Reported Exclamatory Sentences 

Let’s learn to change exclamations into reported exclamatory sentences.

Exam in Mind Level B1/B2

Study the ways of rendering exclamations.

  • Oh, dear!
  • Wow!
  • Damn!
  • Gosh!
  • Ouch!
  • Oops!
  • Oh!
  • Hush!
  • Oh Lord!
  • Goodness!

He sighed (cursed, gasped, screamed, etc.) with pain (surprise, delight, despair, relief, etc.)
He made an exclamation of surprise (protest, pity, joy, amazement, bewilderment, etc.)

  • “Bravo! Splendid!” cried the audience in delight. – The audience applauded with delight.
  • What a lovely garden! – He remarked what a lovely garden it was.
  • What a wonderful day! – He remarked that it was a wonderful day.
  • Oh dear! I’ve torn my dress! – She sighed and said that she had torn her dress.
  • Oh dear me! I’ve broken the dish! – She exclaimed that he had broken the dish.
  • How hungry I am! – He said he was hungry.
  • What fun will it be biking down the long hill! – He said it would be fun biking down the long hill.

Task 1. Report the following exclamatory sentences.

  1. “Good morning,” she said, “How’s your mother today?”
  2. “Goodness gracious! Who has shoveled the snow?”
  3. “Ouch! Why do you always tread on my feet!” she exclaimed.
  4. “Oh, how bored I am! Is there nothing else to do?” she sighed.
  5. “Oh dear! It’s raining again!” she remarked.
  6. “Damn! I’ve twisted my thumb,” she said.
  7. “Bravo! Splendid!” cried the audience in delight.
  8. “Oh,” she exclaimed in surprise.
  9. “That’s you, Tom.”
  10. “What lovely cakes these are! Marvelous!” she said.
  11. “What exquisite roses!” she exclaimed.
  12. “You hurt me. Let my hand go!” the girl said angrily.
  13. “But I’m tired and hungry and want to sleep!” the boy protested.

The List of Some Common Interjections

expressing pleasure: Ah, that feels good.
expressing realization: Ah, now I understand.
expressing resignation: Ah well, it can’t be helped.
expressing surprise: Ah! I’ve won!

expressing grief or pity: Alas, she’s dead now.

expressing pity: Oh dear! Does it hurt?
expressing surprise: Dear me! That’s a surprise!

expressing anger, surprise, worry (some people may consider this offensive): God, what a negative attitude you have.

calling attention: Hey! look at that!
expressing surprise, joy, etc: Hey! What a good idea!

expressing hesitation, doubt or disagreement: Hmm. I’m not so sure.

expressing surprise: Oh! You’re here!
expressing pain: Oh! I’ve got a toothache.
expressing pleading: Oh, please say “yes”!

expressing agreement: OK. I’ll tell her.

expressing pain: Ouch! That hurts!

expressing agreement: Shall we go? – Uh-huh.

expressing amazement: Wow! What a cool car you’ve got!

used to express surprise or give emphasis: “Gosh, it’s freezing!” Gosh, I didn’t expect to see you here!

expressing anger or frustration: “Damn! I completely forgot!”

used to show recognition of a mistake or minor accident, often as part of an apology: “Oops! I’m sorry. I just made you miss your bus!”

be quiet: “Hush! Someone will hear you”.

expressing surprise, anger, etc.: “Goodness knows why she didn’t go herself”

used to attract someone’s attention surreptitiously: “Psst! Want to know a secret?”

my word
My word is defined as an expression of surprise or dismay and it is the equivalent of saying “my gosh” or “my goodness.”

means nonsense

used to express strong distaste or disgust: “Raw herrings! Yuck!”

an exclamation of excitement or joy

Task 2. Change the following sentences into reported exclamatory sentences.

  1. “Eightpence,” exclaimed the old lady. “Oh dear! Things are getting so expensive!”
  2. “Platform 13!” cried the old lady. “Oh dear! I never travel on trains that leave from platform 13! It’s an unlucky number!”
  3. “My word! You’re strong!” said Margie, as Brian lifted the heavy suitcase.
  4. “Good Heavens!” cried Bill’s mother. “You’ll drive me mad!”
  5. “Oh, Larry, how dull you are!” exclaimed Laura.
  6. “Nonsense!” Roderick said to me. “Complete rubbish! Bosh!”
  7. “No classes today! Hurrah!” shouted the boys. “Hush, hush!” said one of the girls.
  8. “Taxi! Taxi!” shouted Mary, waving her hand.
  9. “What a beautiful girl,” he said with admiration.
  10. “Hi, Helen!” shouted Dick. “Hello, Dick,” she answered.
  11. “Oh, how disappointing! How really very sad!” exclaimed Nina hearing the news.
  12. “Look! said Alex, “how beautiful the mountains are! And the sea is gorgeous!”
  13. “It cannot be the truth! No! I cannot believe what you are saying, Ned!” exclaimed Phillip.
  14. “My god! I never!” exclaimed Terence.
  15. “Ouch,” cried Mike as he bumped into the wall in the darkness.