Grammar Time: the Present Perfect Tense

We use the Present Perfect Tense:

  • for something that started in the past and continues in the presentThey‘ve been married for nearly fifty years. She has lived in Liverpool all her life.
  • when we are talking about our experience up to the presentI‘ve seen that film before. I‘ve played the guitar ever since I was a teenager. He has written three books and he is working on another one.
  • for something that happened in the past but is important in the presentI can’t get in the house. I‘ve lost my keys. Teresa isn’t at home. I think she has gone shopping.

Exam in Mind Level A2 / B1

Exercise 1. Make the sentences negative and interrogative.

Example: The plane has just arrived. – The plane hasn’t arrived yet. Has the plane arrived yet

  1. I have made a phone call.
  2. They have taken a minibus.
  3. She has seen him this week.
  4. I have invited them to the party.
  5. The children have already made a snowman.
  6. The pupils have spent summer in Poland.
  7. He has travelled by ship.
  8. Tom has just drunk a glass of juice.
  9. They have already gathered the berries.
  10. He has eaten a pear.

Exercise 2. Write in the Present Perfect Tense.

Model: He takes me to the airport. – He has taken me to the airport.

  1. I was in Paris.
  2. They will spend a lot of money on their tour.
  3. I am trying on a new coat.
  4. She visits Hungary and Poland.
  5. Denis saw a lot of new countries.
  6. I have English lessons.
  7. The teacher is putting our marks into the register.
  8. I am worrying about you.
  9. My friends take exams.
  10. I will enjoy nature.
  11. The dentist is treating teeth.
  12. The shower started.
  13. It thunders.
  14. The teacher was strict.
  15. The clown is standing upside down.

Exercise 3. Supply either the Present Perfect Tense or the Past Simple Tense.

  1. I just (tell) _______ you the answer.
  2. I (tell ) _______ you the answer yesterday.
  3. George never (sail) _______ to America up to the present.
  4. John and Sue just (go) _______ away.
  5. She already (answer) _______ the letter.
  6. She (answer) _______ it on Tuesday.
  7. John and David (go) _______ away two minutes ago.
  8. I (read) _______ that book in the summer holidays.
  9. The baker (sell) _______ now all his cakes.
  10. He (sell) _______ the last one half an hour ago.

Exercise 4.  Answer the questions.

Example: How many tests have you taken since the beginning of the semester? –  I have taken (three, several, many) tests since the beginning of the semester. Or: I haven’t taken any tests since the beginning of the semester.

  1. How many books have you bought since the beginning of the school year?
  2. How many emails have you got so far this month?
  3. How many messages have you written since the beginning of the month?
  4. How many times have you flown in an airplane?
  5. How many people have you met since you came here?
  6. How many classes have you missed since the beginning of the semester?
  7. How many cups of coffee have you had since you got up this morning?
  8. How many times have you eaten pineapples?

Exercise 5. Supply either the Present Perfect Tense or the Past Simple.

  1. I (attend, not) _______ any parties since I came here.
  2. Paul (go) _______ to a party at Sally’s apartment last Saturday night.
  3. Bill (arrive) _______ here three days ago.
  4. Bill (be) _______ here since the 22nd of July.
  5. Try not be absent from class again for the rest of the term. You (miss) _______ already too many classes. You (miss) _______ two classes just last week.
  6. Last January I (see) _______ snow for the first time in my life.
  7. In her whole lifetime, Anna (see, never) _______ snow.
  8. I (know) _______ Greg Adams for ten years.
  9. So far this week, I (have) _______ two tests and a quiz.
  10. Up to now, Professor Williams (give) _______ our class five tests.

Remember irregular verbs

drive – drove – driven
buy – bought – bought
read – read – read
break – broke – broken
draw – drew – drawn
ride – rode – ridden
eat – ate – eaten
teach – taught – taught

Exercise 6. Say as in example. Use the Present Perfect Tense.

Example: see that movie – I have never seen that movie.

  1. drive a truck
  2. buy an airplane
  3. read that book
  4. break a window
  5. draw a picture of yourself
  6. ride a horse
  7. eat paper
  8. teach English
  9. catch a butterfly
  10. make an apple pie
  11. win a lottery
  12. fly an airplane
  13. sleep in a tent
  14. write a letter to the President of the United States
  15. lose your wallet
  16. have a car accident
  17. speak to President of Ukraine
  18. steal anything
  19. fall off a mountain
  20. hold a snake
  21. feed a lion
  22. build a house
  23. wear a kimono
  24. drink Turkish coffee
  25. understand Einstein’s theory of relativity
  26. leave your umbrella at a restaurant

Exercise 7. Ask questions as in the example.

Example: break your arm – Have you ever broken your arm?

  1. climb a mountain
  2. write a book
  3. be in Japan
  4. tell a lie
  5. smoke a cigar
  6. ride a motorbike
  7. teach Chemistry
  8. see a ghost
  9. meet Mike’s parents
  10. give a speech in English
  11. eat a passion fruit
  12. study biology
  13. walk on the Moon
  14. play the violin
  15. take a course in physic
  16. drive a car
  17. fall asleep during class
  18. bake a cake