Grammar Practice: Present Tenses Revision

Let’s revise the Present Tenses: Present Simple, Present Continuous, Present Perfect and Present Perfect Continuous.

Exam in Mind Level B1/B2

Task 1. Put the verbs in brackets into the proper present tenses forms.

  1. She always (criticize)_______________ my appearance.
  2. This is the most boring book I ever (read)_______________.
  3. It frequently (rain)_______________ non-stop for several days.
  4. I (call)_______________ him three times, but he won’t answer the phone.
  5. This is the first time I (eat)_____________ sushi.
  6. I (not/take)____________ a lot of exercise lately.
  7. There (go)_______________ a hero!
  8. I (do)_______________ a lot of silly things in my life.
  9. She (play)_______________ tennis as professional for three years.
  10. I feel dizzy, I (not/sleep)_______________ well.
  11. First you (chop)_______________ the meat, then you (fry)_______________ it.
  12. The new serial (grow)_______________ in popularity.
  13. I (look after)______________ Jack’s dog this weekend.
  14. Now he (own)_______________ a large chain of hotels.
  15. Computers (change)_____________ all the time.
  16. Tom (pick)_______________ me up at 7 o’clock tonight.
  17. He (work)_______________ on his CV all day.
  18. Practice (make)_______________ perfect.
  19. We (go)_______________ on an excursion tomorrow.
  20. A lot of people think that the Sun (go)_______________ around the earth.

Task 2. Open the brackets using the correct present tenses forms.

  1. When Paul and Sue (get married) _______? – I don’t know. I (not/go) _______ to their wedding.
  2. Look at that! Someone (leave) _______ the fridge door again! – It isn’t me! I (not/be) _______ in the kitchen for hours.
  3. Why you (feel) _______ Annie’s forehead? – I think she (run) _______ a high temperature. She (look) _______ very red in the face.
  4. George (be) _______ in hospital for two weeks already. – Yes, I (hear) _______ he (make) _______ good progress.
  5. I (get) _______ my job permit next week. – It’s about time. You (wait) _______ for it for nearly a fortnight.
  6. Ann and you are flatmates, aren’t you? How you (get) _______ on? – We sometimes (argue) _______, because Ann always (make) _______ a mess in the kitchen.
  7. Look over there! Do you see the man who (wear) _______ dark glasses and a baseball cap? – Isn’t it Jim Cooper! But he (look) _______ different! He (put on) _______ at least ten pound.
  8. Jim (come) _______to terms with his examination results? – Yes. He (accept) _______ the fact that he’ll have to resit.
  9. Why you (taste) _______ the soup? Is there anything wrong with it? – Yes, it (taste) _______ too sweet. I think I (use) _______ sugar instead of salt.
  10. I (see) _______ my boss about a pay rise this afternoon. – I (see) _______. That’s why you (wear) _______ a suit and a tie.
  11. Jill still (go out) _______ with Mark, or they (split up) _______? – In fact, Jill (see) _______ a lot of Mark recently, though her parents (not/approve) _______.
  12. We (meet) _______ some friends for a meal tonight. Would you like to come? – I am afraid, I can’t. I (work) _______ at the petrol station on Saturday afternoons.
  13. You (hear) _______ about John’s illness? – Oh yes, bad news (travel) _______ fast.
  14. I (not/see) _______ Mary since Jeff’s wedding. I wonder what (happen) _______ to her. – As far as I know, she (apply) _______ for several posts this year, but she still (not/manage) _______ to find what she (look for)_______.
  15. Great to see you, Bob! What you (do) _______ for the past ten years? – I just (finish) _______ medical training. I (start) _______ my first job on my own as a doctor in two weeks.

Task 3.  Complete the conversations with the correct forms of the verbs in brackets.


– Hi, Annie. Something (smell)_______ good. What (cook) _______?
– Fish soup. I (taste) _______ it to see if it (need) _______ more garlic. You (want) _______ to try it?
– Oh yes. It (taste) _______ good but I (think) _______ it (need) _______ salt.
– OK. I (think) _______ of adding some tomatoes.
– That (sound) _______ like a good idea. But wait a minute. I (look) _______ at the recipe and it (say) _______ you can add milk.      How about that?
– It (seem) _______ good to me. I’ll check the milk. Oops, it (smell) _______, I think it (go off) _______. Let’s add tomatoes
– Great. I (enjoy) _______ cooking! The whole house (smell) _______ great when you (cook) _______. And it always (put) _______me in a good mood.


– Hello, Dad, I am in Bristol. It (pour) _______with rain. I (wait) _______ for the bus for half an hour, but it won’t come. I am cold as I (get)_______ soaked to the skin.
– What you (want) _______ me to do about it?
– Could you come and pick me up?
– Ted, you always (ask)_____ __ me to do this! I (get) _______ tired of it.
– Please, Dad. I am cold and hungry. My evening classes (start) _______ at 7.00 and I have to be there on time. Can’t Mum come and get me?
– The Smiths (visit) _______ us tonight and she is busy in the kitchen. She (bake) _______ a cake at the moment.
– Please Dad. I (ask) _______  you to do this for me one last time. The success of my presentation tonight (depend)_______ on you.


– I (not/see) _______  you for quite a time, Philip. You (look) _______ tired. Are you OK?
– I am fine. I (work) _______ hard all this week, that’s all.
– Oh? What you (do) _______ ?
– I (get) _______ together some articles for my research project. I am quite serious about it. I (join) _______ the University Students’ Research Society.
– How many article you (read) _______ so far?
– Quite a lot. I just (find) _______ an interesting article in the latest issue of Language and Speech.
– How long you (do) _______ the research?
– For a few months already. I (plan) _______ to take part in the conference next week.

Task 4.  Put the verbs in brackets in the correct present tenses forms.

  1. John Smith (train) _______ for this match for months. He (practise) _______ at least four hours a day for the last two weeks and he (say) _______ that now he (feel) _______ confident. However, he (face) _______ a difficult opponent tonight. Palmer (win) _______ several games recently, and he (look) _______ determined to win this one too.
  2. Louise usually (go) _______ to work by tube, but today she (go) _______ there in a chauffeur-driven limousine. The reason for this is that she just (win) _______ the young business person award, and as part of the prize people (treat) _______ her like royalty.
  3. Mary (dye) _______ her hair for years. She (go) _______ to the hairdresser once a week and (try) _______ every colour you can imagine. She (say) _______ she (want) _______ to match her hair with her clothes. I (ask) _______ her for ages why she (not/keep) _______ her natural colour but she says she (forget) _______ what it is!
  4. I (try) _______ to pay for this shirt for ten minutes. Nobody (seem) _______ to want to serve me. I (try) _______ complaining but nobody (listen) ________. It’s the worst service I ever (experience) _______. Something ought to be done about it!
  5. I never (win)_______ anything like this before! I only (enter) _______ a few competitions in my life so this is a big surprise. I (watch) _______ TV quiz shows for years, but now I (think) _______ of taking part in more. The prize is wonderful. We (stay) _______ here in Hawaii for ten days now and we (have) _______ a great time. We already (see) _______ all the sights and my wife (buy) _______ a lot of souvenirs. We (send) _______ postcards to our friends to show them how we (spend) _______ our time.  

I hope now it’s not a problem for you to use the present tenses in the sentences of your own.