The Clothes We Wear

Level A1+/A2

Read the text

There are different types of clothes we wear and people are the only living beings who wear clothes.

Every morning, we choose what clothes we are going to wear for the day. We wear clothes to protect our bodies. There are clothes for any kind of weather and any season of the year. Clothes protect us from cold, heat, dust and rain. They protect us from insects too. We also wear clothes to make us look good and smart. There are clothes for going in for sport and clothes to work in.

Early people used leaves of trees or skins of animals to cover and protect their bodies. Slowly they learnt to make clothes using cotton,  wool, leather and silk. They started wearing different types of clothes.

In hot places, people wear clothes made of cotton. Cotton clothes are the best in summer. They are light and let the air in. They also absorb sweat. Loose fitting cotton clothes are very comfortable in hot weather. Light coloured clothes are better in hot weather.

In cold places, people wear clothes made of wool, fur and leather. They keep us warm in winter.

When it rains, we wear raincoats. Raincoats are made of waterproof material that does not absorb water.

The clothes we wear are made of natural and synthetic fibres. Natural fibres come from plants and animals. Cotton is made from the cotton plant. The silkworm gives silk thread for making silk cloth. Sheep’s fur is used for making woolen clothes. Nylon, polyester, acrylic and viscose are called synthetic fibres. Synthetic fibres are made from chemical compounds. Viscose comes from pine trees or petrochemicals, while acrylic, nylon and polyester come from oil and coal.

Some people have to wear special clothes called uniforms when they go to work. Doctors, nurses, firefighters, policemen, soldiers, factory workers, cooks, waiters, pilots, flight attendants, etc. wear uniforms at work. Many children also have to wear uniforms when they go to school.

We should take care of our clothes. If we look after our clothes well, they will last for a long time. They will also look better and make us look good and smart. We wash and iron clothes. Sometimes we take our clothes to the dry cleaner’s.

Word List

to protect – захищати
cotton – бавовна
wool – вовна, шерсть
leather – шкіра
silk – шовк
absorb sweat – вбирати піт
loose fitting clothes – вільний одяг
waterproof material – водонепроникний матеріал
natural fibres – натуральні волокна
synthetic fibres – синтетичні волокна
silkworm – шовкопряд
thread – нитка
woolen clothes – вовняний одяг
chemical compounds – хімічні сполуки
pine tree – сосна
petrochemicals – хімічні продукти з нафти
oil and coal – нафта та вугілля
take care of  – піклуватися про
the dry cleaner’s – хімчистка

Answer the questions

  1. Why do we wear clothes?
  2. What do clothes protect us from?
  3. What did people learn to make clothes of?
  4. Why are cotton clothes the best in summer?
  5. What clothes do people wear in cold places?
  6. What do we wear when it rains?
  7. What fibres are clothes made of?
  8. What do natural fibres come from?
  9. What is cotton made from?
  10. Who gives us silk thread to make silk cloth?
  11. What do people use to make woolen clothes?
  12. What synthetic fibres do you know?
  13. What are synthetic fibres made from?
  14. Who wears uniforms?
  15. Do you have to wear a school uniform?
  16. Why should we take care of our clothes?

Speak about clothes we wear.