Our Clothes Are Different

There are four seasons in a year. Each of them brings different weather and different clothes. The proverb says, “There is no bad weather, there are bad clothes.” Our clothes are for any season and any weather.

Level A1+/A2

Our clothes can be:

fashionable – модний
unfashionable – немодний
in fashion – в моді
out of fashion – не модний
trendy – модний
stylish – стильний
smart – нарядний, елегантний
tidy – охайний
untidy – неохайний
fine – чудовий
elegant – елегантний
expensive – дорогий
cheap – дешевий
clean – чистий
dirty – брудний
casual – повсякденний
close fitting – облягаючий
loose fitting – вільний
too loose – занадто вільний
sporty – спортивний
tight – тісний
waterproof – водонепроникний
baggy – мішкуватий
plain – однотонний
fancy – вишуканий
designer – дизайнерський
comfortable – зручний
practical – практичний
second-hand – секонд-хенд

We Wear Our Clothes

wear (wore, worn) – носити
I like wearing polo shirts. She wore her best suit for the interview. What are you going to wear? Can you see a boy wearing a yellow t-shirt?

buy (bought, bought) – купувати
Where do you usually buy clothes? How often do you buy clothes?

try on – приміряти
She always tries shoes on before she buys them. Where can I try on these jeans? Have you already tried on a sweater?

put on (put, put) – надівати
Put on your jacket, it’s cool outside. He put his shoes on before he went out. Don’t forget to put on a hat.

have on (had, had) – бути одягненним
She had a red t-shirt on when he saw her. What do you have on?

take off (took, taken) – знімати
He took his shoes off. Take your jacket off, it’s warm here.

sew – шити
She sewed her own clothes. She often sews clothes for her doll. She sewed a button.

zip up – застібнути
It was cold outside, so he zipped his jacket up. She zipped up her coat before she went outside.

unzip – розстебнути блискавку
She unzipped her jacket when she got too warm. The boy unzipped his sweater.

dress up – наряджатися
She likes dressing up for a party. You don’t need to dress up for dinner. In the US it is traditional to dress up in costumes on Halloween. I dress up for special occasions.

lace up – зашнурувати
She can lace up her shoes and she’s only five! Lace up your shoes. She wears black shoes that lace up.

unlace – розшнуровувати
She sat down to unlace her boots.

kick off – скидати
She kicked off her shoes.

fasten – застібнути
He fastened his belt. She fastened his jacket to make sure he didn’t get cold.

unfasten – розстебнути
He unfastened his tie before he took it off.

pull off – стягувати
He pulled off his sweater and socks.

button up – застебнути на гудзики
She buttoned up her cardigan before she went outside.

fit (fit, fit) = be of the right size – підходити
This t-shirt doesn’t fit me, it’s too loose. The shoes don’t fit me, they are too small. These shorts fit me well.

match = be harmonius – підходити
The jacket and pants don’t match. Your blouse matches your skirt.

Fashion Today

You say, ‘What’s in fashion today?’. We are going to tell you. There are lots of dresses, skirts, trousers, jeans and jackets in shops. But what’s in fashion? This year people are going to enjoy wearing clothes that are one or two sizes bigger than their clothes. You can say that it’s uncomfortable, but finally, you can try the clothes and feel the difference. Girls are going to borrow their mum’s jumpers to wear them with jeans, believe me.

finally – врешті-решт
feel the difference – відчути різницю
to borrow – позичати
believe – вірити


  1. Do you think that clothes are important?
  2. Do people wear different clothes in different seasons?
  3. What do you usually wear when it is warm outside?
  4. What do you wear in spring and in autumn?
  5. What do you wear when it’s rainy?
  6. What do you wear in winter?
  7. What are your favourite clothes?
  8. What clothes are comfortable?
  9. Do you wear a school uniform?
  10. What clothes do you wear when you go to a birthday party?
  11. What clothes do you usually wear at home?
  12. What clothes do you wear in the gym?
  13. What colour of clothes do you like to wear?
  14. Who helps you to choose clothes?
  15. How important is fashion to you?
  16. What kind of clothes do you dislike?