are her parents doing now?
  • What is she doing now?

Dear Granny and Grandpa,

Greetings from Italy! We’re having a great time here. The hotel’s fantastic. We’re staying on the second floor. The weather’s lovely. It’s hot and sunny. Dad’s swimming at the moment. Bill’s playing volleyball with other boys. Mum and I are sunbathing. It’s lots of fun.

See you soon,

Task 6. You are on holiday with your family. Write a postcard to a friend. Use the plan below. Greet your friend and say:

  • where you are
  • describe the place and the weather
  • talk about what you and your family are doing now.

Task 7. Think of your last weekend (holiday) and tell:

  • where you were
  • who was with you
  • when you were there
  • what the weather was like
  • what your room / tent was like
  • what the food was like
  • what the outdoors activities were
  • what your favourite activity was
  • when you were up in the morning
  • when you were in bed at night
  • whether you had fun